(PART 756)


The FIRST lineup, viewed only by Helen Markham:

Mrs. Markham's description of the Tippit killer as given to Officer J.M. Poe was a white male, about 25, about 5 feet 8, brown hair, medium build. (7 H 68)

So how did the physical attributes of the participants in the Markham lineup compare to the description given by Mrs. Markham?

Perry was 34 yo 5-11 150 brown hair (7 H 235).

Clark was 31 yo 5-11 177 blond hair (7 H 239).

Ables was 26 yo 5-9 165 dark hair (7 H 242-243).

Two of the three police employees were too old and too tall to even come close to the description given by Mrs. Markham and the third was too heavy:

Mr. BALL. Was the man, is it your memory now that the man who shot Tippit was short, a little on the heavy side?

Mrs. MARKHAM. No, sir. He wasn't too heavy.
(3 H 317-318)

Oh my....there's another "slam dunk". That's two slam dunk lineups (# 1 & # 4) out of four.

Guess what?

They used these same police employees for lineup # 2.

That's 3 out of 4.

Wanna know about the fat guys they used in lineup # 3?

They all had 20-30 lbs. on Oswald.

That's 4 out of 4.

"........it would be very unusual if we had a showup and .........if they put anything other than men that fit their approximate size and age in there with them......because we just don't operate that way." --- Dallas Detective L. C. Graves (7 H 253)

These are the lying criminals that the LN liars support.


Gil actually thinks that these physical attributes aren't even close to LHO's attributes of 24 yrs. old, 5'9", 150 lbs. (keeping in mind that both Howard Brennan AND Marrion Baker described Oswald as being in his 30s and weighing up to 165 pounds):

34 yrs. old, 5'11", 150 lbs.

31 yrs. old, 5'11", 177 lbs.

26 yrs. old, 5'9", 165 lbs.

So, we have only a 2-inch height difference (at most), with the third man matching LHO's height precisely, and the weight difference is minimal, with one of the men matching Oswald's estimated weight at autopsy perfectly (150 lbs.) and another one of the men matching a weight estimate given by two witnesses who we know saw Oswald (Brennan and Baker).

Looks like the nitpicking kook named Gil wouldn't be satisfied unless every single man in each of the police lineups weighed exactly 150 pounds, was exactly 5-feet-9, and looked exactly like Lee Oswald (right down to LHO's trademark smirk).

It's time to repeat something that's always worth repeating.....

The ridiculous and laughable conspiracy-happy jokers who populate Internet forums are the VERY LAST PEOPLE on the planet who should be looking into the JFK and J.D. Tippit murder cases.

I wonder why so many people are so eager and willing to toss a double-murderer named Oswald a lifeline at every single turn in the road?

I know that kooks like Gilbert Jesus desperately want and need a conspiracy in this case, but even so, why the desire to turn Oswald into a totally innocent dupe? Do these CTers think they need to follow in the footsteps of Jim Garrison or something?

But since Garrison, who was one of the first charter members of the "Anybody But Oswald" fraternity, was so obviously one of the biggest frauds and charlatans of all time, I'm at a loss to figure out why so many conspiracy theorists since the late 1960s feel the need to imitate him.



What qualifies you to determine that the lineups were fair?


Once more, we're bearing witness to a person (Gil) who will chuck 1,000 pounds of wheat in order to hang onto 3 ounces of chaff.

A dozen (or more) witnesses all identified Gil's favorite patsy as the ONE & ONLY person who either shot Tippit or as the ONE & ONLY person who fled the Tippit murder scene carrying a gun.

And the gun that was used to kill Officer Tippit was IN OSWALD'S HANDS only thirty-five minutes after Tippit was slain.

And Oswald fought wildly with the police in the theater just 35 minutes after Tippit was killed.

And Oswald said one or two very incriminating things when he was arrested in the theater just 35 minutes after Tippit was killed -- "It's all over now" and/or "This is it".

Show me an INNOCENT man who would utter EITHER of those two things WHILE WAVING AROUND A REVOLVER AT THE VERY SAME TIME!

The morons who continue to pretend that Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent of shooting J.D. Tippit are the worst kind of frauds. They're right up there with another one of their heroes -- Earling Carothers "Jim" Garrison.


Every time you can't answer a question you try to change the subject.

The subject is the police lineups. I've supplied testimony that indicates that they were conducted in such a way as to facilitate the identifcation of Oswald.

You claim that they did not, but you've failed again to supply any evidence, other than your opinion that a couple of inches doesn't make a difference.

Now what qualifies you to determine that the lineups were conducted fairly?


You, yourself, provided ample proof that the lineups were conducted fairly (at least as far as the one lineup that you provided detailed information for, supplying the stats of the three people in the lineup with Oswald).*

* Of course, I'm taking Gil's word for those stats of the three men in the lineup (I didn't bother to double-check Gil's data), which is probably not a wise thing to do, since it's never a good idea to take anything stated by a conspiracy nut like Gil on face value.

But if the physical data of those three guys is accurate, you YOURSELF have demonstrated that that particular lineup wasn't designed so that the witnesses would be forced to pick out Oswald (which is obviously what you think the DPD was doing with their lineups--i.e., trying to make Oswald stick out like a sore thumb).

But tell me, Gil, how Oswald (age 24, 5'9", approx. 150 lbs.) sticks out like a sore thumb when placed in a police lineup with three men who have the following physical features/stats?:

34 yrs. old, 5'11", 150 lbs.

31 yrs. old, 5'11", 177 lbs.

26 yrs. old, 5'9", 165 lbs.

If you think this lineup makes Oswald the "odd man out", so to speak, you're crazy.

David Von Pein
November 2, 2009