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Others who knew him have said of Ruby that he was no JFK fan.


So does that mean you think Jack Ruby was lying through his teeth and crying merely crocodile tears when he was captured on camera in January 1964 saying (with voice cracking): "I couldn't understand how a great man like that could be lost"?

The "great man" Ruby was referring to was, of course, John F. Kennedy.

Watch Ruby choke back tears as he says those words here:

Just an act, Garry Puffer? Or genuine emotion being exhibited for a person Jack Ruby obviously admired?

That one brief video clip of Ruby breaking down and crying over President Kennedy's death in front of the news media, two months after the assassination, just might be the single best piece of anti-conspiracy evidence there is when it comes to the subject of: Why did Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald?

Because if Mr. Ruby was merely putting on a show of fake emotion in the video clip presented above, then he should have won the Academy Award for Best Actor of 1964 instead of Rex Harrison.


Once again, David, I don't believe you can possibly be serious. Sorry. Your whole schtick just doesn't fly any more.


I'm crushed beyond repair. What can I possibly do now? Garry Puffer has shunned me. ~sniff~

But it's a handy way to avoid answering my perfectly reasonable question, isn't it Garry?


I thought my answer was kind of obvious. But evidently it zipped past you, so no, David, I do not believe he [Ruby] was at all serious.


Then Mr. Ruby was one whale of an actor. Hollywood's top directors should have made proper use of his amazing talents long before 1964.

In other words, anyone who actually thinks Jack Ruby is putting on an act in the video embedded above must desperately WANT Ruby to be part of some kind of conspiracy. Because if that was merely an "act", then I'm Jack Ruby's illegitimate son.


Oh, my. David reveals his parentage right here on Amazon.

How long have you known, David?

Seriously, no one can tell truth from falsehood by observing a video. Get real. If I tried putting up a video of someone saying something, how much credence would you give it? Be honest now.


Make sure you tell that to George O'Toole (the "PSE" man). He'd be interested.

But the emotion demonstrated by Jack Ruby in that video is not fake. I doubt anyone without a lot of serious "actor's" training could totally fake such an emotional response like the one Ruby shows in that video. Do you think you could fake such an emotional response, Garry? Be honest now.



I began reading the Jack Ruby part of your blog from the link you provided which began with the following:

"When 52-year-old Jacob L. "Sparky" Rubenstein (more commonly known as Jack Ruby) stepped out of a group of policemen and reporters in a Dallas Police Department basement to shoot Presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald on November 24th, 1963, it sparked a whole new wave of "It Was A Conspiracy" talk with respect to the John F. Kennedy murder (which Oswald was charged with committing two days before he died at Ruby's hand)."

I decided not to go any further because -- 1. He wasn't "more commonly" known as Jack Ruby... that was his legal name, and 2. Oswald was only a suspect at the time Ruby shot him, and therefore to say he was the "Presidential assassin" is not only a misstatement, it's also a lie because I'm certain you knew that.

Don't you feel you have sufficient SOLID evidence Oswald did the deed without resorting to misrepresent[ing] the facts?


Oh brother. If that's the best you've got to refute the LN claims, I'm home free.

And neither one of your two silly gripes is valid anyway, because Ruby WAS more commonly known as Jack Ruby....and Oswald WAS President Kennedy's assassin.

So, as always, the conspiracy kook is lying when he says the LNer is lying.


I would have thought he [DVP] would realize Ruby's fake crying was due to his upcoming murder trial and his defense at that time had to do with becoming emotional about Jackie needing to testify.


Yeah right. That must be why Ruby chokes back tears while uttering these words --- "I couldn't understand how a great man like that could be lost."

But "asdfg" has decided to completely twist that emotional statement into something else. And, right on cue, good ol' "asdfg" has decided Ruby's crying is "fake" too.

Gee, what a surprise. A conspiracy theorist believes something is "fake". Will wonders never cease?


I noticed that David is apparently close to retirement or something. His responses are soft, and his "evidence" is even softer. He's just going through the motions. His heart isn't in it any more. I mean, a video of Jack Ruby. Really? A public statement by RFK which was at odds to what he revealed in private. Really?

Isn't David Von Pein a legend in the tiny LN community? This is the best they can send forth? Pitiful.


But that video of Jack Ruby speaks volumes, Garry. And that video is loudly telling any reasonable person the true and forthright reason why Jack Ruby wanted Lee Harvey Oswald dead.

All you can provide as a retort is to weakly and pitifully claim -- "I do not believe he was at all serious."

Ergo, you think Ruby was lying and his emotion was fake.


Are you sure your heart is still in your CT work, Garry P.?

BTW, I'm also enjoying laughing aloud at your constant claims that all of the LNers who post on Internet forums or discussion boards are somehow NETWORKED together and working with each other--like a tag team. (Do I dare utter the word "hilarious" now, for fear of being labelled a "clone" of another lone-assassin advocate? But hilarious it is nevertheless.)


David is using "lies" and "fake" interchangeably, so...
Let's see, the LNers seem to believe:

1. The reports of people, including a police officer, who said they encountered Secret Service agents behind the Grassy Knoll are fake.
2. The testimony of the Parkland physicians is fake.
3. The lack of a chain of custody for CE399 is fake.
4. Acquilla Clemons is an excellent actress.
5. The people who reported FBI and/or SS and/or DPD intimidation were all fakers.
6. Dr. Dolce is a fake.
7. The witnesses who saw LHO on the first or second floor just prior to the assassination are lying.
8. Howard Brennan is not a fake, but the much more credible witnesses who saw different or multiple people on the sixth floor are fakes.
9. Rose Cherami was nothing but a dirty old psychic is all.
10. That the WC and the HSCA failed to call Adm. Burkley as a witness was a mere oversight, even though Adm. Burkley fairly begged the HSCA and told them he had evidence that would prove a conspiracy.

...and a hundred more items could be added to this list.

But Jack Ruby blubbering about how much he admired JFK is genuine, heartfelt emotion. That he later said his lawyer told him to take that route, well, that's a fake story of course.


Ruby's lawyer TOLD him to go in front of the cameras and start blubbering, is that it? And the lawyer knew that Ruby could pull it off to make it look "real", because Jack was taking acting lessons from both Gregory Peck and Helen Hayes in the months before the assassination....right?

David Von Pein
March 9, 2014