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I saw nothing at your links which addressed the late night call, telling Tomlinson to keep his mouth shut...



You obviously didn't click this link then.


...or about the statements of Connally, Wade, Nolan and Bell, regarding the actual bullet that wounded Connally.


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[Bobby Nolan] delivered that bullet to the DPD on the night of [November] 22nd [1963]. It couldn't [possibly] have been the one that Tomlinson found.


Nolan didn't "deliver" any whole bullet to the DPD. And you have absolutely no evidence to back up such a claim.

If Nolan had delivered an intact bullet to the DPD that had dropped off of Governor Connally's stretcher, that bullet would be part of the official evidence in this case today. And, of course, no such additional "whole bullet" (other than CE399) exists in the record, does it Bob?

Now Bob will pretend the "whole Nolan bullet" was swept under the rug by the evil DPD (and/or the wicked FBI). Won't you, Bob?

Bob probably should have learned a lesson from Jim Sibert and Francis O'Neill about how BULLET FRAGMENTS can get turned erroneously into WHOLE MISSILES:

http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/Interview With James Sibert

http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/Interview With Francis O'Neill

Very similar to the Sibert/O'Neill mistake, it couldn't be any clearer that the "Wade/Nolan/Connally bullet" is, in reality, only the BULLET FRAGMENTS that were removed from John Connally's wrist.

The exact same kind of "Fragments become a whole bullet" mistake that has plagued the Sibert/O'Neill FBI report undoubtedly also occurred with respect to any comments about a whole "bullet" that were made by Henry Wade, Bobby Nolan, Audrey Bell, or anyone else associated with those bullet fragments which became Warren Commission Exhibit No. 842.

Some of those people might have casually referred to the item they handled as a "bullet", but what they really handled were just fragments--just like the corpsman who wrote up the "missile" memo that is connected to the Sibert/O'Neill report.

[JUNE 2015 EDIT: But please take note that nowhere in the actual Sibert/O'Neill FBI report--which can be found HERE--does it say that any "missile" (or "missle" [sic]) was removed from the body of the late President Kennedy during the autopsy. In fact, Sibert and O'Neill specifically say on
Page 4 of their 11/22/63 report that "two fragments of metal" were recovered. But nothing about a whole bullet (or "missile") being retrieved from the body of the President.]

[DECEMBER 2016 EDIT: Here's some information, unearthed by researcher Jean Davison in December of 2016, concerning a couple of documents pertaining to Nurse Bell, Bobby Nolan, and the Connally bullet fragments....


I searched the online Dallas Morning News archive for Tomlinson and didn't find much, but I did find this in a 4/22/77 article by Earl Golz:

After ID-ing Bill Stinson as a Connally aide who was in the OR, Golz wrote that Stinson "was with the nurse when she placed several bullet fragments from Connally's wrist into an envelope." The nurse is ID-ed as Audrey Bell. The article continues:

"There was more than one fragment (placed in the envelope)," Stinson said. "I don't remember how many." [the phrase in parentheses was in the article, not an addition by me]

Mystery nurse identified! Mysterious second bullet goes poof!


Notice the similarity to your FBI document on Stinson in that no whole bullet is mentioned, only "a fragment." Stinson was there with Nolan, who told you [Robert Harris] that he never saw what was in the sealed envelope, so he didn't know what was in it.

There's also this DPD document listing where various items of evidence came from. It says:

"Bullet fragments taken from body of Governor Connally

Mrs. Audrey Bell, operating room nurse, to Bob Nolan, D.P.S., to Capt. Fritz, to Crime Lab, to FBI"


Did she [Parkland nurse Audrey Bell] correctly tell Wade and Nolan that these were fragments, taken from surgery, but they misunderstood her, thinking she said it was a whole bullet, from Connally's "gurney"?


That explanation you just laid out seems like the most reasonable one to believe, yes.

Somebody misunderstood something, that's for sure. It was very likely a simple, ordinary misunderstanding and/or miscommunication. Nothing more than that. Nothing sinister. No underhanded motives on anyone's behalf. That's the best explanation.

Plus, we know that Bobby Nolan never saw the contents of the envelope at all. Didn't he tell you personally, Robert, in a phone call that he only saw the envelope and never saw what was inside the envelope?


David, that "explanation" is idiotic.

Both men heard her say it was a whole bullet and Connally said it was a whole bullet.

Both men said she stated that it came from Connally's gurney, and Connally said it fell from his gurney.

And Bell flatly denied the FBI's claim that she said she gave the fragments to Nolan. Nolan was in full dress uniform that day and she was adamant that she gave the wrist fragments to two plain clothed agents, who were undoubtedly with the FBI.

Your "explanation" fails in every possible way that it could fail.

Probably the most ludicrous part of your argument is claiming that Wade and Nolan mistakenly believed she said it came from Connally's "gurney". That was totally unintuitive. The natural presumption would be that it was removed in surgery. They could only have remembered "gurney" if that was exactly what she said.

And the odds that each of them, in two different conversations, mistakenly heard her say "gurney" is beyond calculation. And it becomes astronomical if we consider that Connally also made the "mistake" of stating that the bullet did indeed fall from his gurney (or stretcher, in his words).

