Focusing attention on this X-ray of
President John F. Kennedy's head:

It boils down to this:

1.) The above autopsy X-ray of the right side of President John F. Kennedy's head is a fake.


2.) The witnesses at Parkland Hospital and Bethesda Naval Center who said there was a large hole in the back of JFK's head were wrong.

Anybody choosing #1 will, of course, need to get around the many members of the HSCA Photographic Panel, who all agreed that all of the autopsy photos AND X-rays that they examined in 1977 and 1978 "had not been altered in any manner" (7 HSCA 41).

The X-ray pictured above also reveals another important fact -- i.e., even the few cracks and fracture lines visible on JFK's skull in that X-ray (which radiate outward from the large wound on the right-front of the skull and toward the top and rear of the head) are not at all consistent with the observations of the witnesses pictured in the montage photograph below, with all of those witnesses claiming that they saw a huge, gaping blow-out wound in the RIGHT-REAR (or CENTER-REAR portion) of the President's head:

And in many ways, that X-ray is a better piece of photographic evidence than are the autopsy pictures taken of the President, because the X-ray, in effect, removes the scalp and let's us see right to the BONE of the skull.

Therefore, upon viewing that X-ray, nobody can make the argument that some doctor was pulling on a loose piece of scalp in order to cover additional bony damage to the skull underneath that scalp.

That authenticated-as-unaltered X-ray shown above is verifiable physical (photographic) proof of where the large wound was located in John F. Kennedy's head. And the X-ray proves that the witnesses who said they saw a large hole in the back of JFK's head were simply mistaken. All of them.

David Von Pein
December 2007
August 2010