(PART 50)


Jim DiEugenio,

You know the Single-Bullet Theory is true. You have no choice BUT to
know it's true.


Because you have EYES! You can SEE it happening--right here:

You see the SBT in that clip. You're just too stubborn to admit that
those men are reacting AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. Your Conspiracy-itis
will not permit you to say what you see in that clip.


>>> "You and VB say that LHO is guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. But if you cannot explain steps 1-15 which I documented above, he is not and then you lose." <<<

This might come as a great shock to the all-knowing, all-seeing James
"ABO" DiEugenio -- but I don't have to play your silly games. I don't
have to PRETEND that ALL of the evidence was planted and/or faked. I
don't have to PRETEND I can't see JFK & JBC reacting at the same time
in the above Z-Film clip (and only a person with no eyes would be
unable to see that they are reacting in unison). When were yours
gouged from their sockets, Jim? Because that's the only excuse you've
got for not seeing the SBT in the above clip.

You, however, DO need to play your silly games. And that's because
somewhere along the road, you've convinced yourself that a double-
murderer name LHO was totally innocent of shooting anybody. (And only
a small percentage of all conspiracy theorists in the United States
are actually in your corner when it comes to believing that particular
fairy tale.)

You have no choice now but to pretend that all of the evidence is
faked...even though you cannot come within a country mile of proving
that ANY of it was.

Maybe you should lobby to get the JFK case re-opened by Congress
(again). Then we Americans can spend a few more million dollars to
prove what the WC and the HSCA already proved -- Lee Harvey Oswald
killed two people in 1963.

>>> "You will never find out what actually happened to JFK in that car because 1.) The FBI switched the bullets..." <<<

That's your delusion. Not mine. No bullet was switched. And you cannot
prove that any bullet was "switched" by the FBI, or by anybody else.
You're in Rod Serling land.

>>> "...and 2.) The military curtailed the autopsy which should have never been done by the guys who did it anyway." <<<

More unprovable CT garbage from Delusional DiEugenio. The autopsy was
not "curtailed" by the "military". RFK and Jackie wanted the procedure
to be completed as quickly as possible. And some things that would
normally be done at a regular autopsy (i.e., in an autopsy of a person
who wasn't the POTUS) were obviously not done during JFK's autopsy.
Nothing conspiratorial there at all. Unless you want to drag RFK and
JFK's widow down into your bottomless pit of co-conspirators.

>>> "Meanwhile, here is my gift to you since you have tacitly admitted you cannot explain the incredible journey of CE 399." <<<

I like Jim Nabors' version better.

>>> "...you cannot explain the incredible journey of CE 399." <<<

Already have. Years ago. Right HERE.

Not to mention the fact that BOTH the WC and the HSCA have fully
explained the journey of CE399, and have endorsed it. Naturally,
having TWO official versions of the shooting that BOTH endorse this
"impossible dream" means absolutely zilch to James "ABO" DiEugenio.

>>> "JBC does not react until around frame 237." <<<

Yeah, sure Jim. All of this shoulder-flinching and hunching and mouth-
opening and grimacing and arm-raising by John B. Connally is all just
a great-big mirage. It's not really happening. I'm merely dreaming it.
Right, Jimbo? ....


David Von Pein
August 2010