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I guess you know more than Connally's doctor, Robert Shaw? Shaw said there was no evidence that JBC was hit until around Z 237.


LOL. This is beyond hilarious!

OF COURSE I know just as much about what I can see in the Zapruder Film as Dr. Robert R. Shaw!

You're kidding with this silliness about SHAW'S interpretation of the Z-Film, right James?

Anyway -- EVERYBODY who continues to say there isn't a shred of evidence in the Z-Film for Connally being hit prior to the Z230s is simply delusional (including LNers Mark Fuhrman and Jim Moore) -- because my last post illustrates HEAPS of stuff indicating that Connally is reacting to a gunshot well before the Z230s. (Even if my Z-frames that I've downloaded from Bill Miller at JFK-Lancer are "mud", per DiEugenio; but thanks for the great gifs anyway Bill; I've always appreciated them; and I've always been glad I downloaded them to my computer before they went AWOL from the Lancer files, which they now have.)


What DVP does here is about as low as what Myers does in his phony "simulation". He does not show you the still frames. He puts together a gif to make believe that Connally turning around is Connally getting hit! LOL


Oh, goodie! More "phony" shit! This time it's Dale Myers' "phony" stuff! Tomorrow--McGeorge Bundy will be "in" on the plot and cover-up!

This excellent gif clip below shows Governor Connally clearly reacting to an external stimulus (i.e., a bullet hitting him in the back) in the Z220s of the Zapruder home movie:

To Jim DiEugenio, however, Connally's hunching up his shoulders and grimacing and opening his mouth at precisely Z225 and jerking that RIGHT arm skyward at Z226 is stuff that's considered to be CONNALLY NOT GETTING HIT BY A BULLET. According to James D., Governor Connally was merely "turning around" in that gif clip. Meh.

And, Jim, are you actually saying that the tiny sliver of JFK's head that is visible in Z224 is enough for you to make a determination that JFK is reacting to a bullet hitting him??

If so, you'd better get busy on that new book of yours....because you are apparently the only person on the planet who can SEE THROUGH A ROAD SIGN.


Now let us quote another good witness. Connally himself. After seeing the Z frames up to Z 230: "You can see the grimace in the President's face. You cannot see it in mine. There is no question about it. I haven't been hit yet.


John B. Connally's opinion regarding the Z-Film is no better (or more valid) than Dr. Shaw's. And, btw, these people were looking at the film YEARS before the best-quality copies became available (via MPI Home Video's "Image Of An Assassination" in 1998), and before anyone had the great advantage that we have today to examine the Z-Film frames via toggling gif clips on our computer screens.

If John Connally were alive today to look at the gif clip I posted above, do you really think he would still maintain an opinion that he had not been hit until after frame 230?

Plus, Jim likes to ignore another quote of John Connally's, one he made in 1967 on CBS-TV:

GOVERNOR CONNALLY -- "The only way that I could ever reconcile my memory of what happened and what occurred, with respect to the One-Bullet Theory is....it HAD to be the SECOND bullet that might have hit us both."

EDDIE BARKER -- "Do you believe, Governor Connally, that the first bullet could have missed, the second one hit both of you, and the third one hit President Kennedy?"

GOVERNOR CONNALLY -- "That's possible. That's possible."


So much for Connally ALWAYS denying the "possibility" of the SBT.

(Let's watch as DiEugenio spins the above 1967 Connally quote into an advertisement for how corrupt, rotten, and evil CBS News and Walter Cronkite were in June of 1967 when they aired the JBC quote I just excerpted. Don't let me down, Jim.)

[Snipping the rest of DiEugenio's nutty diatribe.]

David Von Pein
August 2010