(PART 54)

I've gone back through this whole Education Forum thread and have compiled the following list of "Really Stupid Things" that James DiEugenio has said in this thread, which is a thread that probably should be renamed: "A Wild Imagination Come To Life".

Some of these allegations are so incredibly bizarre and goofy, that DiEugenio should be embarrassed to write them down. But, of course, he's not embarrassed in the least. And DiEugenio's bald-faced lies about Ruth Paine border on slander. Jim is truly pathetic. He sees (and finds) conspiracy and cover-up everywhere.

It's no wonder Vincent Bugliosi decided not to address all of these idiotic issues that Jim "Anybody But Oswald" DiEugenio has raised in this thread. Most of these things are so ridiculous and outlandish that even most conspiracy theorists don't buy them (the "CIA" rumors concerning Ruth Paine to name a prime example).

Let's now take an inventory of some (but certainly not all) of the really stupid things uttered by James DiEugenio in this Education Forum thread (aka: a "Boxed Set Of Balderdash And Bullshit"), which are quoted passages coming from the lips of a person, keep in mind, who actually believes President Kennedy's and J.D. Tippit's murderer--Lee Harvey Oswald--was TOTALLY INNOCENT of shooting either one of those men on November 22, 1963. That type of foundational delusional belief is important to note right up front, prior to posting a list of silliness like the one I have presented below:

JIM DiEUGENIO: "Let us not forget that Ruth Paine was a major witness for him [Vincent Bugliosi] at that phony London trial he talks up so much. .... They [Ruth and Michael Paine] were actually spies. And they may have been spying on Oswald. ....

"VB [Vince Bugliosi] dismissed as "slim pickings" absolutely essential evidence that paints the Paines not as the Good Samaritans they try and come off as, but as domestic surveillance agents. Again, as I have shown, he had to have known better. .... When she [Ruth Paine] separated Marina from Lee, was she not just coming down from a visit to her sister in Falls Church, which adjoins Langley? ....

"I produced a list of 18 items of provable evidence demonstrating to any objective person that the Paines were domestic surveillance agents. It's your problem if you want to deny that for political purposes. To say Michael [Paine] was peripheral is to ignore his role in the Minox camera caper. Which you do. If you want to also forget about Ruth's near confession, well hey, some people live in denial. ....

"In fact her role was so obvious in separating Marina from Lee and producing dubious exhibits that the Secret Service decided to pull Marina from her because it was clear Ruth was CIA. Clear to everyone except DVP. That's quite [a] lot of evidence to be oblivious to, Davey."

DVP INTERJECTION: Big LOL. Oh, sure, Jimbo. I'm the ONLY person on the planet who thinks that Ruth Paine was not a "domestic surveillance agent" for the CIA. Right, Jim? You're delusional (again).

JIM D.: "Another person who DVP props up as an objective authority on this case is Gary Mack/Larry Dunkel. In fact, today he [DVP] serves as a funnel for the Fable Guy to drop information, some would say disinformation, at this forum."

DVP: Sixth Floor Museum curator Gary Mack, of course, is one of the most knowledgeable and courteous and forthright JFK researchers who has ever lived. I suspect the reason DiEugenio enjoys verbally bashing Gary over the head continuously is because Gary dares to speak the truth about Lee Harvey Oswald being a double-murderer (gasp!). That kind of belief, of course, is taboo amongst the Anybody-But-Oswald conspiracy mongers like Jimbo.

For the record, Gary Mack told me this via e-mail recently:

"Just to confirm, as we've discussed before, I still believe the HSCA acoustics finding of two gunmen was correct and that Badge Man appears to be a gunman. They are my personal theories, which of course I leave at home and do not allow them to influence my historical work for The Sixth Floor Museum." -- Gary Mack; Via e-mail message to David Von Pein on August 21, 2010

JIM D.: "There are books you read on this case where, afterwards, you feel like a better human being or more empowered, e.g., JFK and the Unspeakable, Spy Saga."

JIM D.: "[Jean] Davison is such a lousy researcher, she doesn't know she is trapped. .... Unless you stop hiding behind Davison's crummy book and address these facts, we will all know who the idiot is. .... When you can't answer relevant questions and rely on someone as bereft as Jean Davison, you are lost."

