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DVP! Anyone who has not read this definitive book by Vince [Bugliosi, "Reclaiming History"], should shut up! There is NOTHING closer to the truth about this assassination written EVER! Those who defy it must not have read it. .... You, Reitzes, [and] Bill [Brown] are a shining light of facts. Everyone else seems lost in speculation, seems purposely, to keep that conspiracy alive.


Thank you, John. I appreciate your words of support.

You're a rarity, John -- a former CTer who came to realize that the conspiracy theories surrounding JFK's death are nothing but, to quote my favorite author named Vince, "pure moonshine".


I drank that moonshine till I thought on my own. DVP, you are like a hero to me. Call them kooks if you like. I think you call them as you see them. I have NO problem with that. I think it was great that you and Reitzes are accused of being one another. I love it!!!


Believe me, John, I love it too. Nothing makes me smile more broadly than when some conspiracy theorist posts something about me being another person (or "persona"). I hope they never stop thinking that, because it just creates more reasons for me to know they are DEAD WRONG about something they seem to firmly believe in.

BTW, as for Jim DiEugenio apparently accepting (as true) the rumor that Mr. Reitzes and I were the same person (although I'm not sure if Jim believes that as of this moment), that whole thing probably began with our Internet friend/retard named David Healy.

The reason I say that is because, as far as I'm aware, Healy is the ONLY person who ever said he thought I was Reitzes on the Internet (prior to Osanic and DiEugenio parroting that belief on Black Op Radio in late 2008).

What probably happened is this --- Either Healy himself e-mailed Len Osanic to tell him the blockbuster bulletin--"Von Pein Is Really Reitzes!"--or another Healy-like conspiracy kook could have seen Healy's "DVP Is Reitzes" posts on the Internet and the other kook mailed Osanic....with Osanic then repeating the rumor on Black Op (without bothering to confirm it, naturally).

Then, incredibly, DiEugenio decided he was going to join in and start believing that I was Reitzes too. (Although Jim used a bit softer language; he said that he thought the rumor might be true.)

And the reason for DiEugenio thinking the DVP/Reitzes rumor might be true is merely because--get this--my JFK Blog is linked on Dave Reitzes' and John McAdams' websites (in the "JFK Links" areas of both sites).

Due to that kind of "linkage" between our sites, DiEugenio thinks it's possible that Dave R. and myself are possibly one entity.

Of course, just exactly WHY either Mr. Reitzes or myself would want to play such a silly shell game with our names and our websites is anyone's guess. If I was really Reitzes, why wouldn't I just post ALL of my JFK material under my real name of David A. Reitzes, instead of utilizing two different names to say basically the EXACT SAME THING?

What possible useful purpose would be served by posing as two different people? (Just to increase the number of online "LNers" by ONE?! Is that perhaps the reason for it, per the CT nuts? Come now.)

A recent quote from John Beckham is worth a replay here (and I firmly agree with John on this point):

"[Jim DiEugenio] lacks logic at a very basic level." -- John B. Beckham; 08/28/09

David Von Pein
August 31, 2009