(PART 670)


You [DVP] really should be the one to debate DiEugenio.


Hello everybody,

I vote for John McAdams + David Von Pein.

I mean, since John McAdams wrote that he wanted to have another LNer appear with him on the radio show, and since he and Dave Von Pein have great respect for each other, and since both of them definitely rank among the very best in the whole world (no question about it), I say it seems logical and normal to have them both appear on the show in order to DESTROY, once and for all, DiEugenio's nonsense.

I'll be the first to listen to it!

Good luck.


I feel DVP could do a good job too, maybe McAdams and DVP jointly. But if you do this, do it on neutral territory and tape it, not in the Black op studio (or wherever the thing originates from).


Hi James,

The debaters wouldn't actually be in the Black Op studio (which is in Canada). The guests are almost always interviewed over the telephone. So "neutral territory" isn't really a matter of concern. John McAdams would be on the phone in Milwaukee (probably); and Jim DiEugenio would likely be on the telephone from Los Angeles (his home territory).


The last thing to do the hour or so before air time is to exactly compare the air tape to the LN copy, make sure there are no edits or changes.


The Black Op shows are done live at 9:00 PM EDT/EST each Thursday. So there would be no comparing of any LN copies to the "air tape".

However, there have been exceptions to the live broadcasts. For instance, two of Jim DiEugenio's last four Black Op appearances were taped in advance of the 9 PM Thursday air time. I know this is true because the archived audio files were all available for immediate downloading as of 9 PM EDT on those two occasions. I'm not sure why those two shows weren't done live, but they weren't.

BTW, I'm not in favor of two LNers debating DiEugenio at the same time. That would be a bit awkward, IMO, with the two LNers probably not knowing when to talk next (vs. letting the other guy handle that question), etc.

Anyway, that's just my opinion on that matter. YMMV.

And another opinion I have is -- John McAdams is THE MAN for such a debate with a conspiracy theorist like James DiEugenio.

Raw facts, logic, and common sense will always rule the day when it comes to debating the specifics of the JFK assassination. And in those three departments, there can be no doubt as to which of the two debaters in question would handily prevail. (And it certainly isn't the guy with the initials JD.)

David Von Pein
August 21, 2009