JIM D.: "Davey, did you forget what Wesley [Liebeler] told Sylvia [Odio]? The most honest thing any WC guy ever said: [Earl] Warren said that any trace of conspiracy was to be covered up. Just wanted to remind you in case you forgot."

JIM D.: "The evidence and testimony indicates that [FBI Director J. Edgar] Hoover fabricated the June 12 report in order to pacify the Commission's fears about the provenance of CE 399."

JIM D.: "[Robert] Frazier composed a document entitled "History of Evidence". On the top line he wrote that he received the bullet from [Elmer] Todd at 7:30 PM. And Frazier wrote another document. It was called "Laboratory Work Sheet". This also certifies that he got the bullet from Todd at 7:30. It describes it as "Bullet from Stretcher". .... Todd wrote down the time as 8:50 PM. Question for the Prosecutor: How could Todd have given CE 399 to Frazier before he got it from Rowley?"

DVP: A big problem here with DiEugenio's theory about the stretcher bullet is this: The Mannlicher-Carcano rifle which fired Bullet CE399 was not yet in the possession of the FBI in Washington as of EITHER ONE of the two times noted in the official reports (7:30 PM EST or 8:50 PM EST).

Oswald's Carcano rifle, which was positively the gun that fired CE399, was still in Dallas, Texas, at 7:30 and 8:50 EST. Therefore, the CE399 bullet that Robert A. Frazier marked with his initials could not possibly have been a "substitute" bullet that was fired through Oswald's rifle by the FBI at some point before it was received into evidence by Frazier. And that's because the FBI simply did not have the rifle in its possession until approximately 11:45 PM CST on Friday night, November 22 (12:45 AM EST on Saturday morning).

And the rifle actually didn't arrive in Washington, D.C., until a few hours after midnight. Obviously, it had to be flown to Washington from Dallas and then transported to the FBI's lab in Washington, all of which took considerable additional time too, of course.

So, does Jim DiEugenio think the FBI in Washington had possession of Oswald's C2766 Carcano rifle at some time PRIOR to 11:45 PM CST on Friday? Because if they didn't have possession of that gun at an earlier time, then how could Robert Frazier have taken possession (and marked with his initials) a "fake" or "substitute" bullet that was fired BY THE FBI in that exact rifle PRIOR to 11:45 PM on Friday?

Or, as an alternative, I suppose DiEugenio could always say that the FBI's Robert Frazier was a liar too, with Frazier only pretending to receive (and mark) CE399 at a time that was much earlier than when the FBI gained possession of Oswald's rifle.

But if Frazier and the FBI as a whole were liars about the entire CE399 affair -- then why didn't they merely fudge the paperwork to eliminate the time discrepancy regarding the stretcher bullet?

Silly plotters indeed. But Jim DiEugenio is even sillier to believe the cloak-and-dagger nonsense he says he believes concerning the FBI and Warren Commission Exhibit No. 399.

JIM D.: "In Part 1 of this [Bugliosi book review] series I showed beyond a reasonable doubt that the FBI switched the bullets in the Gen. Walker case in order to incriminate Oswald in that shooting attempt. It is now shown--also beyond a reasonable doubt--that the Bureau pulled a similar trick with CE 399. Either the bullet was switched or a second bullet was made to disappear."

DVP: DiEugenio's delusional gene is on full display once again here. Just because General Edwin A. Walker said that CE573 did not look like the bullet that was recovered from his Dallas home in April 1963, Jim DiEugenio thinks that is ironclad PROOF that CE573 is yet another bullet that was "switched" by the evil FBI in order to railroad poor, innocent Lee Oswald in another murder attempt.

DiEugenio must, therefore, overcome this FBI report, which is an FBI report that is part of Warren Commission Exhibit No. 2011 [at 24 H 414]. The report says the following:

"On June 12, 1964, Exhibit C148, a mutilated rifle slug, was shown to Billy Gene Norvell, former Dallas police officer, 1603 Darr Street, Apartment 147, Irving, Texas, by Special Agent Bardwell D. Odum, Federal Bureau of Investigation. He identified this exhibit as the same one which he had found at the residence of Major General Edwin A. Walker, Dallas, Texas, on April 10, 1963, and identified his marking on this slug."

DiEugenio very likely believes that Norvell's identification of CE573 (aka C148) is just another one of the thousands of lies told by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, right Jimbo? And when Norvell said he IDENTIFIED HIS OWN INITIALS on Walker bullet CE573/C148, that was yet another bald-faced lie, right Jimmy D.?

