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David Von Pein claims that Jim DiEugenio is a "kook" because he said in the debate with McAdams that he believed that Oswald killed neither Kennedy nor Tippit.

I guess he's going to have to add Marina to his list of "kooks"....Marina Oswald Porter says that her late husband, Lee Harvey Oswald, was "absolutely innocent" of murdering President Kennedy and Dallas Police officer J.D. Tippit. She claims that she and all Americans were lied to by the Federal Government and requests the release of all remaining documents on the assassination.


Of course, as we all know, Marina Oswald was fairly certain of her husband's guilt back in the 1960s. It was only many years later that she began to change her opinion.

In early 1964, just two months after the assassination, Marina was interviewed for the first time on television (by Eddie Barker of KRLD-TV in Dallas). Here's what Marina told Barker:

EDDIE BARKER -- "Marina, do you believe that your husband killed President Kennedy?"

MARINA OSWALD -- "I don't want to believe [it]. But I have too much facts; and facts tell me that Lee shot Kennedy."


"No one knew [Lee Harvey] Oswald as well as his wife, Marina. .... Marina told [author Priscilla] McMillan that when she visited her husband in jail on the day after the assassination, she came away knowing he was guilty. .... [Marina] said she knew that had he been innocent, he would have been screaming to high heaven for his "rights," claiming he had been mistreated and demanding to see officials at the very highest levels." -- Page 962 of "Reclaiming History" by Vincent Bugliosi (c.2007)


"Marina could tell that he was guilty. If he hadn't been, she thought, he would have been loudly protesting his arrest, and besides, she sensed that he was saying goodbye to her with his eyes." -- Page 249 of "Oswald's Game" by Jean Davison (c.1983)


I wonder if Marina Oswald (as well as all other conspiracy theorists who currently hold the opinion that Lee Oswald was "absolutely innocent" of killing both JFK and J.D. Tippit) has ever examined the situation in the following light:

What are the chances of Lee Harvey Oswald being innocent of shooting both President Kennedy and Officer Tippit when all of these things are factored into the equation?:

1.) A man named Lee Harvey Oswald suddenly leaves his workplace at the Texas School Book Depository approximately three minutes after JFK was shot with rifle bullets which came from that very same building (the TSBD).

2.) A Mannlicher-Carcano rifle is found on the sixth floor of the TSBD just 52 minutes after JFK was shot with rifle bullets. And that Carcano rifle was owned by the same man who left the TSBD within a few minutes of the assassination -- Lee Harvey Oswald.

3.) Officer J.D. Tippit is shot and killed by a LONE GUNMAN on Tenth Street approximately 45 minutes after JFK was murdered.

4.) A man named Lee Harvey Oswald is arrested in a movie theater approximately 35 minutes after Tippit is killed. Oswald brandishes a revolver before he is subdued by Dallas police officers.

5.) The gun that Oswald had on him in the movie theater is the same gun that was proven to be the gun that was used to kill Officer J.D. Tippit.

And even if conspiracy theorists want to eliminate the two "Poe shells" from the evidence pile, it still wouldn't make any difference, because the OTHER TWO BULLET SHELLS found at the scene of Tippit's murder are more than enough, all by themselves, to hang Oswald for Tippit's murder. And this is true because we know for a fact that ONLY ONE PERSON (identified as Lee Oswald by multiple witnesses) was seen dumping bullet shells from ONE gun on Tenth Street in Oak Cliff.

Futhermore, we also know that there was ONLY ONE SINGLE GUN utilized to kill Officer Tippit, which was positively the gun from which spent shells were being dumped onto the ground immediately after the Tippit shooting (as seen by the various witnesses).

And since only ONE GUN was having its empty shells dumped onto the ground near the corner of Tenth & Patton on 11/22/63, it stands to reason that even if only ONE of those spent shells could be linked conclusively to a particular gun, that fact must mean that ALL of the OTHER shells that were found on the ground that same day HAD TO HAVE ALSO COME FROM THAT SAME GUN.

The only possible way that the above paragraph could be false would be if a few bullet shells had ALREADY been in the yard of Barbara and Virginia Davis BEFORE Tippit's killer decided to dump some ADDITIONAL shells in that exact same area on November 22nd.

And I doubt very much that even a really crazy conspiracy theorist (like Jim Garrison, for example) would ever attempt to foist such a nutty and unbelievable scenario on the American public.

Therefore, even without the two "Poe" shells in evidence at all, it's obvious that Oswald is guilty of killing Tippit....because it's also obvious (from the eyewitness record in the case) that only ONE MAN was dumping shells from ONE GUN in the vicinity of the Tippit slaying on November 22, 1963.

And who was that "one man"? It was Lee Harvey Oswald.

How can we know this with total certainty?


Lee Harvey Oswald, when he was apprehended in the Texas Theater just 35 minutes after Tippit was shot, had in his hands the very same gun that was conclusively linked to the two "non-Poe" bullet shells at the scene of Tippit's murder.

The above sentence, all by itself, makes Lee H. Oswald guilty of killing Officer Tippit beyond all reasonable doubt.

Or do some inventive conspiracists actually think that it's likely that Oswald DIDN'T shoot J.D. Tippit, even though LHO had the Tippit murder weapon ON HIM just thirty-five minutes later? I doubt that any CTer would be so silly as to try and float such nonsense and then expect any reasonable person to actually believe it was true.

When adding up #1 through #5 above, we can come to the following conclusions:

The man who murdered Officer Tippit is the very same man who departed the building from where rifle shots were fired at President Kennedy within a few minutes of JFK's assassination.

And the man who killed Tippit also just happens to be the very same man who owned the rifle that was found in the TSBD shortly after JFK's murder.

And that man's name is -- Lee Harvey Oswald.

(And I haven't even talked about the fact that this same man's [Oswald's] FRESH fingerprints were located all over various articles on the sixth floor of the Book Depository right after the assassination, including fingerprints that were found DEEP WITHIN THE GUNMAN'S SNIPER'S NEST.)

Anyway, I just wonder if Marina Oswald Porter has ever looked at the situation (and the evidence) in the above-mentioned logical fashion? I'd be willing to bet she hasn't.

I again ask---

What are the odds of having all of these things happening this way and yet still having Lee Harvey Oswald being innocent of killing both Kennedy and Tippit?

David Von Pein
September 26, 2009