(PART 1)


The evidence favoring Lee Harvey Oswald's sole guilt isn't going to
suddenly change. And anyone with a single working brain cell knows
this to be true.


"It was non-existent in 1963 and it is still non-existent today."


It's great being a conspiracy-spouting kook, isn't it? You have such
FREEDOM! And, having such freedom and not having to rely on ANY of the
real assassination evidence (which ALL spells "Oswald Was A Guilty
Bastard"), you can actually NOT feel embarrassed when typing out
incredibly-stupid nonsense, such as this sentence when talking about
the evidence favoring Oswald's guilt:

"It was non-existent in 1963 and it is still non-existent today."

I envy such freedom.

Too bad I'm not a kook.


I recently re-watched the WFAA-TV (ABC) as-it-happened coverage of
11/22/63, and took note of how ZERO of the witnesses interviewed
(including WFAA newsmen Jay Watson and Jerry Haynes) heard more than
three shots that day.


"Yeah, like cameramen know about the sounds of gunshots? Please."


Neither of the WFAA men I mentioned were "cameramen". But that's not
important anyway, because your comment is very stupid, even if Watson
and Haynes HAD been "cameramen".

Both men mentioned hearing three gunshots (the same number also heard
by several other TV reporters who immediately reported the shooting to
America within minutes of the assassination--an assassination that
most conspiracy theorists think was carried out by multiple guns and
featured anywhere from 4 to 10 gunshots).

GUNSHOTS. Nobody else could have possibly been able to count the
number of loud sounds (i.e., gunshots) they heard accurately. Right,



"The people that matter are the ones that are trained in gunshot
sounds, and most of the police never said they only heard 3 reports."


Oh, really? What about the following 24 officers who did not hear more
than three gunshots? Let's have a look. ....

MR. BELIN -- "How many shots did you hear?"



MR. STERN -- "You cannot now recall more than two shots?"

OFFICER BOBBY HARGIS -- "That is all that I can recall remembering."


MR. BELIN -- "How many shots did you hear?"



MR. BALL -- "Did you hear the shots?"


MR. BALL -- "How many?"

MR. BROWN -- "Three."


MR. RANKIN -- "Did you hear any more than three shots?"

POLICE CHIEF JESSE CURRY -- "No, sir; I did not."

MR. RANKIN -- "Are you sure of that?"

MR. CURRY -- "I am positive of that. I heard three shots. I will never
forget it."


MR. BELIN -- "How many shots did you hear?"



MR. BALL -- "Did you hear some more shots [after the first shot]?

OFFICER B.J. MARTIN -- "Yes, sir."

MR. BALL -- "How many?"

MR. MARTIN -- "Two more shots."


DEPUTY SHERIFF EUGENE BOONE -- "Well, it was approximately 1 o'clock
when we heard the shots. The motorcade had already passed by us and
turned back to the north on Houston Street. And we heard what we
thought to be a shot. And there seemed to be a pause between the first
shot and the second shot and third shots--a little longer pause. And
we raced across the street there."


DEPUTY SHERIFF JACK FAULKNER (via the Sheriff's Report filed by
Faulkner on 11/22/63) -- "I was standing on the corner of Main and
Houston, when the presendital motorcade came by. A few seconds later I
heard three shots and the crowd began to move enmasse toward Elm


DEPUTY SHERIFF C.M. JONES (via the Sheriff's Report filed by Jones on
11/22/63) -- "Friday Morning, November the 22nd, 1963, between the
hours of approximately 12 noon and 12:35pm, I was standing in front of
the Criminal Courts Building talking with Allan Sweatt and Robert
Benevides and awaiting the arrival of the motorcade bearing the
President's party. The motorcade passed in front of us and everything
appeared to be in order. A few short seconds later I heard an
explosion, followed in about 3 to 5 seconds later two more explosions.
I am certain that I recognized the second two as being that of


DEPUTY SHERIFF W.W. MABRA (via the Sheriff's Report filed by Mabra on
11/27/63) -- "I and officer Orville Smith were standing on the curb in
front of [the] Criminal Courts Building, approximately 40 feet east of
Houston St., when the car bearing President Kennedy passed.
Approximately 1 minute after the car turned right onto Houston St., we
heard 3 shots."


DEPUTY SHERIFF A.D. McCURLEY (via the Sheriff's Report filed by
McCurley on 11/22/63) -- "I was standing at the front entrance of the
Dallas Sheriff's Office at 505 Main Street, Dallas, as the President's
motorcade passed and was watching the remainder of the parade pass
when I heard a retort [sic; report] and I immediately recognized it as
the sound of a rifle. I started running around the corner where I knew
the President's car should be, and in a matter of a few seconds heard
a second shot and then a third shot."


