(PART 51)


>>> "Davey boy, the whole point is that you try not to leave the evidence that such a thing was done with premeditation. This is why Wright was avoided by Specter. Duh. Need more proof? Go ahead and read CE 2011 and look at the words Hoover used in the document as to what Tomlinson and Wright said. They are weasel words like: "appears to be", "but he cannot positively identify the bullet" , "looks like". That is called CYA." <<<


No, Jim. That's called TELLING THE TRUTH.

>>> "Who exactly subbed CE 399 can never be known since the WC did not want to challenge Hoover on this. That it was switched is a proven fact." <<<

Jim, only in the fevered world of the conspiracy theorists' imaginations has such a bullet "switch" been "proven" as a "fact".

>>> "Now, I have been very patient in answering your silly questions." <<<

And I've appreciated your generosity so much, Jimbo. You've just been wonderful to a lowlife liar like myself. I think I'm gonna puddle up right here and now. (Excuse me.) [Big hug.]

>>> "Please answer any of the following questions for me: 1. CE 399 begins its magical journey at Parkland Hospital. A bullet rolls out from under a mat and lodges against the side of the gurney. (Mark Lane, Rush to Judgment, p. 79) Question: How did it get under the mat Davey?" <<<

I've offered up a possible solution to that "problem" in the past, Jim.

Imagine this scenario in your mind, James (if you can push aside the millions of conspiracy-tinged thoughts that are embedded in your cranium for just a minute or two):

1.) John Connally is placed on a stretcher at the Parkland emergency entrance (and CE399 is still either inside his left thigh or is snagged in his pants leg).

2.) While on the stretcher inside the hospital, the bullet falls out of Connally (or his clothing) and onto the stretcher (with Connally still on the stretcher, of course).

3.) During the emergency procedures in Trauma Room No. 2 at Parkland, Connally's body moves to a position on the stretcher so where the rubber mat that is underneath the large 6-foot-4 Governor of Texas is inadvertently LIFTED UP slightly on one side of the stretcher, permitting something to roll under the slightly-lifted-up mat (an object like, say, a bullet that has just worked its way out of the Governor's thigh/clothing).

4.) Connally is then lifted off of the stretcher in the operating room on the second floor. As the large Governor is removed from the stretcher, the rubber mat then again is free to FALL FLAT against the metal of the stretcher, thereby trapping the bullet temporarily underneath the rubber mat.

5.) While being moved from the second-floor operating room to the first floor, the stretcher is jostled and shoved up against a wall on the first floor, thereby causing the bullet to pop out from under the mat.

Your witness, Mr. Mason/DiEugenio.

>>> "2. Even VB admits that the stretcher it originated from is under serious question. In fact, the weight of the evidence says that the gurney it was found on belonged to neither JFK or JBC. (Sylvia Meagher, Accessories After the Fact, pgs. 174-176; Tink Thompson, Six Seconds in Dallas, pgs. 154-64) It would be a physical impossibility for the bullet to somehow jump from Ron Fuller's stretcher to someone else's. How did it know to jump onto JBC's stretcher Davey?" <<<

You're being silly (again), Mr. Jimbo.

You know full well that Darrell C. Tomlinson told the Warren Commission more than HALF-A-DOZEN times that he "was not sure" which of the two stretchers in question he took off of the elevator at Parkland Memorial Hospital on that fateful Friday afternoon of November the twenty-second.

But, just ignore Tomlinson's continual "I'M NOT SURE" testimony. It's better for your silly theories if you do.

>>> "3. When hospital attendant Darrell Tomlinson notices it, the bullet has no blood or tissue on it. (Meagher, p. 173) Yet the WC will say that this bullet went through two men and caused seven wounds. How is that possible Davey?" <<<

That bullet might very well have had some blood and tissue on it when it was first found. Do you actually think that Darrell Tomlinson was examining every groove of the bullet for blood and tissue when he found it on November 22?

