(JULY 15, 1967)

Jim Garrison, the New Orleans District Attorney who in early 1967 charged an innocent man (Clay Shaw) with conspiracy to murder President John F. Kennedy, was given 26 minutes of "equal time" on the NBC Television Network
on July 15, 1967.

Garrison's rebuttal program was in response to the scathing "White Paper" that NBC broadcast on June 19, 1967 ("The JFK Conspiracy: The Case Of Jim Garrison"), which was a documentary program that established the fact that Garrison was a total nutcase, and that he had no "case" at all against Mr. Shaw.

Here are a few of Garrison's unsupportable verbal gems from his 1967 NBC-TV appearance:

"The conclusion of the Warren Report that President Kennedy was killed by a lone assassin is a fairy tale." -- Jim Garrison

"By the evidence of the Warren Commission itself, it is obvious that there was other shooting going on in Dealey Plaza." -- Jim Garrison

"Let's sum it up by saying that it is completely impossible to uphold the single-assassin theory." -- Jim Garrison

"Anyone who has done their homework knows that the single-assassin theory is totally impossible." -- Jim Garrison

"We know that the President was being shot at from the Grassy Knoll area on the right-front, because most of the people in Dealey Plaza heard the shots coming from there." -- Jim Garrison

Jim's nuts, of course. Click on the pie chart below for more information on the Dealey Plaza witnesses.




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