DEPUTY SHERIFF LUKE MOONEY (via the Sheriff's Report filed by Mooney
on 11/23/63) -- "I was standing in front of the Sheriff's office at
505 Main Street, Dallas, when President Kennedy and the motorcade
passed by. Within a few seconds after he had passed me and the
motorcade had turned the corner, I heard a shot, and I immediately
started running towards the front of the motorcade, and within seconds
heard a second and a third shot."


DEPUTY SHERIFF CHARLES P. PLAYER (via the Sheriff's Report filed by
Player on 11/22/63) -- "Mr. Decker, I watched the motorcade pass on
Record St. from your office window. After the President's car passed I
started back to my desk. I heard three shots and went back to the
window. People were running in all directions. I left the office by
the back door and went across the street to where my squad car was
parked on the side street just back of the book depository."


SHERIFF'S OFFICER L.C. SMITH (via the Sheriff's Report filed by Smith
on 11/22/63) -- "Just shortly before 12:30pm, Friday, November 22,
1963, I was standing in front of the Sheriff's Office on Main Street
and watched the President and his party drive by. Just a few seconds
later, I heard the first shot, which I thought was a backfire, then
the second shot and third shot rang out. I knew then that this was gun
shots and everyone else did also."


DEPUTY SHERIFF ALLAN SWEATT (via the Sheriff's Report filed by Sweatt
on 11/23/63) -- "At approximately 12:30 PM, Friday, November 22, 1963,
I was standing with a group of Deputy Sheriffs about 30 feat [sic]
east of the corner of Houston and Main Street on Main Street. The
president's caravan had just passed and about a minute or 2 I heard a
shot, and about 7 seconds later another shot and approximately 2 or 3
seconds later a third shot, which sounded to me like a rifle and
coming from the vicinity of Elm and Houston Street."


DEPUTY SHERIFF L.C. TODD (via the Sheriff's Report filed by Todd on
11/27/63) -- "On November the 22nd, 1963, I had come on duty at 9am
working the information window at the Dallas County Jail. About
12:15pm, the window was closed where I worked and I walked outside and
onto Houston Street to view the President's motorcade as it passed. A
few seconds after the President's car passed me and had turned the
corner of Houston onto Elm Street, I heard what I first thought was a
backfire. I heard a total of 3 and after the last two (2), I
immediately recognized them as being gun fire."


DEPUTY SHERIFF RALPH WALTERS (via the Sheriff's Report filed by
Walters on 11/23/63) -- "I was standing on Main Street in front of the
Criminal Courts Building the morning of November 22, 1963, and
observed the Presidential procession pass by. Just after it had turned
the corner and a very short time later, I heard what was [sic] shots,
3 in number."


DEPUTY SHERIFF EDDY "BUDDY" WALTHERS (via the Sheriff's Report filed
by Walthers on 11/22/63) -- "I was standing at the front entrance of
the Dallas Sheriff's Office when the motorcade with President Kennedy
passed. I was watching the remainder of the President's party when
within a few seconds I heard a retort [sic; report], and I immediately
recognized it to be a rifle shot. I immediately started running west
across Houston Street and ran across Elm Street and up into the
railroad yards. At this time it was not determined if, in fact, this
first retort [sic] and 2 succeeding retorts [sic] were of a rifle.
However, in my own mind, I knew."


SHERIFF'S OFFICER "RADIO" WATSON (via the Sheriff's Report filed by
Watson on 11/22/63) -- "I had just looked out the window of the radio
room facing Main Street and watched the Presidential parade pass and
as it turned the corner onto Record [Street], I looked over in that
direction but was unable to see any of the vehicles from my location
and about that time I heard three loud reports, evenly spaced, which I
presumed to be rifle or shotgun blast. I looked at the time on the
radio panel and it was about 40 seconds after 12:30pm as I was calling
Dallas PD on the hot line, and I asked the operator that answered if
anything had been reported, and she said no. I told her that I heard
what I believed to be three shots, and she thought I was kidding."


DEPUTY SHERIFF HARRY WEATHERFORD (via the Sheriff's Report filed by
Weatherford on 11/23/63) -- "On Friday, November 22, 1963, at about
12:30 PM, I was standing in front of the Sheriff's Office watching the
Presidential Motorcade. The President's car had passed my location a
couple of minutes when I heard a loud report, which I thought was a
railroad torpedo, as it sounded as if it came from the railroad yard.
Thinking, this was a heck of a time for one to go off, then I heard a
2nd report which had more of an echo report and thought to myself that
this was a rifle, and I started toward the corner when I heard the 3rd


DEPUTY SHERIFF JOHN WISEMAN (via the Sheriff's Report filed by Wiseman
on 11/23/63) -- "I was standing in front of the Sheriff's Office at
505 Main Street, Dallas, when the President passed and the car went
around the corner and a few more cars had passed when I heard a shot
and I knew something had happened. I ran at once to the corner of
Houston and Main Street and out into the street when the second and
third shots ran [sic; rang] out. I ran on across Houston Street, then
across the park to where a policeman was having trouble with his
motorcycle and I saw a man laying on the grass. This man laying on the
grass said the shots came from the building and he was pointing to the
old Sexton Building."

