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Have CTers put up anything substantive in the last several decades?

When one listens to the McAdams/Rossley [4/5/2009] radio debate, it's obvious that Rossley, like most CTers, has nothing but tired old worn-out "factoids"...to put up against cold hard facts.

Some of what Rossley trotted out in the debate...is stuff that was debunked DECADES ago. Trivial baloney, easily swatted down.


Oh, I don't know about that -- Rossley has placed on the table some "new" stuff (hilarious, but somewhat "new")....such as the stuff I talk about here.

For example:

Rossley (in true-blue form of getting everything backwards) thinks that Connally's chest wound was a wound of ENTRY, and he thinks (as all retarded kooks do) that JFK's throat wound was a wound of ENTRY as well.

And Tom thinks that both of those wounds of "entry" resulted in the bullets exiting out the two victims' upper backs.

So, we're dealing with a case of a mega-kook (that's Rossley) taking a look at the evidence and then turning the known facts completely around to satisfy the kook's pro-conspiracy needs, such as when Rossley takes BOTH of the verified EXIT wounds on the bodies of JFK and John Connally and magically turns each of them into (voila!) ENTRY wounds.

And then Rossley conveniently (and magically) takes BOTH victims' verified ENTRY wounds in their upper backs and turns each of these wounds into (voila!) EXIT wounds.

That's called "rewriting history" to fit a kook's requirements. And retards like Thomas Rossley perform that task better than anyone else on the planet.

And the crap that Rossley talked about during the radio debate regarding Dan Rather supposedly having seen Oswald at the Carousel Club on November 21st is a real howl too.

I failed to make the following observation in my above-linked critique of the debate (which was a debate that Mr. McAdams won with ease...seeing as how John has all the evidence to support his position and Rossley has none to support his)....

How could Dan Rather (or anyone!) have POSSIBLY seen Lee Oswald at Jack Ruby's Carousel nightclub on Thursday night, November 21st, 1963, when we know exactly where Oswald was located during that whole night? Oswald was at the Paine house in Irving that night.

Does Rossley think that Oswald borrowed Ruth Paine's station wagon and took a trip down to Ruby's club on Thursday night without anyone at the Paine house noticing?

BTW, as a side note -- I'm wondering when and where Thomas Rossley met Jim Garrison?

David Von Pein
April 9, 2009