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Why we will never discover who killed John F. Kennedy...


The Dallas Police Department discovered who killed JFK on the day of the assassination. It was Lee Harvey Oswald, who was charged with two murders before the end of the day on November 22, 1963.

Now, just try to imagine a scenario in which the Dallas police have accumulated enough evidence to actually formally charge a totally innocent man named Lee Oswald with two murders on the same day. Do police departments normally officially charge people with double murder even though they have absolutely no hard evidence to back up the charges whatsoever, as many conspiracy theorists seem to believe?

Are we really supposed to believe that the two murder charges that the DPD filed against Oswald were trumped up charges, with all of the evidence in both murders being manufactured or planted to frame an innocent man? Can any sensible person really believe such a thing? (I sure can't.)

A big clue to Oswald's guilt (in addition to the pile of evidence that convicts him ten times over) is the crucial and often-overlooked fact that Lee Harvey Oswald was already, in effect, a political assassin seven months before President Kennedy ever went to Dallas, when Oswald took that shot at General Walker on April 10, 1963. For some reason, however, conspiracy theorists seem to want to exonerate Oswald of that murder attempt too.

But I guess that's understandable from the POV of the standard Anybody But Oswald conspiracist, because if they were to admit that Lee Oswald took a gun and aimed it at the head of a retired United States general, then they'd have to admit something they fear -- i.e., Lee H. Oswald had murder running through his veins in the year 1963.


I happen to believe that the [JFK] assassination was organized by CIA officers David Morales and Carl Elmer Jenkins and carried out by a team led by Rafael (Chi Chi) Quintero. However, I am fully aware that people like John McAdams and Gary Mack will have little difficulty in questioning the reliability of the evidence I could produce.

Some researchers believe the answer to the question of who killed John F. Kennedy will be found in the archives of the CIA and FBI. However, is it possible to imagine what kind of document will convince McAdams and Mack that he was murdered as part of a conspiracy? The same is also true of those who believe in the idea of a conspiracy.


Gary Mack isn't an "LNer". He's a conspiracy believer. Why on Earth many people continue to think that Gary Mack thinks Oswald acted alone is anyone's guess. But the CTers continue to call Mack an LNer every single day. But he's not.

David Von Pein
March 30, 2014