(PART 668)


Dave, I certainly agree that that alleged statement [about Lee Harvey Oswald wanting to get an apartment in Dallas on November 22, 1963, for himself and Marina] is inconsistent with my ["LHO Was Set Up"] scenario.

It is certainly inconsistent as well with Oswald's plan to shoot Kennedy, unless you feel he was so "namby-pamby" about it he would have called it off if Marina had returned to Dallas with him. I mean, if he shot JFK to secure his place in history, he was willing to give up that place if he would only get Marina back? A pretty wishy-washy guy!


Well, yes, I think he was pretty wishy-washy to a great degree. And this wishy-washiness shows up in his lackluster preparations and escape plan for a Presidential murder attempt.

And, btw, Vince Bugliosi does, indeed, tend to lean toward the belief that if Marina had said "Yes, Lee, I'll come back to Dallas with you tomorrow", then Lee probably would never have shot JFK the next day. [See audio clip below.]

And, IMO, I think it makes a good deal of sense, too. But with Marina saying "No" to him, and snubbing him and turning away his advances as she did on November 21st, this just might have had a major effect on LHO's state-of-mind for the following day.

Hard to believe? Maybe. But such acts of insane violence and the deep-rooted reasons they occur are very often hard to swallow, and very often hard to believe. (Like a guy wanting to climb to the top of a University tower in Texas in 1966 and start shooting every stranger in sight. Hard to believe.)

But I'd be willing to bet that if a small incident (perhaps akin to this Marina/Lee reconciliation thing) had gone differently in Charles Whitman's life in the days and weeks leading up to August 1st, 1966, then those Tower Shootings would never have happened either.

A very small thing in someone's life can trigger a major change in their train of thought and mindset. I think that is a simple fact of life that no one can argue with.

It's just unfortunate for our country that Marina Oswald didn't realize what her husband was planning to do the next day.

That hindsight, for Marina, must indeed be pretty hard to live with all these years later. And perhaps that is part of the reason why she has since convinced herself that her husband was just an innocent 'patsy', after initially thinking LHO was guilty.

Maybe all those years of hindsight thinking caught up to her; and the only way she could handle it was to place a veil of doubt around Lee's guilt. (Yes, that's a wild guess on my part. Of course. But food for thought anyway.)

David Von Pein
September 27, 2007