(PART 508)


So we should just accept this [the Single-Bullet Theory] as fact because the "bugman" [Vincent Bugliosi] says it is so?


No, of course not. And why would you even think that I think such a crazy thing, Mr. Blubaugh?

I certainly don't need Vince B. to tell me that the Single-Bullet Theory is true. The SBT is true because the totality of evidence indicates beyond all possible reasonable doubt that it's true.

In fact, I disagree strongly with Vince Bugliosi's Z210 timeline for the SBT, and I still have a hard time believing that Dale Myers wasn't able to convince Vince that Z223-Z224 is the correct SBT Z-Film timing.

Vince is a very smart person, and therefore he should have been able to easily figure out the obviousness of the Z224 SBT timing.

Regarding that last sentence I just wrote, my guess is this -- Vincent Bugliosi (being an "old school" type of man, and a person who has an aversion to computers) has never once seen the following toggling digital Zapruder Film clips which show the SBT in action. Because if Vince HAS seen clips like these (and examined them closely), I cannot understand how on Earth he could still endorse a Z210 timeline for the SBT:

David Von Pein
May 4, 2009