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The easiest way to approach this crime is to first determine if it was possible for Oswald to have fired all the shots.


Yes, Robert, I agree with you on this. That is a very good starting point.

And a reasonable person, after considering all of the BEST AND MOST RELIABLE EVIDENCE in the case, can only come to one logical conclusion concerning that important starting point. And that conclusion is:

Yes, it definitely was possible for Lee Harvey Oswald to have fired all of the shots that were fired at President Kennedy's car in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.


Fortunately, it is ridiculously easy to prove that he couldn't.


Now Bob Harris goes off the "logic" rails by insisting that his unique subjective analysis of the Zapruder Film (in conjunction with witness statements) gives him the freedom and the luxury of declaring with certainty that Oswald couldn't have fired all the shots.

This puts me in mind of another conspiracy theorist who is either pulling the collective legs of everyone here at the ACJ newsgroup or is genuinely retarded and/or crazy -- a certain Mr. "Nobody" -- who insists in this post that he has seen a photo taken at Love Field that actually shows a bullet in mid-air after it supposedly went through JFK's body.

Yes, the kook known as "Nobody" actually claims that President Kennedy was shot BEFORE HE LEFT LOVE FIELD! And "Nobody" also claims that every film that was taken after JFK left the airport has been "altered".

"All films are faked." -- "Nobody"; 11/24/09

That's how utterly insane some conspiracy theorists can be when talking about the assassination of JFK. (Of course, it's quite likely that Mr. "Nobody" is scamming everyone here and is merely pretending to believe in something totally ridiculous in order to smear other "CTers". But with some conspiracists, you just can never be sure if they're serious or not when they dive off the CT diving board of absurdity. So, who can know for sure?)

Robert Harris, however, isn't nearly as insane and nutty as Mr. "Nobody", of course. But I just wanted to point out the parallel concerning "subjective analysis", which is the type of analysis on which Mr. Harris is basing his determination that a gunshot was fired at Zapruder Film frame #285 (a determination that Harris says, in effect, is "ridiculously easy to prove").

I'm guessing that Mr. "Nobody" would probably say the same thing about his analysis of a particular photograph taken at Love Field, which is a photo "Nobody" claims depicts a "bullet exiting [JFK's] neck...the bullet is shown in midair about two inches from his neck" ["Nobody"; 11/20/09].

Such is the difficulty with analysis that is wholly subjective. Such conclusions about a "BULLET IN MIDAIR" [fired at Love Field] or a gunshot at Z285 that is "RIDICULOUSLY EASY TO PROVE" are conclusions that can easily be dismissed by other JFK researchers as being nonsense for a variety of logical reasons.


"Looks like Brian David Andersen (the kook who believes that JFK was wearing a "pyrotechnics device" on his head on 11/22/63) has competition for "Conspiracy Retard Of The Year" here in 2009." -- DVP; 11/20/09

David Von Pein
November 21, 2009
July 31, 2014