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He [Vince Bugliosi] is correct to say that the red spot is over the cowlick portion of JFK's head [skull]...but VB doesn't claim that he sees the cowlick in JFK's scalp/hair (only you have claimed that).


John Canal (incredibly) thinks that something that ISN'T visible in the BOH autopsy photograph (the "cowlick" area of the skull bone of JFK) can be determined to be in a specific place in the BOH photo...but something that IS plainly visible in the BOH autopsy photo (the "cowlick" area of JFK's scalp) CANNOT be determined to be visible in the photo.

It's a topsy-turvy world in the John Canal universe.

[Quoting from the book "Reclaiming History":]

"Quizzed as to what the lesion in the cowlick area could be if not the entrance wound, the three autopsy pathologists had little to offer. Dr. Humes suggested that it was some “clotted blood” lying on the scalp (7 HSCA 256). Dr. Boswell thought it was the back margin of the lacerated scalp he is seen pulling forward in autopsy color photograph number 42 (7 HSCA 104–105, 246).

The HSCA forensic panel disagreed with Boswell’s assertion, noting that the “margins of the wound [as shown in the photographs] appear to be intact around the entire circumference” (7 HSCA 115).

(The HSCA forensic panel erroneously attributed Boswell’s remark to Humes [7 HSCA 115].) Dr. Finck would say only that he didn’t know what it was (HSCA Record 180-10097-10338, HSCA interview of Pierre Finck, March 12, 1978, p.3; also ARRB MD 33).


What are we to make of all this haggling? Well, first and foremost, it’s clear that the autopsy report was incorrect, despite the three autopsy pathologists’ refusal to concede their error.

Second, it’s equally obvious from the record that the autopsy surgeons decided, in the end, to rely on the language they drafted in the original autopsy report and not second-guess their contemporaneous records with recollections that were decades old. Dr. Boswell said as much in 1994: “All of the measurements and all of the information in the report were the most valid. And anything that might have been said subsequent to that had to be taken with a grain of salt...Jim [Humes] and I sat down a couple of years ago and agreed that the most valid statements are our original report, because we labored over that long and hard...I would refer anybody back to that—and swear by it” (Transcript of interview of J. Thornton Boswell by Gary L. Aguilar, on March 30, 1994, pp.3–4).

Despite the confusion caused by their refusal to concede such an obvious error in the face of overwhelming evidence, there remains only one glaring, indisputable fact—the fatal bullet that struck the president’s head was fired from ABOVE AND BEHIND."
-- Vincent Bugliosi; Pages 231, 232, and 234 of "Reclaiming History" Endnotes (c.2007)

David Von Pein
April 5, 2009