JIM D.: "Here is another howler by VB. In his End Notes, in a footnote on page 426, note how he addresses the whole "which stretcher was the bullet found on[?]" issue, an issue of profound and overarching implications in its importance. This is how he addresses that issue: "a stretcher whose origin remains a little vague". I kid you not. Check it yourself. This is one of the most ridiculous phrases in the whole book. For after a long and illustrated analysis, Tink Thompson wrote in SSD ["Six Seconds In Dallas"] that the weight of the evidence indicates that the bullet was not found on either JFK's gurney or JBC's, but on a little boy's named Ron Fuller."

DVP: Vince Bugliosi's handling of the stretcher issue is not "ridiculous" at all, Jim. His analysis of this issue is based on common sense and logic. Vince knows about the confusion surrounding the stretchers (via Darrell Tomlinson's testimony). But Vince also knows that Tomlinson told the Warren Commission over and over again that he was "not sure" which of the two stretchers he had taken off of the elevator at Parkland on 11/22/63.

But Tomlinson's Warren Commission testimony means zilch to a person like Jim DiEugenio, however. Because Jim thinks Arlen Specter was literally putting words in Darrell Tomlinson's mouth here. But it's testimony that is in the official record nonetheless, whether Mr. ABO/DiEugenio likes it or not:

ARLEN SPECTER -- "What did you tell the Secret Service man about which stretcher you took off of the elevator?"

DARRELL TOMLINSON -- "I told him that I was not sure, and I am not--I'm not sure of it, but as I said, I would be going against the oath which I took a while ago, because I am definitely not sure."

MR. SPECTER -- "Do you remember if you told the Secret Service man which stretcher you thought you took off of the elevator?"

MR. TOMLINSON -- "Well, we talked about taking a stretcher off of the elevator, but then when it comes down on an oath, I wouldn't say for sure, I really don't remember." ....

MR. SPECTER -- "You say you can't really take an oath today to be sure whether it was stretcher A or stretcher B that you took off the elevator?"

MR. TOMLINSON -- "Well, today or any other day, I'm just not sure of it, whether it was A or B that I took off."

JIM D.: "On page 51 of the ["Reclaiming History"] End Notes, VB says that even if T. F. Bewley [sic; Bowley] was right about the time of Tippit being killed as 1:10 or earlier, it does not matter, since we know LHO killed him. Now if you know the evidence in the Tippit shooting, what Bugliosi is saying is that Oswald killed Tippit even if he wasn't there!"

DVP: Bugliosi's statement about T.F. Bowley's obviously inaccurate 1:10 time for the Tippit murder is perfectly reasonable and correct....and that's because all REASONABLE people know that Lee Harvey Oswald killed Officer J.D. Tippit. My gosh, Oswald's guilt in the Tippit killing is even more obvious and definitive than is LHO's guilt in the murder of JFK, which is also pretty obvious from the sum total of the physical evidence and Oswald's own actions that day.

Once again, Mr. Bugliosi was using common sense and the totality of the evidence against Oswald when Vince said what he said about Bowley on Page 51 of the "RH" endnotes.

And, like always, Jim DiEugenio refuses to activate his "common sense" gene. Jim, instead, prefers to swim in a river of fragmented and piecemeal guesswork, speculation, rumors, and unconfirmed timelines when it comes to solving the murder of Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit.

JIM D.: "Almost pathetic. I take it back. It is pathetic. He [Chief Justice Earl Warren] wants to snuff out any other investigation for his own, which is essentially in his vision's, the FBI's. He does not want to run the risk of say, a Rose Cheramie testifying in public hearings. But if that happened, they would do all they could to discredit her and protect the public from the uncomfortable and unsettling thought that JFK was killed by a conspiracy. In other words, they would play the defense attorney for any possible plotters. A truly unbelievable performance by a guy who is supposed to be protecting the fairness and sanctity of the judicial process."

DVP: Yeah, sure, Jim. Sure. DiEugenio acts as though NOBODY at all testified in front of the Warren Commission who believed that a conspiracy existed in JFK's murder (or gave testimony that had a "conspiracy" ring to it).

