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How did they know Oswald was in a theater? And THAT theater?



Shoe-store manager Johnny C. Brewer observed Lee Oswald lurking in the lobby/entrance of Brewer's shoe store on Jefferson Blvd., with Brewer noting that Oswald was acting "funny" and that he seemed "scared" and seemed to be avoiding the wailing police cars.

Brewer, who was listening to the radio at this time and had just heard about a police officer being shot just blocks from his shoe store, then followed Oswald up the street to the nearby Texas Theater, where Brewer observed Oswald entering the theater without stopping at the box office.

Brewer then checked with ticket-seller Julia Postal to see if she had sold the man a ticket. She said she had not. Postal then called the police, telling them that she and Brewer were of the opinion that the man was "running from them" for some reason.

The police then arrived (in mass) a few minutes later.

This was a perfectly ordinary and to-be-expected chain of events that led to Lee Harvey Oswald's arrest inside the Texas Theater on Jefferson Boulevard in Oak Cliff at approximately 1:50 PM CST on Friday, November 22nd, 1963 AD.

So, when watching Oliver Stone's fictional version of Oswald's theater capture, try to keep in mind the following fact.....


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Thanxx to David; can you summarize what Stone did, please? Have not seen that but once or twice a long time ago.


Oliver Stone (in his 1991 movie "JFK"), via voice-over narration from Kevin Costner (playing Jim Garrison) during the courtroom scene, claims that when the police converged in mass on the Texas Theater it was (quoting verbatim from the movie itself) -- "The most remarkable example of police intuition since the Reichstag fire. I don't buy it. They knew--someone knew--Oswald was going to be there. In fact, as early as 12:44, only 14 minutes after the assassination, the police radio put out a description matching Oswald's size and build."

But there was nothing whatsoever "remarkable" or unusual about the police converging quickly (and in great numbers) on the theater where Oswald was hiding.

A police officer had been gunned down in the street only half-an-hour earlier. The police knew that the killer was ON FOOT and heading down Jefferson Boulevard. When they received that call from Julia Postal, OBVIOUSLY the police were going to move (fast) to check out the "suspicious" man who just went into the dark movie theater.

And yet, to hear Stone telling it (through Garrison/Costner's words in the script), the cops swarming the theater was some incredible piece of fortune-telling and crystal-ball-gazing. Nonsense.

I need to correct an error I made in my earlier post --- Upon being reminded of some additional dialogue in Oliver Stone's film (via this link from Dave Reitzes' excellent website), I will retract my earlier statement where I said that Stone avoided Brewer's and Postal's involvement entirely in the "JFK" movie. I see now, via Mr. Reitzes' site, that I was not correct there, because Brewer is, indeed, mentioned (and so is the "cashier", who was Postal).

However, it's still fairly obvious (via the dialogue I quoted above) that Mr. Stone just doesn't want to believe that the ONLY reason the police descended upon the theater on November 22nd was because of the observations of Johnny Brewer and Julia Postal. Stone doesn't "buy it".

But if anybody, after researching the true facts regarding Brewer and Postal, still "buys" Stone's version put forth in his movie, then they'd probably buy that bridge that's always for sale in Brooklyn too.

Also -- The 12:44 PM police broadcast put out by the Dallas Police Department for the assassin of JFK was not the slightest bit suspicious or "conspiratorial" in any way either (contrary to what Oliver Stone wants his viewing audience to believe).

Howard Brennan almost immediately approached the police after the shooting to give them a description of the man he had clearly seen pulling the trigger from the sixth-floor TSBD window -- with that description generally matching Oswald's "size and build" (as Stone/Garrison/Costner said in the film).

So, quite obviously, the police didn't just sit on their collective hands sipping sodas and munching on Dunkin' Donuts for an hour. Instead, they acted on this witness' information and put out an APB broadcast over all channels of the police radio at 12:43-12:44 PM on November 22nd, less than 15 minutes after the last shot came out of Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano rifle.

So, once again, as can be easily determined once the true facts of the case are researched, Ollie Stone has deliberately deceived and misled his movie-going audience.

David Von Pein
October 21, 2007