23-year-old Julia Ann Mercer claimed that she saw Jack Ruby behind the wheel of a pick-up truck in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on the morning of November 22, 1963, while a "gun case" was being unloaded from the back of this truck that Ruby was sitting in.

But common sense ALONE tells a reasonable person that a band of assassins wouldn't be casually taking a rifle from a pick-up truck on Elm Street IN HEAVY TRAFFIC for all to see just an hour or two before President Kennedy is shot from the very same Plaza. That's hilarious all by itself.

I guess Ruby and his weapon-toting co-conspirator wanted as many Dallasites as possible to see the rifle....instead of utilizing a much less-noticeable method of delivering the rifle to the proverbial "Knoll Killer".

I'm wondering how the conspiracy theorists who believe Mercer AND also believe Ed Hoffman's story can somehow tie those two things together -- i.e.:

Mercer sees an ALREADY-ASSEMBLED rifle being unloaded from a truck. But Hoffman sees a Grassy Knoll gunman take his weapon apart and put it in a container of some kind.

So, why did Mercer see an assembled rifle, instead of a container which could have held a broken-down rifle (per Hoffman's tale)?

I guess the killers couldn't have cared less about letting many people see the fully-assembled gun shortly before the assassination, per Mercer's account.

After all, a matter of only hours later IN THE WAKE OF A PRESIDENTIAL ASSASSINATION IN THE VERY SAME LOCATION, who's going to remember a little trivial thing like an air-conditioner repairman carrying a RIFLE in Dealey Plaza?

Was that the idiotic mindset of these reckless plotters?

In his 2007 book "Reclaiming History", author Vincent Bugliosi offered up these humorous observations relating to Julia Mercer:

"She [Mercer] said, "A man was sitting under the wheel of the car and slouched over the wheel." (I defy any student of the English language to explain, from these words, the position the man was in.) ....

"But why presidential assassins...would deliberately draw attention to themselves by parking illegally and blocking traffic on a busy street in the presence of three Dallas police officers as well as lay witnesses like Miss Mercer is not known.

"Of course, conspiracy theorists never let common sense get in the way of their hallucinatory theories."
-- Vincent Bugliosi; Pages 883-884 of "Reclaiming History: The Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy"

More details concerning Julia Ann Mercer's story can be found HERE and HERE.

David Von Pein
January 2007
August 2010