David, ALL of the evidence proves that the FBI fabricated false evidence, something they had been caught at before in other cases.

1. Every one of the four men who originally examined the stretcher bullet refused to corroborate CE399 as the same bullet.

2. The initials of the only two men to have marked the stretcher bullet are not present on CE399, which only contains the initials of FBI personnel who received it after it left Parkland.

3. Tomlinson was told by the FBI to "keep his mouth shut" about the stretcher bullet shortly after they were able to compare his bullet with large fragments from Dealey Plaza.

4. The FBI lied, claiming that agent Odum got a partial confirmation from Tomlinson and Wright, as Odum himself confirmed.

5. The FBI lied about what nursing supervisor Bell told them regarding the wrist fragments she processed - even claiming she said she only processed a single fragment.

The evidence is overwhelming, David. Interested lurkers can get the entire story, including sources, documents and verbatim statements, here:



Naturally, I disagree with Mr. Harris. No "whole" bullet fell to the floor off of Governor Connally's "gurney" in the operating room at Parkland Memorial Hospital. And no "whole" bullet was retrieved by any nurse in the operating room at Parkland Memorial Hospital.

It is my opinion that if such a "whole" bullet had been retrieved by a nurse in Connally's operating room, it would be available to see as part of the official record in this case today. And no such bullet exists at all.

And since I am also of the opinion that neither the DPD or the FBI (or any other law enforcement officials) would have had any good reason under the moon to start "covering up" any of the evidence associated with the wounding of President Kennedy and Governor Connally, I also therefore do not believe that the Dallas Police or the FBI would have swept any such "whole bullet" under the carpet following the assassination of the President.

Call me naive and a Government-sponsored shill if you want. (It's okay, I'm accustomed to being called those things by now.) But those are my opinions nonetheless.

Bob Harris thinks, however, that he has PROOF beyond doubt that a whole bullet WAS, indeed, recovered in John Connally's operating room on 11/22/63. And therefore, my "opinion" is totally worthless and is merely the work of an "LNer" who is trying desperately to avoid the truth regarding the alleged lies and cover-up engaged in by various authorities after JFK was killed.

I, of course, disagree with Bob once again. He has NOT provided proof that a whole bullet was recovered from Connally's stretcher in the operating room. Just as Bob has also not provided proof that a gunshot was fired at Zapruder Film frame #285.

But my definition of "proof" is probably quite different from Robert Harris' definition. I think "proof" requires more than what Bob has provided us.


David, you can't talk your way out of this. Four very reliable witnesses were 100% consistent in their recollections.

It is insane to believe that Nolan and Wade both "mistakenly" thought that the nurse said the bullet came from Connally's gurney, while Connally "mistakenly" thought the bullet came from his gurney.

And all three of those men were consistent that this was a whole bullet. Do you really think that all of them made EXACTLY the same errors??


Well, Bob, since it's my firm belief that this JFK case is filled with people who did, indeed, make "EXACTLY the same errors" --- such as the "Grassy Knoll" witnesses (who all made "EXACTLY the same errors"); and the three autopsy surgeons (who all, incredibly, made "EXACTLY the same error" regarding the true location of the entry wound in President Kennedy's head); and the many witnesses at Parkland Hospital (who all made "EXACTLY the same error" with respect to the location of the large wound in JFK's head) --- then yes, I do believe it's possible for multiple people to have been of the incorrect belief that the envelope handled by Officer Bobby Nolan contained a "bullet" rather than just "fragments", and that multiple people might have also gotten the erroneous impression that this alleged "whole bullet" had fallen directly off of Governor Connally's stretcher and onto the floor.

The two key pieces of mistaken information (the "whole bullet" and "falling from the gurney/stretcher") would have probably started with just ONE person saying those things.

The erroneous information then spreads to other people, who then relay the same mistaken information to still more people. That's how most false rumors get started. And they can spread fast too, like the erroneous report that spread throughout the world on 11/22/63 via radio, television, and the newswires about how a Secret Service agent had been killed during the assassination of JFK. But, of course, we know that no SS agent was killed--or even shot--during the shooting in Dealey Plaza.

Robert Harris will disagree with the above scenario due to John Connally HIMSELF, according to his own book, saying that he heard a bullet fall from his stretcher. But Mr. Connally never SAW any such "bullet", did he Bob? No, he didn't. So any metal object that he might have heard clinking to the floor could conceivably have been any number of metal objects, couldn't it? (And I have previously stated in another post the speculation that it was perhaps one of Mr. Connally's cuff links that fell to the floor.)

Plus, in all of Governor Connally's many interviews that he gave to the press following the assassination, how many times did he ever say anything at all about hearing a bullet falling to the floor in the Parkland operating room?

The answer to that last question is: Zero times.

Connally never once said anything at all about any such "operating room" bullet. It's in his book, yes. But don't you think it's a little strange that he never mentioned this "operating room bullet" episode in any of his many appearances that he made after November 22nd?

And you, Bob, surely can't imply that Mr. Connally was "covering up" anything in his post-11/22 interviews, right? Because if Connally was part of the proverbial "cover up", then he would very likely have never been so vocal about his belief that the Single-Bullet Theory was untrue. Would he?

[More of my battles with Robert Harris can be found HERE.]

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