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When Americans heard that the cops had found Oswald's prints on the rifle, THAT convinced them that Oswald was the assassin. Little did we know that it was a DAMNED LIE!!


It might be kind of shocking for conspiracy kooks like Walt (et al) to see and hear the following November 22, 1963, NBC-TV news report by Robert MacNeil, where MacNeil reports to the world that Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry had just announced that a "partial fingerprint" had been found ON THE RIFLE found in the Texas School Book Depository. MacNeil reported that the DPD was sending the rifle to the FBI in Washington "to ensure proper handling of the print".

The "partial fingerprint" that MacNeil referred to could possibly be one of the prints that Lt. Day found on the triggerguard of the rifle...or it could be that when MacNeil said "fingerprint", he really should have said "palmprint". Such an error would not be surprising, to mix up the words "fingerprint" and "palmprint".

But the main point here is that NBC-TV reported that a "PRINT" had, indeed, been found on the rifle that was discovered in the Depository. And this NBC report was aired late on the night of 11/22/63.

And it seems to me that most CTers are always saying how the DPD never said a word about any "prints" at all being discovered on the rifle, mainly because those conspiracy kooks are convinced that Carl Day found NO PRINTS at all on the gun during his initial handling of Oswald's Carcano on November 22.

Well, the NBC video clip below proves that those CTers are wrong (again). Or would the conspiracy theorists like to pretend that Bob MacNeil and NBC-TV were part of the conspiracy as early as approximately 11:00 PM CST on November 22nd?:

David Von Pein
February 2010