Jim wants to conveniently forget about witnesses like S.M. Holland, and Roger Craig, and Arnold Rowland, and Jean Hill, and Mark Lane, and Nellie Connally, and Roy Kellerman, and Dean Andrews, and Wilma Tice, and Clyde Haygood, and Clint Hill, and Lee Bowers (who was really not a "conspiracy" type witness at all, of course, but CTers think he was).

Plus there were many other witnesses I didn't mention above who gave testimony or statements to the Warren Commission that pointed in the general direction of conspiracy (or at least toward the direction of PERCEIVED conspiracy).

JIM D.: "As per the record of the DPD, yes not all the evidence was secured by them. But some hotly disputed evidence was: the Tippit ballistics in which the chain of possession was broken wide open in each aspect; the five bullets "found" on Oswald after he was fast frisked and nothing was there; the phony lineups which even witnesses complained about; the confusion about which rifle was actually found at the TSBD and where it was found; the print that did not exist in Washington but miraculously appeared back in Dallas, etc. This record dovetails with the exposed history of the Dallas Police. Which VB NEVER mentions."

DVP: Talk about a laundry list of conspiracy-flavored garbage -- the above list is it. All of those things that DiEugenio apparently thinks are legitimate reasons to believe in a conspiracy were answered a long time ago in non-conspiratorial ways. (Except maybe the silly "fast frisk" business, which I don't think I had even heard about until recently. But it's obviously totally unimportant, because not even cops who WERE trying to frame Oswald would have any desire to plant some additional revolver bullets in his pocket. The police already had taken the murder weapon out of the killer's very own hands just 35 minutes after J.D. Tippit was killed. Why would there be a need to plant some superfluous bullets on the killer? It's just plain silly. But not to an "Anybody But Oswald" club member like James DiEugenio.)

JIM D.: "[J. Edgar] Hoover...covered up the Odio evidence from the start to the finish. .... The FBI cover-up started by the end of the first day. .... Hoover falsified the documents. .... Hoover substituted CE 399 for the actual bullet that was found by Tomlinson and Wright. He had to do that when the DPD decided on the Carcano as the rifle. (After considering first the Enfield and the Mauser.) It was that substitution that allowed Specter and Humes to arrange the Single Bullet Fantasy. ....

"Clearly, Hoover was having problems selling CE 399 to the Commission as part of the Single Bullet Fantasy. So what he tried to do in this memo [CE2011] was to trace back the chain of transfer of the exhibit. .... In this same document, on the same page, it is said that this bullet was shown to Tomlinson and Wright at Parkland. Wright was not sure and Tomlinson said it appeared to be the same projectile. But Hoover screwed up here. He named the agent who showed them the bullet. When Gary Aguilar and Tink Thompson visited FBI agent Bardwell Odum in 2001, this was exposed as a lie. Odum did no such thing. So this incident was manufactured by Hoover since he knew that the two Secret Service agents had broken the chain. .... Recall what Hoover did with CE 2011--he lied twice about CE 399 in it."

DVP: Jim's got his "delusional" hat on again, I see. DiEugenio cannot prove that a single document was "falsified" by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, but that won't stop Jimbo from accusing Hoover of such vile tactics.

But we must all keep in mind one of the simple, basic rules about being a JFK conspiracy theorist -- If the theorist alleges that something has been "proven" (such as when DiEugenio boldly proclaims as the Gospel truth that "Hoover falsified the documents"), then it definitely HAS been "proven" in the mind of the conspiracy theorist. (Even though, in reality, the theorist hasn't "proven" any such thing, of course.)

Vincent Bugliosi said it quite nicely when he said this in his 2007 JFK book:

"The conspiracy community regularly seizes on one slip of the tongue, misunderstanding, or slight discrepancy to defeat twenty pieces of solid evidence; accepts one witness of theirs, even if he or she is a provable nut, as being far more credible than ten normal witnesses on the other side; treats rumors, even questions, as the equivalent of proof; leaps from the most minuscule of discoveries to the grandest of conclusions; and insists that the failure to explain everything perfectly negates all that is explained." -- VB; Page xliii

JIM D.: "This is almost funny [Jim "ABO" DiEugenio is referring here to James Hosty's testimony at the 1986 TV trial in London, "On Trial: Lee Harvey Oswald"]. .... This is almost as funny as the Wesley Frazier appearance. Keep them coming Dave. You are demonstrating what a farce this whole thing [the '86 docu-trial] was."

