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Lots more proof that JFK didn't want the Secret Service agents on the bumper of his limousine:

jfk-archives.blogspot.com/Warren Commission Document No. 821


That should be good enough for any sane person, but it's not good enough for the kooks. They demand to hear it directly from JFK himself.



And I've been searching my vast audio and video files for a Dictabelt recording (or some other recording) of JFK making an off-the-cuff remark to somebody about not wanting the agents on the car.

I can't wait till I find that long-lost recording of JFK himself saying something to someone in the Oval Office (or over the telephone in one of the many Dictabelt recordings that exist at the JFK Library and the Miller Center) about not liking the agents near his limo.

When I do find that elusive audio recording, though, the CTers will probably just say that I created the tape myself. (I do a fairly decent impersonation of JFK, I must say.) :-)


Ridiculous fantasy. You won't find JFK saying such a thing, since it would be entirely out of character for him. Many of the agents agreed that JFK was very easy to get along with and protect, and he took all their suggestions without complaint.

Many also said they never heard the comment from him that he didn't want them on the platforms. The only mention of staying off the platforms that I've found is when Clint Hill heard Floyd Boring say it, and the comment called the agents on the platforms 'Ivy league charlatans', which is not JFK talking. Nope, won't do.


That is simply not true. We also have Boring and Blaine on record as to JFK's wish that the agents stay off the limo.

And you haven't heard JFK cutting into subordinates doing things he didn't like. In fact you've never actually listened to ANY WH tapes.


Just listen to JFK ripping John McCone a new anal crack in the audio excerpt embedded below (which is part of this telephone conversation that President Kennedy had with Attorney General Robert Kennedy on March 4, 1963):

"He's a real bastard, that John McCone. .... Everybody's saying he's a horse's ass." -- JFK; March 4, 1963

I probably just gave birth to a brand-new theory for conspiracy theorists to use -- a theory about how John McCone, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, was called a "bastard" and a "horse's ass" by the President of the United States, and then word got through to McCone about Kennedy's hateful remarks, with McCone and his CIA cohorts then deciding to get rid of Mr. Kennedy by murdering him in Dallas, Texas, on November 22nd, 1963.

Mark Lane, are you reading this?

Here's a little more of the conversation between JFK and RFK regarding McCone:

RFK: Well, that John McCone, that they're trying to make themselves look good.

JFK: Yeah.

RFK: And that's what he said. "This is where it's coming from," he said.

JFK: Yeah. Yeah. He's a real bastard, that John McCone.

RFK: Yeah.

JFK: Yeah. We got him. Do you have an---

RFK: Well, he was useful at a time.

JFK: Yeah, but, boy, it's really evaporate....but he's making such a....uh, of course, everybody's on to him now. That's the trouble. He's stupid himself. Everybody's saying he's a horse's ass. Uh, but you mean that fifteen hundred terrorists and guerrillas that are being trained over there....isn't quite the way it was. They've got fifteen hundred students, how many of them are being trained as terrorists and guerrillas, how many have been picked up is another good question. They don't, never have anything very precise.

Source links for the above JFK/RFK phone call:

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Two additional instances of President Kennedy lambasting and verbally blasting people that he disagrees with can be heard below. It might have been "out of character" for JFK to rip someone to pieces in public (which is only natural), but it certainly wasn't totally against Mr. Kennedy's nature to occasionally thrash certain individuals in private telephone conversations, as can be heard above and below:

David Von Pein
June/July 2014