Also -- the bullet was being carried around in the pockets of multiple persons prior to being examined in Washington by Robert A. Frazier of the FBI.

O.P. Wright had it in his pocket, and I believe I'm correct in saying that Secret Service agent Richard Johnsen put it in his pocket too. (Correct me if I'm wrong here.)

Plus, as far as I know, there was never any tests done at all to determine whether CE399 had any blood, tissue, or fibers on it. None. So your whole argument here is moot to begin with. The bullet probably DID have some human material on it. But we'll never know now whether it did or not.

I'll also offer up this quote from Jimbo's all-time favorite ex-Deputy D.A.:

"One can only wonder why Commission Exhibit No. 399 did not have any blood residuum on it. My only guess is that the blood traces that must have been on it were removed by someone early on...almost as a matter of course. In all the evidence bullets I handled in court in murder cases during my prosecutorial career, none had any visible blood on them. .... Interestingly, [the FBI's Robert] Frazier testified that with respect to the two main bullet fragments found in the presidential limousine [CE567 and CE569], "there was a very slight residue of blood or some other material adhering, but it did not interfere with the examination. It was wiped off to clean up the bullet for examination"." -- Vincent T. Bugliosi; Page 425 of "Reclaiming History" (Endnotes)

>>> "4. But yet, it's even worse than that. Why? Because the WC will eventually say that the last resting place of this bullet was in the thigh of JBC. How could 1.) The bullet reverse trajectory and work its way out?" <<<

You're being REALLY silly here, Jim.

For heaven sake, you act like the bullet was lodged a mile deep into Connally's leg. The bullet, in fact, caused a very small superficial wound to the left thigh of Governor Connally, with the bullet not even reaching the femur bone under the skin.

It's not a tremendous feat for a bullet that barely entered JBC's leg to work its way out of this shallow wound--either in the limousine or in the emergency room after Connally was wheeled into the hospital.

Why is this the miracle of the ages for you, Jim?

>>> "2.) How could it emerge out of a wound it already made? Most pathologists tell you entry wounds slightly shrink afterwards." <<<

More silliness here. See my last answer for complete details.

>>> "3.) But then how could it have no blood or tissue on it if it traversed backwards?" <<<

See my earlier answer.

>>> "5. Tomlinson picks up the bullet and takes it to security man O. P. Wright. Wright is very familiar with firearms since he was with the sheriff's office previously. Wright gets a good look at the bullet, he notes it as a lead colored, pointed nosed, hunting round. (Thompson, p. 175) How could that be Davey?" <<<

Mr. O.P. Wright was wrong. Simple as that. The bullet he saw on November 22 was certainly not a "pointed nosed" bullet.

And what I want to know is this: IF a "pointy" bullet had really been found on a stretcher....and IF it was really inside John Connally's body and caused a lot of bony damage to his right wrist....then WHY WAS THE BULLET STILL "POINTY" WHEN WRIGHT SAW THE BULLET ON NOVEMBER 22?

Most CTers think it would have been impossible for ANY rifle bullet to emerge in really good shape after doing the damage to Connally it did do. And yet a pointy-nosed bullet that (per some CTers) possibly caused Connally's injuries remained POINTY at the end of this journey through Connally?

Kind of makes you want to re-think the theory put forth by conspiracy believers concerning CE399's near-"pristine" state after making that very same trip through Connally, doesn't it?

>>> "6. At the White House, Rowley turns a bullet over to FBI agent Todd. They sign a receipt. The time of the transfer is 8:50 PM on the 22nd. Yet as John Hunt shows, agent Frazier enters the stretcher bullet into his notes at 7:30! How can that happen Davey?" <<<

Clerical error. Couldn't be more common.

Back at ya:

Why didn't Hoover's non-stop lies cover this crucial timing error, Jim?

