(PART 763)


We don't know when Ruby arrived at the Western Union office, but we do know that his timing was perfect. It had to be because he did not have a press badge and would likely have been thrown out if he got there early.

There were no cell phones back then, so a great place to hang around waiting for a call was a Western Union office, with lots of phones on the wall. My suspicion is that someone with DPD phoned him to let him know that Oswald was OTW. That same person could have phoned him at home to let him know there would be a delay and to suggest when Oswald would be moved.

To think that this perfect timing was another one of those miraculous coincidences is just too much. It seems far more probable that he was told when to go in.


Only a rabid conspiracy theorist, bent on believing in a "Ruby conspiracy" at all costs, could possibly utter the things Robert Harris just uttered above. And this comment from Harris just reeks of crazy, backward thinking:

"To think that this perfect timing was another one of those miraculous coincidences is just too much."

In reality, of course, the exact OPPOSITE is true.

I.E. -- the "perfect timing" is much more indicative of pure happenstance and NO CONSPIRACY PLOT than it is indicative of Jack Ruby being sent to the Dallas City Hall basement to "rub out" Lee Oswald as part of a pre-arranged murder scheme.

And Bob Harris must also believe that Karen Carlin was a very big part of this last-minute Sunday-morning plot to rub out Oswald too. Because it was Carlin's telephone call to Ruby at about 10:20 AM that prompted Ruby to leave his apartment when he did on 11/24/63.

In short -- People who think ANY of Jack Ruby's actions on November 24th, 1963, spell out "I'M A HIT MAN FOR THE MOB AND I'M GOING TO SILENCE LEE OSWALD THIS MORNING" are simply not thinking straight, and are attempting to fit a square conspiracy peg into a perfectly-round no conspiracy hole.

David Von Pein
November 12, 2009