I've talked to Werner Spitz--in fact I'm supposed to bring him up to date re. my efforts to get the medical evidence re-examined and probably will be talking to him tonight. He hints that I should let it all go...but then, in the next breath asks me to bring him up to date? I wonder why?


I'm wondering why Werner V. Spitz even talks to John A. Canal at all, seeing as how Mr. Canal is forced to call Mr. Spitz a worthless liar....and not just ONCE, but TWICE, since Spitz verified and signed-off on the high-on-the-head cowlick entry-wound location for TWO separate U.S. Government panels -- the Rockefeller Commission in 1975 and the House Select Committee's Forensic Pathology Panel in 1978.

NOTE: Spitz and the other four doctors who were a part of the Rockefeller Commission's investigation can certainly be said to have "signed-off" on the cowlick entry location, due to the text that can be found on Page 260 of the Rockefeller Commission's final report.

On that page of the Rockefeller Report, the 1968 conclusions of the Clark Panel regarding the location of the entry wound in JFK's head are described in detail, including these important passages from the Clark Panel final report:

"The decedent's head was struck from behind by a single projectile. It entered the occipital region 25 mm. to the right of the midline and 100 mm. [exactly 4 inches] above the external occipital protuberance."


"One bullet struck the back of the decedent's head well above the external occipital protuberance."

As I said, John Canal is lucky that Werner Spitz gives him the time of day.


"Mr. Canal thinks that ALL NINE members of the HSCA's Forensic Pathology Panel would be willing to promote a bunch of lies about the wounds of an assassinated U.S. President just so that the boat wouldn't be rocked any further....even though ALL NINE of the FPP doctors must surely have realized that their "cowlick entry" determination (which would be in print for ALL TIME in the HSCA volumes via Dr. Baden's testimony) was pure nonsense and bullshit! (Or were some of those nine FPP doctors just simply boobs/fools/idiots, John?)

"And, apparently, Mr. Canal must also think that Dr. Russell Fisher of the Clark Panel was able to strong-arm his three cohorts on that Clark Panel back in '68 too. Because, per Canal, it was ONLY FISHER who "started this cowlick entry business and the rest of the government experts parroted him" [verbatim quote from John Canal on May 17th, 2009].

"Talk about mindless drones with no backbone or will of their own! I guess Canal thinks the Clark Panel and the HSCA were full of these mindless, follow-the-leader drones -- even though each "drone" HIMSELF was examining the autopsy photos and X-rays too! ....

"The entry hole in the cowlick was seen by every Clark Panel member and every HSCA/FPP member. And the COWLICK scalp entry hole LINES UP PERFECTLY with the COWLICK entry as seen in JFK's skull on the X-rays.

"John Canal, however, will no doubt deny (or ignore) that last "lines up" fact until a few cows show up on his doorstep. ....

"So, like almost all conspiracy theorists do, John C. wants to pretend that a bunch of people "lied" about certain things relating to the death of President Kennedy. Because without a gang of rotten, worthless "liars" (spanning a period of many, many years), John's crazy "EOP entry" theory goes up in smoke -- which is where it belongs anyway." -- David Von Pein; May 17, 2009


David Von Pein
August 2009