These guys at the FBI can frame Oswald and plant evidence and coerce witnesses and get rid of other evidence at the drop of a hat (and NOT GET CAUGHT doing any of it!)....and yet these boobs can't see to it that a few times on a report of theirs are coordinated and "corrected" to reflect only ONE time for CE399's arrival at the Washington crime lab?

The FBI: Brilliant one minute, and total brain-dead morons the next.

Go figure.

>>> "7.. Why did neither Tomlinson nor Wright recognize CE 399 as the bullet they turned over? And why did neither of the SS agents do so either?" <<<

One WHOLE bullet (without very much damage) looks pretty much like any other.

Next hunk of silliness please....

>>> "8. When Wright composes his affidavit for the WC, he incredibly leaves out his co-discovery of the bullet and his giving it to the Secret Service. (ibid) Even though Johnsen recorded this and it's in the volumes. (Thompson, p. 155) Why would a former law enforcement officer do that?" <<<

You tell me, Jimbo. (And please be sure to include in your explanation AS MANY FBI LIES as you can. It's always better for your unprovable tales of FBI misconduct if you do that. Ten-Four?) :)

>>> "9. When it comes time to write the WR, Wright's name is not in it. And there is no evidence Arlen Specter interviewed him. Why did Specter avoid him Davey?" <<<

Probably because the Commission knew they already had Darrell Tomlinson to tell the story about how the bullet was found at Parkland Hospital. They obviously didn't think it was necessary to call O.P. Wright to testify as well.

Nathan Pool, who supposedly was also nearby in the Parkland corridor when the stretcher bullet was found, didn't appear in front of the Warren Commission either, Jim. Is his omission from the report part of the "cover-up" too?

The same thing pretty much happened with autopsy doctor J. Thornton Boswell too. The only Warren Commission testimony elicited from Boswell was to have him confirm (for the record) that he attended the autopsy and that he agreed with all of the testimony provided by Dr. Humes.

In retrospect, yes, it would have been nice to have more (or any) testimony from people like O.P. Wright and Dr. Boswell (particularly Boswell).

But the Warren Commission obviously could not possibly have dreamed in their wildest dreams that there would actually be people in the world who would be second-guessing every single move the WC made during its nine-month probe into JFK's death.

And those same WC members undoubtedly also couldn't have dreamed that there would be people like James DiEugenio in the world who be suggesting in the year 2010, despite all the evidence that proves Jimbo to be 100% wrong, that Lee Harvey Oswald was COMPLETELY INNOCENT of murdering EITHER of the two victims LHO killed in 1963.

That type of mindset is reserved for people whose home is Rod Serling's Twilight Zone.

If only you'd BLUSH occasionally, Jimbo. That might help a little anyway.

>>> "10. Do you think he avoided him [Wright] because he knew what he would say? As he did with Thompson when he rejected CE 399 as the bullet he gave Johnsen." <<<

No. He was likely not called by the Commission for the reason I gave above. I cannot KNOW for certain, of course, why Mr. Wright was not called to testify. But I'm certainly not going to take a trip down "Everything Was Fake" Avenue with Jim DiEugenio and suggest that the WC "avoided" O.P. Wright because he wouldn't be able to identify CE399 as the stretcher bullet.

After all, Darrell Tomlinson didn't positively identify it either. And Tomlinson testified in front of the Commission.

>>> "See, all this other evidence corroborates what [John] Hunt did. If you cannot answer any of these in any credible way--without smoke--I am going to move onto another topic about VB and RH and his broken pledge. Because your counter arguments have been silly and tiresome." <<<

Yeah, conspiracy theorists very often find logic and common sense (and the REAL EVIDENCE in the JFK case) difficult to fathom. That's because the real evidence in this case proves beyond all doubt that the CTers' prized patsy named Oswald was guilty of double-murder.

And to a conspiracy theorist like Jim DiEugenio, those two words -- OSWALD'S GUILTY -- are the dirtiest and most obscene words in the English language. (Except for perhaps "BUGLIOSI IS RIGHT".)

David Von Pein
August 2010