(PART 678)


[Dr. Cyril] Wecht rejected this conclusion and challenged the other members of the [HSCA's Forensic Pathology Panel] to come up with ONE bullet in all their case files that did what they claimed this bullet did...a challenge as yet unmet.


When Dr. Wecht goes off on one of his tirades about CE399 and the Warren Commission's exhibits showing mushroomed bullets (etc.), he never ONCE tells his audience that those bullets were not meant to duplicate CE399. How COULD they have duplicated 399? They couldn't, because none of those bullets were fired through TWO simulated "bodies" at the same time.

Wecht particularly loves to talk about the "wrist shot" test bullet, which (obviously) is much more damaged than 399, because it was shot directly into a human cadaver's wrist. But that's not a 399-like excursion for that bullet at all. Not even close. But will Dr. Wecht ever say that to his audience when he continually berates the WC and the SBT? No. Of course not.

And the "SBT bullet challenge" has not gone "unmet" either. The Discovery Channel did a very good re-creation of the SBT in October 2004, and that test produced a bullet that was completely INTACT (i.e., in ONE PIECE, and not fragmented at all), with its nose COMPLETELY INTACT and still round after crashing through two human-like surrogate test bodies.

The Discovery Channel test bullet was more damaged than CE399, yes. But it certainly wasn't banged-up all to hell like Dr. Wecht seems to think would have occurred in such a circumstance:

I've often wondered if Cyril Wecht has ever seen the "Beyond The Magic Bullet" program. And if he has, I wonder what he thinks about the bullet depicted above (which, if he's honest, surely must surprise Dr. Wecht a good deal, since it has always been his position that a bullet--ANY bullet--couldn't possibly end up looking anything like CE399 [i.e., unfragmented with its nose still rounded and intact] after plowing through two victims and breaking the bones that were broken in Governor Connally).

David Von Pein
August 27, 2009