(PART 664)


Acquilla Clemons...said she ran out after the shots and saw a man with a gun. But she described him as "kind of chunky...kind of heavy," a description which does not fit Oswald at all.


I'm pretty much convinced that Clemons saw Ted Callaway and (probably) William Scoggins (or another witness). Callaway took Tippit's revolver and ran back toward Scoggins' cab shortly after the shooting.

CTers will probably say that the timing isn't quite right for this Clemons' scenario to fit....because Callaway & Scoggins didn't start their chase for the killer until after Tippit was already in the ambulance.

But the sum total of evidence tells me that Clemons certainly couldn't have seen TWO people "involved" in the shooting of J.D. Tippit. That just simply did not happen. (Unless all the other witnesses are dead wrong about only ONE person--Oswald--being involved.)

And your crap about the jacket is utterly laughable.

These facts exist and aren't going anyplace:

1.) Oswald is seen by Earlene Roberts zipping up a "short coat" (jacket) as Oswald rushes out of his roominghouse at about 1:00 PM on November 22.*

* Mrs. Roberts' "short coat" remark, btw, comes from her filmed interview in David L. Wolper's 1964 United Artists movie "Four Days In November".

(And, another btw, there's no chance in hell that Oswald spent "3 to 4 minutes" in that closet/room. No way. I'll never buy that part of Roberts' account; and this gives Oz more time to reach 10th St., via my version, which is much more sensible than Roberts'.)

2.) Oswald is seen with a jacket ON as he shoots J.D. Tippit at about 1:14 PM.

3.) Oswald is next seen by Johnny C. Brewer WITHOUT any jacket on at approx. 1:35 PM.

4.) A jacket, generally matching the one seen by Roberts and most of the Tippit witnesses, is found under a car behind a Texaco station, a location which was smack-dab between the Tippit murder site and Brewer's shoe store.

What does all this suggest to a reasonable JFK researcher?

It suggests that Oswald, in flight from murder #2 on 11/22, wanted to change his appearance yet again (even though it meant shedding the one thing that was making hiding his pistol an easier task)....so he dumped his jacket between 10th Street and the Hardy's Shoe store on Jefferson Boulevard.

To a conspiracy-seeking kook, the above points (1 thru 4), incredibly, indicate that SOMEBODY ELSE (other than Oswald) must have ditched a similar-style jacket to the one Oswald was also wearing that same day in that same neighborhood.

AND -- It must also mean (to a kook) that Oswald must have also shed the jacket he was wearing when he departed 1026 N. Beckley Avenue, but that jacket was never found by anybody.

BTW, why in the world couldn't Oswald have purchased that jacket second-hand....a jacket which wasn't a perfect fit and that had an old dry-cleaning tag in it? Or did the tag supposedly have "Oswald" written on it?

David Von Pein
September 2, 2007