DVP: Take note of how DiEugenio subtly alleges that Buell Wesley Frazier was telling lies when he testified at that same 1986 TV trial in London. DiEugenio has no choice but to believe Frazier was telling some lies HERE, because Jimbo doesn't think Lee Oswald carried any large paper bag into the TSBD at all on the morning of 11/22/63.

That's the type of delusional mindset we're dealing with when we deal with James DiEugenio. We're actually dealing with a person who thinks BOTH Buell Wesley Frazier AND Linnie Mae Randle were lying when they each said (over and over again, especially Frazier, who was interviewed many times after the assassination) that they saw Oswald carrying a big paper package on November 22nd.

JIM D.: "The CE 399 at NARA never went anywhere. And John Hunt, among others, proved it. So please stop with these WC lies. .... CE 399 has already been exposed as a fraud. And the FBI knew it was fraud the day it happened. And we can prove that also."

JIM D.: "So from the beginning, with its reverse trajectory out of the thigh of JBC, to its incredible tunneling under a mat, to its leaping out of Ron Fuller's stretcher and magically knowing it has to be on JBC's, to its shocking ability to alter its form and color, and then to actually crack the time barrier and be in Frazier's office before Todd gives it to him, the Impossible Journey of CE 399 is even more magical than anyone ever could imagine. Except maybe Dave Von Pein. .... The CE 399 we know was not found at Parkland. And that ends this argument."

DVP: It's the end of the CE399 argument for DiEugenio, even though the HSCA, just like the Warren Commission did, said that that exact bullet (CE399) was THE bullet that caused all seven (non-fatal) wounds to John Kennedy and John Connally in Dealey Plaza.

The fact that BOTH the Warren Commission AND the House Select Committee endorsed THAT EXACT BULLET (CE399) as being the "Single-Bullet Theory" bullet (and endorsed the SBT as being true as well) means nothing to Jimbo DiEugenio. Nothing at all. Go figure. The HSCA got it ALL WRONG too.

So, according to conspiracists like Jim D., the Government must have been filled with nothing but boobs and idiots and liars when it came to CE399, the SBT, and the assassination of President Kennedy. In both 1964 AND in 1978, too. Amazing.

JIM D.: "It's not my job to come up with an "alternative theory" [to the SBT], Davey. I'm the defense."

DVP: I feel your pain, Jimmy. Coming up with a believable and reasonable conspiracy-endorsing alternative to the WC's single-bullet conclusion is something that simply cannot be done. And that's mainly because the SBT is obviously the truth. And when you try to dismantle the truth and replace it with some kind of half-baked, incoherent "alternative theory" (such as the "TWO BULLETS WENT INTO JFK AND NEVER EXITED AND THEN DISAPPEARED" claptrap), you're not likely to find the alternative to be nearly as compelling (or reasonable) as the truth.

JIM D.: "The lengths that an inveterate VB/WC apologist will go to to cover things up. They [Kennedy and Connally] are not reacting at the same time. How could they be? CE 399 never existed. So they are hit by separate bullets. Kennedy is reacting before he disappears behind the sign. .... JBC does not react until around frame 237."

DVP: Truly hilarious. Especially when watching the following Zapruder Film clip a few times, back-to-back, which clearly shows the two victims reacting at exactly the same time (an instant after Z224). Jimbo thinks John Connally's reactions prior to Z237 are merely a mirage.

Or maybe Jimbo would like to blame J. Edgar Hoover for these JBC reactions too. Edgar gets the blame for about everything else in this case. Why not this too? Perhaps Hoover doctored the film to make it falsely appear that Connally was reacting to being shot as early as Z225, even though Jimbo says he cannot see JBC's obvious reactions starting at Z225. Perhaps Jim has been watching a different film all these years:


JIM D.: "[Arlen] Specter knew he could get away with anything. He didn't give a damn about probing for facts. .... So not only did the WC not provide for any kind of equal justice for Oswald, they then started with conclusions that they tried to, at times, ram down witnesses' throats. To the point of browbeating them, harassing them, threatening them, and rewriting their testimony."

DVP: Unbelievable. Do you think that Jimbo actually believes the total crap he's written here (and elsewhere)?


JIM D.: "The SBT was a hoax that Specter and Humes knew they had to have to make this fraud work and please their respective masters--the Commission and the military. Since Specter knew it was all a fraud he knew there would be no cross examination--which would have turned into a humiliation of his goofy theory."

