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David Von Pein:

Some comments published at Jeff Morley's website concerning the edited AF-1 audio tapes, the hunt for the phantom C-130 'death car' crew & information about all in & out air traffic at Love Field 22 Nov 1963 have aroused curiosity.

Since you have a massive video & audio collection available for free to the public both at your blogs & YouTube I assume you know your material better than anyone else in the process of downloading & studying them. Do you know of any media or police broadcasts to the public that instructed the public to stay away from Love Field during the time frame that JFK's body was illegally transported from Parkland to AF-1 & flown to Washington after LBJ was sworn in? Do you have any info on when the C-130 took off from Love Field?

One of Jeff Morley's readers commented that there isn't video showing spectators at Love Field to watch the departure of AF-1 nor [are] there any interviews of spectators at Love Field for AF-1, AF-2 & the phantom C-130. Have you located any such material in your collection? Do the DPD audio tapes cover the period of when JFK's body was transported to AF-1 & subsequently flown out from Love Field?

There may be something in your radio broadcast collection that can answer these questions. I don't recall anything in the local Dallas TV coverage that picks up from after JFK's hearse left Parkland & spectators were interviewed at Parkland (but not Love Field).

I've seen just a brief video of AF-1 taking off from Love Field & several photos of Jackie at the bottom of a passenger stairway ramp while Clint Hill & Roy Kellerman & others brought JFK's casket into AF-1. Nothing showing spectators at Love Field.

One commenter found it odd that the people that came to see JFK arrive in Dallas apparently didn't return to Love Field to watch his body & entourage depart that city. Perhaps there were spectators there & the media missed it in its coverage of Lee Oswald's arrest?

I thought I'd ask you here first before starting from scratch. When you post anything on [The Education] Forum non-members cannot respond or ask you questions there. I'm currently looking through 'Death Of A President' by William Manchester to refresh whatever he may have reported in his 1967 book about all of this.


Otus Chambers



I can't help you out much with the questions you posed. I, too, have wondered why there are no pictures of the limousine departing Parkland or arriving at Love Field. And I have no audio or video regarding the C-130 cargo plane that transported the limo back to Washington.

My guess would be that no unauthorized people would have been allowed anywhere near AF1 or the C-130 plane at Love Field after the assassination. Hence, no crowds there at all (except perhaps well beyond the outer fences and perimeter of the airport).

RELATED NOTE --- Conspiracy theorists, IMO, are making another huge mountain out of another molehill with regard to the Air Force One tapes.

CTers seem to think that if every second of the aircraft transmissions could be heard, the tapes would reveal something even more sinister and underhanded than is already suspected by the CTers.

Of course, in reality, the confusion and awkwardness that exists on the AF1 tapes is not conspiratorial in nature whatsoever. The type of uncertainty and confusion that is heard in portions of the tapes is perfectly natural given the circumstances. The authorities were arranging things minute by minute en route to Washington. It wasn't anything that could have been rehearsed or pre-planned.

No big "Cover-Up" was being orchestrated during the flight from Dallas to Washington. The U.S. Government was flying by the seat of its pants during those few hours just after the President was murdered. And that type of chaotic situation doesn't usually result in perfection or in "apple pie order".

But to many conspiracy theorists, a sudden change in plans to take the President's body to Bethesda instead of Walter Reed, or an urgent call from a military man who wants to immediately get in touch with one of his bosses, is deemed "suspicious" or "sinister" in the CTer's eyes.

A conspiracist who holds that view, however, doesn't seem to want to take into account the incredible suddenness of the events in Dallas on 11/22/63, or the immense speed at which events were proceeding in the hours right after JFK was killed. So a "fly by the seat of your pants" situation becomes a "sinister pre-arranged plot" in the eyes of some conspiracy believers. To that I say -- hogwash.

David Von Pein
March 25, 2014