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["JFK: The Ruby Connection"] will be another disinformation piece, like the Discovery Channel has become famous for. I'm betting they will claim that Ruby went to the Western Union office to send money to Karen Carlin, but forget to mention what she said that same day when she was interrogated by the Secret Service:

"...Mrs. Carlin was highly agitated and was reluctant to make any statement to me. She stated to me that she was under the impression that Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby and other individuals unknown to her were involved in a plot to assassinate President Kennedy and that she would be killed if she gave any information to the authorities. It was only through the aid of her husband that she would give any information at all. She twisted in her chair, stammered in her speech, and seemed on the point of hysteria."



What do Karen Carlin's erroneous "impressions" about a Ruby/Oswald connection have to do with anything at all?

Answer: Nothing.

Carlin's nervous and agitated state on 11/24/63 when she spoke with the authorities doesn't change any of the following facts, which are facts that certainly do not lead down the road marked JACK RUBY KILLED LEE HARVEY OSWALD AS PART OF A PRE-PLANNED CONSPIRACY PLOT:

1.) In order to obtain a $25 advance from her employer, Karen Carlin called Jack Ruby at Ruby's apartment after 10:00 AM CST on 11/24/63.

2.) Ruby, as a result of Carlin's phone call, went to the Western Union office in downtown Dallas, a very short distance from the Dallas City Hall where Oswald was being held.

3.) Ruby took his "wife" (his dog, Sheba) with him when he went downtown.

4.) Ruby wired $25 to Karen Carlin at 11:17 AM CST.

5.) Ruby then strolled to the nearby City Hall (DPD) basement after exiting the Western Union office.

6.) Ruby couldn't have been inside the DPD basement garage for more than one minute (tops) before he shot and killed Oswald.

None of the above occurrences change in any way (or suddenly take on any kind of a "conspiratorial" meaning) just because the person who made the telephone call to Jack Ruby on the morning of November 24th was "highly agitated" and was "reluctant to make any statement" to the authorities after Ruby killed Oswald.

And none of the above six facts change in any way at all just because Mrs. Carlin was "under the impression that Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby and other individuals unknown to her were involved in a plot to assassinate President Kennedy".

It's quite obvious that Karen Carlin was merely taking a wild stab in the dark when she said she was "under the impression" that Ruby and Oswald were "involved in a plot to assassinate President Kennedy".

But it's only AFTER Ruby kills Oswald that Carlin gets scared and starts to think that Ruby might have been involved in the killing of JFK.

But so what? A whole lot of people around the world had the very same kind of "impressions" and thoughts going through their heads right after the assassin of the President was himself murdered. Who WOULDN'T have had such thoughts of conspiracy at that point in time?

But how does Carlin's being scared and afraid to talk change the above six facts?

Or would Robert Harris now like to slap handcuffs on Mrs. Karen Bennett Carlin and pretend that she, too, was a co-conspirator in the murders of both JFK and Lee Oswald?

Some conspiracy theorists have, indeed, pointed an accusing finger of guilt at Carlin. In fact, they are almost FORCED to point a finger of guilt at Carlin, because if they don't, and if Carlin was merely an innocent stripper who needed 25 bucks to pay her rent, then Jack Ruby's actions on November 24, 1963, begin to look more and more like exactly what they really were -- the spontaneous actions of a man (who happened to own a .38 snub-nosed revolver) who was distraught over the murder of a President he greatly admired, with those actions playing out in a manner that can only be deemed pure happenstance, not conspiratorial planning.

"The "happenstance" and "mere coincidence" trail is significant here. It's either happenstance, or the most remarkable hunk of conspiratorial coordination I've ever encountered (including little Sheba being left in the car to make things look spontaneous in nature)." -- DVP; March 2007

David Von Pein
November 15, 2009