JIM D.: "But Specter was too concerned about keeping the medical and ballistics cover-up intact and punching his own ticket."

JIM D.: "It [CE399] was not found on JBC's gurney. It was on Ron Fuller's. And CE 399 was not the bullet that Tomlinson and Wright found. And they have testified to that [DiEugenio is lying here; Tomlinson and Wright never "testified" in any official fashion to any such thing]. And the FBI told Tomlinson to be quiet about it."

JIM D.: "The SBF ["Single-Bullet Fantasy", per Delusional DiEugenio] was never meant to be taken seriously. It was developed out of expediency to solve a political problem. It is simply not feasible or defensible. Ever. And if the WC had taken care to protect Oswald's rights, it would have never survived any kind of true fact-finding or adversary process. This is why the Commission was neither one. The SBF is the sine qua non of the Commission. But it is a transparent illusion in every aspect. Down to the fact that the bullet the WC says was used in the flight path was not even fired in Dealey Plaza. Because of this transparent illusion, the WC itself proves conspiracy."

JIM D.: "The SBF is a made-to-order loser."

JIM D.: "This gets back to the function of the WC. In the real world this is called "witness coaching". And as you can ask any lawyer, this is outside the canon of legal ethics. But again Specter knew that there was no judge or defense to call him on it. Therefore he could get away with it. And with people like Dulles, Ford, and McCloy in tow, hey why not do it?"

JIM D.: "[Dr. James] Humes was being used as a lying pawn by the Justice Department to stem the rising tide against the WR."

JIM D.: "Everyone knows what happened to the HSCA. Originally created as a populist response to the showing of the Zapruder film on national TV, and a couple of other issues, it was derailed in Congress by interference by lobbyists for the FBI and CIA. And I got that from the the horse's mouth: Tom Downing, the first chairman. ....

"The other thing that happened is that once Sprague and Tanenbaum made it clear they were going to conduct a no holds barred inquiry, the media began to attack them fiercely. Sprague had announced he was going to find out what Oswald was doing in Mexico City, that he was going to do a real test of the SBF in public, that he wanted to know why the Commission did not believe Sylvia Odio, he wanted all the CIA files on Oswald's defection plus the military files on their false defector program. And this was all to be done in public.

"Now with that kind of investigation, the fraud of CE 399 was not going to last long. And so the MSM realized, "Hey we got to get this guy before he humiliates us for swallowing this crap". And they did. ....

"Once Blakey came in, this was mostly dropped. Or if it was done, it was classified, like the Lopez Report. Or, as with Oswald and the defector program, it was rewritten by others who Blakey handpicked to stay behind to finish the report and edit the volumes. ....

"Now go ahead and find if there is any topic heading in the report about the "Provenance of CE 399". There isn't. Blakey decided to stick with the WC cover story about Oswald. Except it was slightly modified: now it was Oswald plus some guy on the knoll who missed. (If you have ever been there, which you probably have not, it is almost impossible to believe that Oswald hit his shots, but the guy on the knoll missed. BTW, I mean from the real point behind the fence, not Gary Mack's BS point.)

"He then decided to spin his little conspiracy into an "Oswald Did it for the Mob" hypothesis. Yeah, Trafficante and Marcello hired a guy who couldn't hit a deer from 15 yards away and had him use a $12.97 piece of shit rifle with a manual bolt action. When these guys could have hired some of the best professional hit men in America.

"That is what happened to the HSCA. Blakey was the perfect fit to salvage an inquiry that the Powers That Be decided had gotten out of control. And he put it back in MSM cover up land. With Mafia sex appeal."

DVP: Jim is unraveling at a rapid pace. Somebody call The Delusional Police, quick! Either that, or call the Funny Farm. Jim needs them badly.

I'll close this post by repeating something I said earlier in this Education Forum thread (which is just as true as ever):

"Bugliosi's book DOES answer all of the major, substantive, and important questions regarding the JFK case. No doubt about that fact. But if a person like Jim DiEugenio (who is bent on promoting the chaff instead of the wheat regarding this murder case) gets ahold of a lone-assassin book like "Reclaiming History", I'm not surprised at all that he can find something in it (or omitted from it!) that he can use to support his very strange "Anybody But Oswald" hobby." -- David Von Pein; August 22, 2010

David Von Pein
September 2010