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Here is the entire, uncut debate between Professor John McAdams and Mr. Tom Rossley on April 5th, 2009. As you'll probably notice, nothing significant was edited out of the 2-hour debate that was posted, but nevertheless, there it is.


Let's see, an "uncut" version where nothing "significant" was edited out. And I always thought that an uncut version meant NOTHING was edited out.


I see that Gil Jesus needs to be talked through something else that he has managed to completely mangle and misinterpret.....

When radio host Anton Batey used the word "significant" above, he was talking about how nothing that he deemed "significant" was cut out of the shorter TWO-HOUR version of the 4/5/09 McAdams/Rossley radio debate that Anton previously posted on his YouTube channel.

Anton was saying when you compare the shorter YouTube version to the uncut MP3 version, you'll find that nothing "significant" was trimmed by Anton for the shorter version. (And I agree, there wasn't; I listened to the whole uncut version last night.)

Maybe Gil needs new reading glasses (or new comprehension glasses...one or the other).


There were two additional good-sized "LOL" moments that occurred within the uncut WHPR radio debate that Mr. Batey was nice enough to provide:

1.) One of the LOL moments was when Tom Rossley exclaimed to the Internet world that he believes that "Doorway Man" IS, indeed, guess who? ---- Yep, ol' Tom thinks it was his favorite patsy, Lee H. Oswald.

Despite Billy Lovelady's sworn testimony in front of the Warren Commission in April 1964 (just five months after the assassination), Rossley still thinks that the group of brainless morons known as "The Patsy-Framing Team" just simply allowed their one and only patsy to wander around without keeping him on a leash during the shooting, with LHO then free to be photographed in the doorway by James Altgens.

And we must also remember, too, that these so-called before-the-shooting "patsy framers", per the stupid things that Rossley believes, had been attempting to "set up" Patsy Oswald for many, many months prior to November 22, since Rossley believes in ALL of the other crackpot theories about Oswald being framed WELL IN ADVANCE of November 22 too -- such as the "fake backyard photos" nonsense, to name just one.

In short -- anyone still believing the "Oswald Was In The Doorway" myth in 2009 must have several loose screws upstairs.

2.) This one might have actually been in the truncated version of the debate (I can't really recall)...but, anyway, Professor McAdams brought up an excellent point about Rossley's willy-nilly, all-over-the-map beliefs when it comes to certain things relating to the JFK case, to wit:

McAdams got in a good laugh as he illustrated for the radio audience how Rossley seems to want to believe that President Kennedy's upper-back wound was a wound of EXIT (which is a belief that is, in and of itself, hilarious), but at the same time Rossley ALSO likes to prop up the testimony of Secret Service Agent Glen A. Bennett, who had stated in his 11/23/63 report that he thought JFK was hit IN THE BACK (i.e., from THE REAR, of course) "about four inches down from the right shoulder" (quote from Bennett).

Therefore, Rossley seems to want to believe that Kennedy's upper-back wound was BOTH an entry wound AND an exit wound at the same time.

I wish John McAdams had pressed Rossley harder on this contradiction of beliefs that Tom seems to possess, but after a brief chuckle, McAdams moved on to something else. But I enjoyed the jab that John was able to get in there.

David Von Pein
April 12, 2009