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>>> "The idea that JBC and JFK were hit at z 224 is nothing but a fiction. The purpose of which is to salvage the SBT. Why? Because at around this time, in the Z film, you have JFK just barely emerging from behind the sign and he has clearly been hit. There is a grimace on his face, and his hands begin to go upwards to grab his neck. There is no noticeable reaction in JBC. As Mili Cranor once wrote, this single frame destroys the SBT. (Which, BTW, is why Dale Myers had to lie about it and distort it in his fake simulation.)" <<<


Talk about "making stuff up". Jim DiEugenio has just done quite a bit of that in the above paragraph.

For starters, in Zapruder Film frame #224 (which is a frame of the Z-Film that DiEugenio actually is silly enough to say "destroys the SBT"), President Kennedy is just barely visible as he starts to emerge from behind the Stemmons road sign, as we can see here:

Yes, folks, it's the above frame (#224) that Jim DiEugenio thinks "destroys the SBT", even though we can't even see John F. Kennedy's face in Frame 224!

I think a good question for Jim D. to answer is this one:

If JFK had been hit as early as Z190 to Z195 (as you have said on Black Op Radio, and probably in your online articles as well), then why are JFK's hands as low as they are in Z224 and Z225?

DiEugenio thinks the same way the HSCA did in 1978 apparently....i.e., Kennedy was hit at about Z190, but then LOWERED his arms to where we can see them in Z224 and Z225, before very rapidly moving those same arms upward toward his neck and mouth, which is an UPWARD movement that does not even begin until Z226, as we can see here:

A delayed reaction perhaps, Jim?

But I doubt very much that you would like to endorse any kind of a "delayed reaction" explanation, in light of the fact that you seem to think that any similar delayed reaction on the part of Governor Connally around frames Z224-Z226 is out of the question. Right, Jim?

Of course, in reality, there is no delayed reaction on the part of EITHER of the victims, with everything we see happening to John B. Connally just a split second AFTER Z224 being perfectly consistent with a bullet striking him in the upper back at precisely Z224 -- e.g., Connally's right shoulder pitches slightly downward and forward at exactly Z224 (the moment-of-impact frame, IMO); Connally's mouth opens at Z225 (it was closed at Z224; just a coincidence?); Connally's shoulders "hunch up" at Z225, in what is an obvious involuntary reaction to having been hit by the bullet; and, of course, there's the key "hat flip", which begins at Z226, which is a very quick and rapid movement of Connally's right arm (the same one that was hit by a bullet; coincidence?).

(And I didn't even mention the "lapel flip" above. But the lapel/coat movement is really just a "bonus". Because even without that coat movement, there is ample evidence via the Zapruder Film that Connally is INVOLUNTARILY reacting to a bullet hitting him at Z224.)

And all of the above-mentioned signs of Governor Connally being hit at Z224 are totally ignored by most conspiracy theorists...even though they can watch these JBC reactions over and over again, as many times as they like, in the Zapruder Film, such as the toggling clip seen below:

>>> "DVP borrowed this phony idea over at Lancer, evidently not bothering to check it out in advance. I nailed him on it in my essay on him. .... So now he has to say both men are hit here, even though it's plain as day they are not." <<<

This is a classic example of a person who simply has no capacity whatsoever for properly evaluating evidence (in this instance, the Zapruder Film).

When a reasonable person who isn't buried in "THE SBT IS IMPOSSIBLE" lore, it couldn't be more obvious that the two victims in the limousine (JFK & JBC) are reacting at precisely the same time to a bullet hitting each of them in their respective upper backs.

Only a person who is completely blind could possibly look at the following toggling Z-Film clip a few times in a row and then say this to himself --- "Nope, those guys are definitely not reacting to a bullet at the same time."

I guess James DiEugenio is apparently one of those blind people:

>>> "Click the link [HERE] to see that essay and get to know the
true DVP." <<<

And when you're done reading DiEugenio's article (plus the addendum to it), be sure to take a look at my five rebuttal articles and my eight-part audio/video series about Mr. DiEugenio. Perhaps a new picture of Jim's outlandish theories will emerge:

David Von Pein
August 2010



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