(PART 474)


Simple question for John Canal:

If the bullet that struck President Kennedy's head had really entered his head where you say it did (near the EOP, instead of near JFK's cowlick)....then why isn't the COWLICK of Kennedy's head located several inches ABOVE the physical BULLET HOLE (i.e., the red spot; which is a red spot that you agree IS the actual bullet hole itself) in this autopsy photograph:

Regardless of any "stretching" or "undermining" of the scalp of JFK in the above picture, if there REALLY was a PHYSICAL difference of several INCHES between where you claim the bullet hole resides on the back of JFK's head (near the EOP) and the cowlick of JFK's head (which is certainly located quite a bit higher on the head than is the EOP)....then why isn't there a good-sized piece of real estate on the scalp between the physical bullet hole itself and the cowlick?

Did the "stretching"/"undermining" of the scalp somehow ONLY affect the BULLET HOLE itself....while not "stretching" (i.e., moving northward) the COWLICK area of that very same scalp?

David Von Pein
April 2, 2009