(PART 658)


>>> "I recently listened to a radio debate between Vincent and Dr. Cyril Wecht, the world famous pathologist, on the subject of the JFK assasination and Bugliosi was torn to pieces by Dr. Wecht." <<<


That's total nonsense. Wecht didn't tear anybody to pieces. The very interesting radio debate in question (from June 14, 2007) can be accessed at the link below:

Regarding that debate....

If anything, Bugliosi tore Cyril to pieces (via both the evidence in the case and through ordinary common sense), especially with respect to Dr. Wecht's own "magic bullet", which is a bullet that was heading downward, but (per Cyril) came out of JFK's neck but didn't hit Connally and also didn't hit anyone else or the limo's interior.

Wecht's anti-SBT bullet simply vanishes, just like all crazy "CTer" bullets in this case; and then when all the dust had settled, what remained were--miraculously--only Oswald's bullets and fragments, even though, per nearly all CTers, the victims were pelted with bullets from at least two weapons--and if you want to believe Jim Garrison, you'll have to increase that total to 4 or 5 guns.

And yet EVERY single non-Oswald bullet or fragment managed to disappear. Remarkable, huh? (Silly, is more like it.)

The Single-Bullet Theory is a fact:

>>> "It's amazing that he [Vince Bugliosi] still believes there was a magic bullet after it has been discredited numerous times, and even just recently by the manufacturers of the rifle who could not...fire off three bullets, let alone with such accuracy and on a moving target, in 19 seconds." <<<

Yeah, I got a huge kick out of the recent Terni, Italy, "tests" on a Carcano rifle. Good grief, what a crock. My great-great-grandmother could get off 3 shots in 19 seconds! But not these Terni firearms "experts". It's absolutely insane. (Maybe all the "experts" had massive arthritis?) ~Belly Laugh~

>>> "...Yet Bugliosi said he [Oswald] couldn't shoot." <<<

It really burns me up when people don't pay attention (or just flat-out distort what they do hear). Mr. Bugliosi never EVER said that Oswald "couldn't shoot". He has always maintained that Oswald was a "good shot, but not an expert shot" (which, of course, is 100% true).

Oswald was a Sharpshooter in the U.S. Marines, for Pete sake. If Sharpshooter somehow equates to a lousy rifleman, then it's a topsy-turvy world we reside in.

Lee Oswald had more than enough shooting ability to hit his target (JFK's head) one time out of three gunshots in 8.4 seconds from less than 100 yards.

>>> "Oswald shot no one and was nothing more than a Patsy." <<<

The above statement earns you a front-row seat in the "Conspiracy Kook Club". Congratulations.

To believe that Oswald had an assistant somewhere behind the scenes is one thing (despite the lack of verifiable proof for even that lower-level "conspiracy"); but to completely ignore the mountain of evidence that says Lee Oswald fired the shots that struck down BOTH John Kennedy and J.D. Tippit is just beyond pathetic...it's obscene (IMHO).

>>> "It's quite clear to anyone that Kennedy was shot from the front; hence, his head goes back." <<<

Why not actually READ THE BOOK (or do some other research yourself) and then you'll know the facts. And the fact is: Kennedy's head rocks FORWARD first, then backward. This indicates a shot from the rear, not the front.

The clip below from Abraham Zapruder's film is by far the best example of that initial forward head movement I've ever encountered. It's just too bad this toggling digital clip couldn't have somehow been placed in Mr. Bugliosi's outstanding book. As graphic and awful as it is, it would make an ideal visual aid to the text within "Reclaiming History":

>>> "I don't care how many so-called facts Bugliosi thinks he has; he simply ignores the major ones or those that have been discredited numerous times in defense of the lone-gunman theory." <<<

Pot...meet Mr. Kettle.

You've just described precisely what conspiracy theorists have done for years on end -- ignore the tons of "It Was Only Oswald" facts and cling to pure guesswork and the perceived "motives" for any number of would-be assassins, without a shred of evidence to show that any of these non-Oswald groups or persons fired any shots at the President.

It's called: Guilt By Association. And, per many CTers, just about all of planet Earth was somehow "associated" with a desire to want John Fitzgerald Kennedy dead in late 1963.

But, after all these years, only one man has ever been linked (in so many ways) to the murder of the 35th President....and that man was Lee Harvey Oswald.

David Von Pein
July 10, 2007