(PART 764)


Tell me, David - how badly do you want to discover the truth? Bad enough to admit that the evidence envelope for ce842 contained forged initials and that additional information was written on it by someone other than nurse Bell?


Here we have a kook named Harris going off half-cocked on another "Everything Must Be Faked Or Forged" binge, while offering absolutely no proof, as always, of such a vile allegation.

Bob Harris' attempt to interject "conspiracy" into the JFK case at every turn in the road is truly pathetic, and surely even he himself knows how pathetic it is.


Or do you prefer to just mindlessly continue to pitch a lot of drivel to support your theory that a single assassin carried out this attack by himself?

What these people did was criminal, David. I cannot understand how any decent human being would want to shield them.


The only thing "criminal" here is that certain conspiracy-loving clowns have been looking into the assassination of President Kennedy for way yonder too many years now, armed with their always-forever-unprovable accusations of evidence-tampering, fakery, coercion, and various other nefarious misdeeds supposedly engaged in by members of the Dallas Police Department, the FBI, and the multiple official committees who were assigned the job of investigating the assassination.

In short, these conspiracy-giddy clowns are the very last people on the planet who should be looking into the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

A couple loose ends:

1.) IMO, Bardwell Odum of the FBI was wrong when he said he never showed bullet CE399 to O.P. Wright. I think Odum most certainly did take that bullet to Wright at some point after the assassination. Odum just doesn't remember doing it. Any other explanation regarding that particular topic makes little to no sense.

2.) The fact that various witnesses could not say positively whether CE399 was THE EXACT BULLET they saw on 11/22/63 certainly does not prove that 399 was not the bullet they saw that day. 399 most certainly WAS the bullet they saw and handled on Nov. 22 at Parkland Hospital. And a big reason we can be confident of that fact is this fact:

CE399 is corroborative of OTHER BULLET EVIDENCE in the JFK murder case that is linked to Lee Harvey Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano C2766 rifle.

If CE399 was the ONLY piece of ballistics/bullet evidence connected with the case, then the conspiracy kooks would have a better argument for "fakery", "forgery", "planting", "substitution", or whatever.

But since the three empty bullet shells (from Oswald's rifle) in the Sniper's Nest ALSO exist....and since CE567 and CE569 from Oswald's rifle (the two largest bullet fragments recovered from the Presidential limousine) ALSO exist in this case....then the likelihood that CE399 is a fake or fraudulent piece of evidence is reduced substantially (being reduced to pretty close to ZERO, in my view).

Ask yourself this -- With those 3 bullet shells from the TSBD and those 2 fragments from the limo being in the evidence pile against Lee Oswald, WHY ON EARTH would anybody feel any need or desire to insert an additional piece of bullet evidence into the pot? Just....why? It just doesn't make sense...at all.

Also -- Both the Warren Commission and the HSCA had no problem whatsoever in accepting Bullet CE399 as a REAL AND LEGITIMATE PIECE OF EVIDENCE in their respective investigations into the assassination of the President.

Now, Robert Harris, were the Warren boys AND the House Select Committee boys who accepted CE399 as a legit piece of evidence ALL liars and rotten, deceitful crooks in your book?

Of course, I already know the answer to that last inquiry. People like Bob Harris think they know MUCH more about the verification and legitimacy of the evidence in this case than did the very organizations who were tasked with investigating the crime--such as the WC and the HSCA, etc.

Ain't it a shame that people like Robert Harris and James DiEugenio and James Fetzer and John Armstrong (et al) weren't a part of any official investigative body which looked into the JFK case? If they had been, we could now all be talking about the "Kook Version Of The WC And HSCA Reports", which would have undoubtedly been a version of those reports where conspiracy-tinged supposition, conjecture, and subjective analysis totally trump and invalidate the true facts and evidence associated with the events of November 22, 1963. My weak urinary bladder would have been given quite a workout had that version ever been published.

David Von Pein
November 12, 2009