(PART 495)

Hello John Canal,

Maybe you should ask your FPP friend if he thinks the red spot (i.e., the bullet hole) in this autopsy photo is penetrating JFK's scalp at the area of the "cowlick" (i.e., the area on JFK's head where his hair starts to "diverge" and go in different directions--which, of course, is what makes it a "COWLICK AREA" of the head in the first place; and the hair on Kennedy's head is, indeed, "diverging" in the exact same area of the head where the red spot/bullet hole is located):

And I'm also curious to know what John's FPP friend would say if he was asked these two logical questions:

"Why would the [autopsy] doctors have had a desire to document the TRUE location of the entry wound on the back of JFK's head by STRETCHING his scalp in such an extreme manner (per John Canal's theory) that the doctors and photographer John Stringer certainly must have KNOWN on 11/22/63 that such a photograph would NOT be depicting the TRUE and ACCURATE location of the entry wound?

"Were the autopsy doctors deliberately TRYING to hide the true location of the entry hole by "stretching" the scalp in absurd ways before having a picture taken of the wound (i.e., a picture that was taken for the specific reason of showing WHERE on Kennedy's head the entry wound was located)?"

And I'm also wondering about this----

If John Canal's theory is correct about JFK's scalp being stretched three inches (and in earlier posts, John has suggested that the scalp was stretched even more than that, such as in John's April 2, 2009, post, when he said "they could have stretched the section of scalp that was still there...three inches and probably a little more")....then I'm curious to know why the actual bullet hole (red spot) on the back of President Kennedy's head isn't distorted more than it is in the autopsy picture.

I.E. ... it seems to me if the President's scalp is being stretched the incredible amounts that John C. insists it is being stretched on JFK's head in the autopsy photograph (which John says is causing "diminished hair density" or the "thinning" of JFK's hair in the photo), then the actual bullet hole (the red spot) should be much more "oblong" in shape, due to this extreme amount of scalp-stretching.

Now, the red spot is, indeed, not a perfectly round hole. I will readily admit to that obvious fact. The "height" of the wound is 15 millimeters in size (per JFK's autopsy report); while the "width" of the entry wound is said to be 6 millimeters.

But if I recall correctly, I don't think even John Canal has suggested that the reason the height measurement of that wound is more than twice as big as the width measurement is due to the heavy amount of stretching that John says is being done to JFK's scalp in the autopsy photo.

And it stands to reason that the entry wound was not being officially measured by the autopsy doctors while any kind of "scalp stretching" was being performed on President Kennedy's scalp.

And there's also the following comments made by Michael Baden in 1978 (during a taped interview with Dr. Pierre Finck):

"In reading your autopsy report, you specifically say that the entrance perforation that you're looking at is 15 by 6 millimeters, WHICH IS THE PRECISE MEASUREMENT OF THAT AREA IN THE COWLICK [DVP's emphasis] when we measure it out. And that area...is in the central portion of the picture, as if that's what's being looked at by the camera." -- DR. MICHAEL BADEN; MARCH 12, 1978

So, via the above remarks made by Dr. Baden, the HSCA's Forensic Pathology Panel was of the opinion that the entry hole in the back of JFK's head (the red spot), AS SEEN IN THE AUTOPSY PHOTOGRAPH, measures precisely 15 by 6 millimeters, which is exactly the same measurement for that entry wound as determined by the autopsists.

Therefore, it seems to me that John Canal has a slight problem here, in that the red spot (entry wound) in the back of JFK's head that is shown in the above picture (which is also showing what John C. says is a severely stretched scalp of JFK) is EXACTLY the same shape and size as described in the autopsy report (15 x 6 millimeters).

Why isn't that wound distorted all out of proportion in that autopsy picture, John? You admit that you think President Kennedy's HAIR is somewhat distorted (or "diminished" or "thinning") as a result of the stretching that you say is occurring in that photograph.

Then why is the entry PERFORATION itself (the red spot) not being distorted into much more of an egg-shaped configuration in that very same photograph?

Anyway, it's just a little more "Food For Scalp-Stretching Thought" at any rate.

David Von Pein
April 17, 2009