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Hey Von Pea Brain.....

Why are you backing away from the discussion about the paper bag? Why are you trying to divert the discussion to this fake photo of the so-called "Sniper's Nest"?

Is your brain so scrambled that you can't stay focused on a subject? Or are you simply too yellow to engage in an honest debate and run away when you get the facts slapped in your face?


I have no idea why Walt is so preoccupied with "fake" Sniper's Nest photos. We all know that there were definitely some re-created photos of the boxes taken by Studebaker and the DPD.* This is no secret. And the DPD didn't attempt to hide the fact that photos were taken at a later time. Studebaker even talks about it in his Warren Commission testimony:

Mr. BALL. Did you take this picture?
Mr. STUDEBAKER. Yes, sir; that was after the boxes were dusted.
Mr. BALL. That's after they were moved?
Mr. STUDEBAKER. Yes, sir; that's when we was trying to get some prints right there.

* The picture we see of the three bullet shells on the floor in Commission Exhibit No. 510, however, is almost certainly NOT one of the "re-created" photos. CE510 is a picture that was taken before the bullet shells were ever touched. [See Vincent Bugliosi's "Reclaiming History", pages 420-421 of Endnotes.]

Plus, even without Studebaker admitting that pictures were taken at a later time, it couldn't be more obvious that some of the pictures of the boxes in the Sniper's Nest were taken after the boxes had been moved.

For example, anyone who takes just a brief, cursory look at the configuration of the boxes in CE509, and then compares that picture to the boxes seen in CE1301 or Studebaker Exhibit J, will easily be able to immediately tell that the boxes are not in the same position in all of those photographs. So it's fairly obvious that the DPD wasn't attempting to hide the fact that some pictures were taken after the boxes had been moved. And CE509 (aka Studebaker Exhibit D) is definitely one of the pictures taken after the boxes had been moved--and dusted for prints too.

Interestingly, at the 1986 Bugliosi/Spence mock trial, Dallas Deputy Sheriff Eugene Boone was shown a picture of CE509 [at 5:00 in the Boone video below], which shows the boxes after they had been moved. Now, why on Earth Bugliosi didn't use CE1301 to better illustrate the undisturbed box configuration (as well as the potential "rifle rest" configuration of the boxes) is a mystery to me.

But for some reason, Bugliosi elected to use a picture that positively does not depict the boxes in the place they were in when Oswald was shooting President Kennedy. And I think it's quite apparent (at least it is to me) that either CE1301 or Studebaker Exhibit J depict the "rifle rest" better than CE509.

And the exact same type of thing regarding CE509 occurred during Luke Mooney's Warren Commission testimony too, which I discuss in the 2007
post here.

In the final analysis, this whole topic of the boxes is just another in a series of futile exercises engaged in by conspiracy theorists. It's an exercise that should be filed in the drawer marked "IT GOES NOWHERE". Because a slightly different stacking of the boxes will not (and cannot) eliminate the physical evidence against Lee Harvey Oswald in John F. Kennedy's murder.

Even if the DPD had taken no pictures of the Nest at all and had thrown all the boxes away after the shooting, Oswald would still be guilty. Because it's not the box configuration in the Sniper's Nest that hangs Mr. Oswald --- it's all of that other stuff that Walt also thinks is fake. E.G., the bullets, the shells, the rifle, the prints, the fibers, and Oswald's pre- and post-assassination actions.

David Von Pein
February 23, 2012
March 24, 2017