(PART 481)


I was surprised to hear [John] McAdams admit that he doesn't have the 26 volumes though!!


Why would John (or anyone) need the PHYSICAL VOLUMES themselves, Tom? I don't own a set of the physical volumes either.

The 27 WC volumes (including the 888-page Warren Report itself) are available for free all over the Internet...and (for a very small price) are also available on CD-ROM. (I got my CD copy last year from Rich DellaRosa's website; a good deal too.)

So possessing the physical volumes themselves is totally unnecessary, and you (Tom) must surely know it's unnecessary in today's "Internet" age.

And that's something that I was trying to get Vincent Bugliosi to fully understand when Vince was doing his many radio interviews when promoting his JFK book in 2007.

Through his secretary, I think I wrote a couple of e-mails to her on this very subject, attempting to get word to Vince to stop embarrassing himself (slightly) when he continued to seemingly insist that the ONLY possible way to read all of the information in the 26 Warren Commission volumes is by possessing the physical volumes themselves....which is just a ridiculous claim in this computer age we live in.

Unfortunately, I was never able to get Vince to stop making that incorrect claim about the WC volumes. Just as I was also unsuccessful in getting Vince to stop making the VERY wrong statement that he made in 2007 when he claimed that "Reclaiming History" was the "only book" ever published to include pictures of Zapruder frames 312 and 313. I, alone, have five JFK books that have those frames printed in them.

But that just goes to show that even a master of a subject can make an occasional innocuous error every now and then.

Perhaps Mr. Bugliosi should debate Thomas Rossley sometime. That would be a howl....with Rossley calling VB a liar for two or three straight hours....and with Vince countering with gobs of evidence favoring the guilt of the man whom Rossley thinks was completely innocent of killing anybody on November 22, 1963.

About the only points Rossley could score with Vince would be to inform him of the couple of minor verbal gaffes that Vince made on radio and TV in 2007 (the ones I discussed above). Other than that [and a few other small errors that do crop up in "Reclaiming History"], ol' Tom would be toasted by the physical evidence of the guilt of Lee Harvey Oswald--for two or three straight hours (or until it got too embarrassing for ol' Tom R. to continue the debate).

David Von Pein
April 6, 2009