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>>> "David, let me ask a few questions [re: the 2008 Discovery Channel documentary "JFK: Inside The Target Car"]. In front of the fence or behind? Near the Triple Underpass? How much?" <<<

If you're referring to the comparison photo below (and I'm pretty sure you are), that "scope" view is taken from a north-side shooting position, and in front of the fence, right out in plain sight for anyone to see the sniper:

To be fair, that particular shooting location was actually a slightly different one from the one that Gary Mack, et al, decided would have been a doable shooting spot for some goofball gunman firing at JFK.

The actual gunman's purported position was more-or-less ON TOP of the Triple Underpass (or slightly north of it), on higher ground. The photo below from the "Target Car" program shows Gary Mack and Michael Yardley standing in the approximate spot. There's a short fence there that the Discovery people decided could have been a good place for a gunman.

But, in 2008, the foliage in Dealey Plaza was such that a shot from that particular on-top-of-the-underpass shooting location was not possible, because it was obstructed by the foliage.

But the trees were not an obstruction in 1963 (per Gary Mack). So, in order to simulate at least the correct angle from the gunman to the limo, and in order to get an unobstructed view of JFK in the car, the Discovery people moved a little lower, in front of the fence/Underpass, and looked through the scope from the lower position.

>>> "Not only Jackie's actor was positioned absurd (as you said) also JFK's actor was placed wrong." <<<

I disagree with you there. The JFK stand-in looks to be in approximately the correct position for the Z313 head shot, IMO. And having the JFK actor positioned correctly is really the most important point.

But I agree that the Jackie stand-in's posture isn't even close to being correct. And Gary Mack himself has also said she was positioned incorrectly, which is an especially odd error for Gary to make, since he probably knows the Zapruder Film forward and backward by heart.

But, then too, for people who might think that Mr. Mack DELIBERATELY placed Jackie out of position....you must also ask yourself this question:

Since Gary Mack certainly knows the JFK case inside-out (plus the fact that I believe Gary was staring right at a photo of Z-Frame 312 when he was positioning the stand-in "Jackie" in such a ridiculous posture in the limousine)....how could he POSSIBLY hope to get away with such deliberate trickery?

He is certainly smart enough to realize that such a deliberate "mistake" would be exposed by the many "JFK Assassination Junkies" of the world almost immediately after the airing of the Discovery Channel program. (And it was exposed immediately.)

On the flip-side of that coin, it's also hard for me to imagine Gary Mack making such a "Jackie" error by mistake either (knowing the photographic record of this assassination as I know he does know it).

So, I'm left in complete bewilderment as to how that error with Jackie ever came about in the first place, because it makes absolutely no sense no matter which side of the fence (CT or LN) you reside on.

~big shrug~

>>> "Where was this car exactly positioned, shown in this frame? At the Z#313 spot?" <<<

I believe I'm correct in saying that the Discovery Channel photo shown earlier [and again below] is supposed to be depicting the limo at Z312, one frame before the "impact" frame of Z313.

>>> "Every objective person must be skeptical about the accuracy of the DC [Discovery Channel] work in this documentation, because in fact they placed the car dummy/head dummy wrong in California -- ergo, what is correct and what's not, whether intentional or a mistake?" <<<

Why are you saying the dummy head was placed wrong "in California"? The comparison picture above shows the limo in Dealey Plaza itself, not in California. And the dummy heads that Yardley actually shot at in California WERE positioned accurately.

But even if the dummy heads WEREN'T positioned perfectly accurately during the test shots, it would matter very little from the following perspective:

No matter what exact position the dummy heads were in during Yardley's two simulated "Grassy Knoll" shots (as long as the Discovery filmmakers didn't have the heads turned completely around or otherwise in some obviously-cockeyed position [which they didn't]), those two "Knoll" simulated shots were going to totally demolish a long-held belief of conspiracy theorists -- the belief that a shot from the Grassy Knoll could have struck President Kennedy in the head.

Or do CTers think that if the Discovery Channel people had only moved the dummy heads a few inches this way or that way, it would have meant that Yardley's two "Knoll" shots would have NOT either totally blown the first dummy head completely off its simulated neck....or would have NOT resulted in any damage to the LEFT side of the surrogate head via the Carcano bullet?

And anybody who might think it would have made any difference at all WHERE Yardley shot from when he fired his soft-point Winchester bullet at the dummy head is a person who must not have seen the results of that Winchester bullet [see the video below]. Because regardless of WHERE Yardley fired that particular shot (be it from the front, side, or from behind), the damage was still going to be catastrophic...i.e., that bullet would have no doubt obliterated the JFK dummy head no matter WHERE it was fired from.

David Von Pein
August 2009
August 2010