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And I believe it was Mrs. Ruth Paine who told the story about the afternoon tea party nonchalantly leading to Lee's getting hired at the TSBD.


The person who most directly led to Lee Harvey Oswald getting hired at the Book Depository wasn't Ruth Paine -- it was Linnie Mae Randle. And it really goes back to Wesley Frazier (even more so than Randle).

If Frazier did not have a job at the TSBD on October 14, 1963, then it's very likely that President Kennedy would never have been assassinated on November 22nd.

Because if Frazier had not been hired at the Depository in early September, then Randle would have had no reason to mention the Book Depository while chatting with Ruth Paine and Marina Oswald at Dorothy Roberts' house in mid-October.

And if the TSBD was never brought up at that coffee break, then Oswald would almost certainly never have gotten a job in the TSBD. And if Oswald hadn't got a job there, it's a good bet that he would have never tried to kill JFK on November 22. And that's because LHO's perfect opportunity to murder the President from his workplace would not have been a factor on 11/22. (Unless we want to postulate Oswald just happening to get a job somewhere else along JFK's motorcade route through Dallas, and then using his rifle to kill JFK from some other building along the route.)

So it boils down to this: Buell Wesley Frazier's employment status as of 10/14/63 was probably the #1 contributing factor that led to the ultimate murder of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

I often wonder if Wesley ever has nightmares about the inescapable truth I just wrote in the paragraph above?

David Von Pein
March 26, 2012
March 27, 2012