(PART 744)


[Josiah Thompson's new] book will accomplish one thing, for certain. It will destroy the jet effect theory, once and for all.


How is it possible to "destroy" something that's been PROVEN ON FILM to be true?

The jet effect theory is a FACT. That's not even debatable. It's been proven--and on film/videotape.

Now, you can argue that what we see happening to JFK's head just after the fatal shot in Dallas doesn't apply as "jet effect" (because his head is not a melon), but the jet effect HAS been proven in various tests on film by Alvarez, Lattimer, and even Penn & Teller.....

And the jet effect was proven ON FILM by Dr. Lattimer using human skulls too. I know that the conspiracy theorists will argue that Lattimer's ladder tipped forward and caused the skulls (ALL of them!) to jump backward toward the shooter....but they are completely wrong, IMO. Those skulls start their flight toward the shooter before the ladder moves at all.

Conspiracists, of course, will look for any excuse to dismiss the obvious--and to fight reality. (Why do so many conspiracy theorists engage in that "Fighting Reality" hobby? I've often wondered. The SBT being another perfect example of such CT behavior.)

In short, it has been proven beyond all doubt that certain objects WILL move toward a gunman.

And are we REALLY supposed to believe that JFK's forward head movement between Z312 and Z313 in the Zapruder Film is being caused by something OTHER than the bullet which is hitting him in the head at that PRECISE INSTANT IN TIME? Unbelievable!

Nobody else's head in that limousine is jerking forward the way John Kennedy's head is doing at that exact moment at Z313. And if somebody says that Jackie's and Nellie's and JBC's and Greer's and Kellerman's heads are ALL being jerked abruptly forward at Z313, they are dead wrong. It's not happening to those people. Only to JFK's head--and at the precise instant a bullet is hitting him in the head. What a remarkable coincidence, wouldn't you agree Pat?

A bullet is hitting President Kennedy's head at precisely Z313, but I'm supposed to believe that something completely UNRELATED to that bullet is causing Kennedy's head to jerk noticeably forward at that exact moment?

Come on, Pat. Do you really buy that?

David Von Pein
October 23, 2013