(PART 53)


>>> "Four simple questions about the SBT: 1. What is the evidence of an exit through the throat?" <<<


For starters, there's the autopsy report, which states that the bullet which entered JFK's upper back "made its exit through the anterior surface of the neck." [WR; Page 543]

Naturally, Jim DiEugenio knows much more than the three autopsy doctors who signed a report that said a bullet exited Kennedy's neck. Right, Jimbo?

There's also the "pushed outward" clothing fibers on JFK's shirt. This, too, was probably "faked" by the evil FBI later on. Right, Jim? They probably pushed the fibers the OTHER WAY after receiving the shirt in evidence, huh?

There's also the fact that NO BULLET at all was found in JFK's body, indicating via just plain ol' garden-variety logic that the bullet that went INTO a bullet hole in JFK's back must have COME OUT a different bullet hole that we know existed in the same victim's throat.

Plus there's the fact that the pleura and tip of the lung were BRUISED, indicating that a high-speed bullet had passed very close to these objects in JFK's body (without penetrating them). This, too, indicates that the bullet passed clean through the body.

>>> "2. What is the evidence that the bullet in the back was a through and through wound?" <<<

See my list above.

But, mainly, it can be LOGICALLY determined that one bullet passed through JFK's body by the fact that NO BULLET was found in his body. And, furthermore, there certainly was not nearly enough trauma done to the neck/back regions of JFK's body to endorse the kind of loopy "Two Bullets Entered Kennedy And Neither Bullet Exited" theory that most conspiracy theorists tend to advocate. That theory couldn't be any sillier.

You really want to believe, Jim, that TWO separate bullets entered JFK (one from the back and one from the front), with NEITHER bullet then exiting the other side of his body? What kind of low-powered crappy weapons were the assassins using on November 22nd, Jim -- water pistols?

And then, on top of that miracle of BOTH bullets just stopping dead inside JFK's back and neck, the conspiracy theorists have treated us to a SECOND "Two Bullets" miracle, to boot -- with BOTH of those bullets then vanishing off the face of the globe immediately (or very soon after the assassination anyway), because no bullets connected with President Kennedy's wounds were discovered at Parkland and no bullets (other than the very tiny fragments removed from JFK's head) were discovered at Bethesda either.

Where's YOUR logic, Jim? Did you leave it on the Grassy Knoll, right next to the killer's deadly water pistol?

>>> "3. Why is the alleged exit on the throat smaller than the alleged entrance on the back?" <<<

This has been explained a million times in the past, including this explanation by Dr. Malcolm Perry (whose incorrect initial observation about the throat wound being one of probable "entry" is the main reason for CTers continuing this charade about the throat wound):

ARLEN SPECTER -- "Based on the appearance of the neck wound alone, could it have been either an entrance or an exit wound?"

DR. MALCOLM PERRY -- "It could have been either."

Perry also said this in his Warren Commission testimony:

"A full jacketed bullet without deformation passing through skin would leave a similar wound for an exit and entrance wound and with the facts which you have made available and with these assumptions, I believe that it was an exit wound."

>>> "4. Why, as Dr. Shaw stated, were there no cloth fibers carried into JBC's back wound, and not even any cloth impressions were on the bullet that was finally entered into evidence. (Which differs from the one found at Parkland.)" <<<

CE399 probably should have been examined in greater detail for things like fibers, blood, and human tissue. But, as far as I am aware, no such tests were performed on Bullet CE399 to determine definitively whether or not any of those things might have adhered to the bullet.

And why would any "cloth impressions" necessarily have to be on CE399 at all? Does every bullet in history that has touched a "cloth" substance necessarily have such "impressions" adhering to the missile after it has been recovered?

Plus: Since we know that CE399 was being handled rather casually on November 22 by people like O.P. Wright and Richard Johnsen of the Secret Service (with the bullet being placed into the pockets of these men), then any material that might have been on the bullet could conceivably have been wiped off accidentally when the bullet was being transported in such a manner. Don't you agree, Jim? Or isn't that even a possibility in your "All Conspiracy" world?

