The ol' "FBI Was Involved In A Conspiracy To Frame Lee Harvey Oswald As The Lone Gunman" argument that many JFK conspiracy theorists seem to gladly embrace always gives me a good chuckle, mainly because it's just so improbable and implausible to begin with, from the FBI's post-assassination point-of-view.

J. Edgar Hoover and his boys should have been dying to FIND A CONSPIRACY surrounding JFK's murder, rather than running around trying to cover one up; and Hoover should have been even more anxious to get Oswald completely OFF the murdering hook, not ONTO that hook.


Because the FBI knew that Oswald was in Dallas in early November of 1963. And they also knew he was working in a building overlooking JFK's motorcade route.

Dallas FBI agent James Hosty talked with Ruth Paine on November 1, 1963, which was well AFTER Lee Oswald got his job at the Texas School Book Depository on October 15th. And we know from Hosty's Warren Commission testimony that Mrs. Paine provided Hosty with information about Oswald recently getting a job at the Book Depository on Elm Street.

Quoting Hosty:

"I asked her [Mrs. Paine] if she knew where he [Lee Oswald] worked. After a moment's hesitation, she told me that he worked at the Texas School Book Depository near the downtown area of Dallas. She didn't have the exact address, and it is my recollection that we went to the phone book and looked it up, found it to be 411 Elm Street."

But many conspiracists actually think that J. Edgar Hoover and his crew were trying to frame a completely INNOCENT Lee Harvey Oswald, even though such a frame-up was bound to bring even MORE heat down on Hoover and his FBI boys, for not having kept a better eye on Oswald on Assassination Day.

I guess Hoover must have liked the idea of being on the hot seat, huh? So instead of going out and trying to find President Kennedy's "real killers", evidently many conspiracy theorists think Mr. Hoover was deliberately putting himself (and his entire Bureau, in a sense) right into the frying pan by wanting to FRAME a totally innocent man named Lee Harvey Oswald....i.e., a man who tried to defect to Russia just four years earlier and a man whom the FBI knew about in the weeks leading up to November 22, 1963.


David Von Pein
September 2007
February 2014