(PART 679)


>>> "The point is that the WC sounds like a kid's game. Maybe that is where Specter/Ford came up with the SBT in the first place." <<<


Funny, isn't it, how the majority of the Warren Commission members (and its associated counsel members and staff members), plus the organization known as the "HSCA", fell for a theory as crazy and inept and totally impossible as the SBT?

To hear conspiracy kooks tell it, there must not have been a single person with a functioning brain on the Warren Commission (except Richard "Goofball" Russell and one other member who didn't favor the SBT), in its staff, or amongst the many members of the House Select Committee 15 years later (when the HSCA, too, agreed with the WC that a single bullet--CE399--hit both JFK and John Connally on November 22).

But these amateur sleuths known as Conspiracy Kooks know better. They KNOW that the SBT is "impossible", a "fairy tale", a "wet dream", etc.

Good thing we have CT-Kooks to keep the record straight, huh?


"From the first moment that I heard that Specter had come up with the single-bullet theory, it made very little sense to me since the theory was so obvious that a child could author it. .... How could it be that among many bright lawyers earnestly focusing their minds on this issue, only Specter saw it? .... When I asked [Norman Redlich] if, indeed, Arlen Specter, was the sole author of the single-bullet theory, his exact words were, "No, we all came to this conclusion simultaneously." When I asked him whom he meant by "we," he said, "Arlen, myself, Howard Willens, David Belin, and Mel Eisenberg." -- Vincent Bugliosi; Pages 302-304 of the CD's Endnotes within "RECLAIMING HISTORY: THE ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY"

>>> "They all [the WC and the HSCA members, plus God knows how many more, per this kook] made a decision to lie to the Amercian people." <<<

And it's statements like the one above that make you a first-rate conspiracy-loving kook.

Are you proud of that Kook Badge you wear daily? If so, I can't imagine why.

>>> "I think a kindergarten class would tell you the SBT scenario is impossible." <<<

Is that where you get most of your information...from kindergarten
students? That WOULD explain a lot.

>>> "How can a grown adult buy that a bullet can make moves to make an old barnstormer pilot jealous? Up, down, left, right and lose only 3 to 4 grams?" <<<

Still clinging to CT Myth #6, I see (re: the amazing "zig-zagging" bullet).

Well, it's hard to teach an old kindergarten student like you new tricks, I suppose.

And maybe you'd better learn some of the facts too (it'll be even BETTER for your anti-SBT stance in this particular instance too), because CE399 only lost approx. 2.4 grains....and not "grams".

So, now you've got even MORE reasons to swallow some additional anti-SBT chaff. Tastes good, huh?

>>> "I have never been prone to use drugs, so this just doesn't compute for me." <<<

Yeah, I know. Common sense rarely does compute with a CT-Kook. No surprise there.


David Von Pein
October 21, 2007