And now, a few questions for Jim DiEugenio:

1.) If the SBT is a fairy tale, then why did BOTH the Warren Commission and the HSCA endorse the SBT as the truth in their respective investigations into JFK's murder? (Was the HSCA part of the "SBT" cover-up too--in 1978?!)

2.) If the SBT is incorrect and if CE399 could not possibly have emerged in its current condition after breaking the hard wrist bone of Governor Connally....then please explain how Martin Fackler's 1992 Mannlicher-Carcano test bullet [shown HERE] ended up in even BETTER shape than CE399 after striking and breaking a human wrist at a reduced muzzle velocity of 1100fps?

3.) If the SBT is wrong and if CE399 is really a bullet that didn't hit anything except maybe a tank of water or some cotton on 11/22/63, then where did the TWO bullets go that went into (but did not exit) the upper back and throat of President John F.Kennedy?

And, really, you need to explain where at least THREE different bullets went, counting the separate bullet that you must certainly believe struck John Connally.

And it's FOUR magical vanishing missiles if you're in bed with James H. Fetzer, because the last time I heard Prof. Fetzer talk about this topic, he had Connally being hit by TWO separate bullets, plus the TWO separate bullets that he thinks hit JFK in the upper back and throat.

Good luck sweeping all of those bullets under the carpet, Jim D.

4.) If the SBT is a piece-of-shit theory that nobody but an idiot would ever endorse (and I remind Jim of my #1 item above, which would make ALL of the WC and HSCA, as units, qualify as "idiots" too), then why is it that in virtually every scientific test and/or re-creation of the SBT that has been done over the years, the Single-Bullet Theory has come out looking pretty good.

For example: There's the computer simulation done by Failure Analysis Associates in the 1980s (and broadcast in 1988 on PBS-TV's "NOVA" program, "Who Shot President Kennedy?").

And there is Dale Myers' excellent animation work, "Secrets Of A Homicide".

And there's also the 2004 SBT test done in Australia for the Discovery Channel, "JFK: Beyond The Magic Bullet". That 2004 test didn't result in an absolutely perfect re-creation of the SBT, but the general path of the bullet certainly mirrored what CE399 was said to have done in Dallas, and the test bullet was
IN ONE PIECE and not broken apart at all after the test. It was flattened more than CE399, but this could have easily been caused by the fact that the test bullet struck one more rib in the surrogate "Connally" body than did the real CE399 in Dallas.

But if the Single-Bullet Theory is REALLY just a wet dream of lone-assassin believers and is a total fantasy that was invented out of the blue sky by the Warren Commission, then doesn't it strike ANY conspiracy theorist as just a little bit strange, in just a general kind of way, to have all of these tests (particularly the 2004 "Beyond The Magic Bullet" test that was done with an actual Carcano rifle and bullet like Oswald's) pretty much BUTTRESSING the likelihood of the SBT being true?

In other words -- Did the "real killers" in Dealey Plaza actually get THAT CLOSE (and THAT LUCKY) to mimicking the Single-Bullet Theory when they shot multiple bullets from different directions at President Kennedy, so that a variety of tests that were done DECADES later would indicate that the SBT is very likely a true scenario after all (even though it really ISN'T true at all, according to conspiracy theorists)?

If the following observation isn't food for SBT thought, then I don't know what is:

Man, those real killers sure got lucky by having their TWO or THREE (or even FOUR) bullets that hit Kennedy and Connally create wounds on both of the victims that appear to look as though the wounds could have all been caused by just ONE single bullet. Not to mention the additional incredible luck of the multiple assassins to have fired their bullets into JFK and JBC at a time so that the MULTIPLE shots that were pelting the two victims appeared to be striking the two men at the EXACT SAME TIME, via the two victims' reactions that can be seen in the amateur home movie taken by Abraham Zapruder.

David Von Pein
August 2010