A 24-year-old young man born in 1939 by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald murdered two individuals in the early 1960s in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Oswald assassinated 46-year-old then-President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November the 22nd, 1963, and that very same day Oswald also fired several bullets at a 39-year-old Dallas police officer named J.D. Tippit, resulting in the officer's death as well.

John Kennedy was the father of two young children when his life was brutally cut short on a Dallas city street in late 1963. Tippit was also the father of young children. He left behind three of them when he was shot in cold blood on 10th Street in Dallas a mere 45 minutes after the President was slain.

Many conspiracy theorists have, for decades now, tried to establish their case that Oswald didn't kill anyone that Friday in Dallas. But such efforts have fallen pitifully short of proving any such thing.

Instead, what is left behind, is quite literally a trail of physical evidence that leads right straight to that 24-year-old young man named Oswald.

I'm still waiting for some super-skilled conspiracy believer to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that somebody else besides Lee Oswald killed John Kennedy and Officer Tippit. But, to date, such a thing has never been accomplished. Nor will it ever be, I surmise, given the dozens of pieces of physical evidence in the JFK and Tippit cases that bear the unmistakable signature of Lee Harvey Oswald.

I fully realize that those "LNers" who favor Oswald's lone guilt in the murders in question have the burden of proof with regard to establishing Oswald's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt (which the "LN" side HAS indeed accomplished without a shred of a doubt, in my opinion).

But the conspiracy ("CT") side, if they want to continue to chant "Oswald is innocent" from the rooftops must then prove (also beyond the proverbial reasonable doubt) that the LN "case" against Oswald is flawed and therefore totally inadequate and incorrect. And that, IMO, has never been done.

And (again in my opinion) if the pro-conspiracy side wants to stomp its collective feet and insist Oswald is innocent of killing JFK (and, in many CT circles, innocent of murdering J.D. Tippit as well, which is even more foolish on their part given the existing evidence to say they're dead wrong), then some crackerjack conspiracist(s) somewhere should be able to piece together enough evidence to tell the world who DID kill John F. Kennedy that Friday in Dallas.

It seems to me that that task should be able to be accomplished, via the same cunning investigative skills that led those same conspiracy theorists to their current firm conclusion that the "Lone Nut" case against Oswald isn't worth a pile of cow chips at round-up time. But, alas, not one conspiracist to date has done so...and, thusly, the most reasonable conclusion to reach in the case is still this one -- Lee Harvey Oswald killed both JFK and J.D. Tippit.

In short, if nobody can prove beyond reasonable doubt that all (or most) of the physical evidence that shows Oswald to be a double-murderer was somehow "faked" or manipulated after the fact, then any reasonable, honest, and straight-thinking man or woman who has studied and examined the physical evidence associated with the JFK murder case literally has NO CHOICE (to paraphrase my favorite author and lawyer, Vincent T. Bugliosi) but "to return to this courtroom with a verdict of 'Guilty' against the defendant Lee Harvey Oswald!"

PROVE (definition) -- "To show the existence, truth, or correctness of (something) by using evidence, logic, etc."

David Von Pein
May 2005