DVP Interjection --- That's kind of an interesting statement from
Wiseman there, IF the "man laying on the grass" was Bill Newman. Of
course, I suppose it could have been another man on the grass.

It's also interesting to note that Wiseman, in that same November 23rd
Sheriff's Report, says that he talked to Marilyn Sitzman just after
the shooting too....and (quoting Wiseman again): "She said the shots
came from that way and she pointed at the old Sexton Building [aka;
the TSBD]".


MR. FITHIAN -- "Officer, you said that as far as your memory is
concerned, you only heard one shot?"

OFFICER H.B. McLAIN [who certainly doesn't do the "More Than 3 Shots
Were Fired" CT crowd any favors] -- "Yes, sir, that is all that I can
recall. It was a loud one, but that was the only one."


MR. BALL -- "Did you hear any shots?"

OFFICER J.C. WHITE -- "No, sir."

DVP Interjection --- If up to SIX gunshots (or maybe up to TEN, per
Robert Groden's beliefs) were fired in Dealey Plaza that day, I wonder
how Officer White missed hearing every last one of them from his
position on top of the Triple Overpass on Elm Street?

However, a huge grain of salt must be placed beside anything this guy
White had to say, I will readily admit; because Mr. White claims that
a huge freight train was on the Overpass bridge at the exact time of
JFK's murder.

That train observation, of course, we know is false, based on the
photos and films that show no such train on the tracks above Elm
Street at that time. Such as this picture snapped by James Altgens:


"Those in the motorcade also said they thought they heard more than 3



Dead wrong (of course).

I know you were probably referring to JUST the policemen who were
riding in the motorcade in your above comment....but even there, you
are incorrect on several counts, because many officers in the
motorcade said they heard two or three shots (and not more than
three), including several of the officers I've listed above (such as
Baker, Hargis, Harkness, Haygood, Martin, and Police Chief Curry).

Plus -- In addition to the police officers who were riding in the
motorcade, many other people who were in the motorcade said they heard
three (or fewer) shots.

Here are just a few examples (and there are many more), with these
five examples representing the five people who were riding with JFK in
the Presidential limousine on 11/22/63.....

MR. SPECTER -- "How many [shots] did you hear in all?"

NELLIE CONNALLY -- "I heard three."


MR. RANKIN -- "Do you have any recollection of whether there were one
or more shots?"

JACQUELINE KENNEDY -- "Well, there must have been two. .... And those
are the only two I remember."


MR. SPECTER -- "Now, how many shots, or how many noises have you just
described that you heard?"

LIMO DRIVER WILLIAM GREER -- "I know there was three that I heard--
three. But I cannot remember any more than probably three. I know
there was three anyway that I heard."


MR. SPECTER -- "Now, in your prior testimony you described a flurry of
shells into the car. How many shots did you hear after the first noise
which you described as sounding like a firecracker?"

ROY KELLERMAN -- "Mr. Specter, these shells came in all together."

MR. SPECTER -- "Are you able to say how many you heard?"

MR. KELLERMAN -- "I am going to say two, and it was like a double
bang--bang, bang."

MR. SPECTER -- "You mean now two shots in addition to the first

MR. KELLERMAN -- "Yes, sir; at least."


And Governor John Connally was a "Three Shot" witness. He heard two
shots and he felt the other one that hit him.


So, among the five people riding with President Kennedy in the limo,
the only person who can possibly be propped up as a "CT" type of
earwitness with respect to the number of gunshots is Secret Service
Agent Kellerman. And even HIS testimony seems to generally favor only
a "3-Shot" scenario.


"That is where the dictabelt comes in."


The Dictabelt evidence has been discredited entirely. For some reason,
many CTers continue to keep relying on it. Go figure that (il)logic.



http://JFK-Archives.blogspot.com/Debunking The Acoustics Evidence


"Johnny [Carson] was a lap dog and a bastard."



Oh dear! Johnny was yet another shill working for the evil U.S.
Government, no doubt. Right?

Sounds like it's time for Rob to move to Russia. He'd probably be
much happier there, away from the foul stench of the forever-evil
machinations of Washington's and Hollywood's "bastards".

BTW, Johnny Carson's treatment of Jim "Mega-Kook" Garrison on January
31st, 1968, on "The Tonight Show" was nothing short of brilliant.
Johnny was tough, but fair. He gave Garrison a chance to talk (at some
length) and to provide SOME proof of his wild "Oswald Didn't Shoot
Anybody" claims.

But, naturally, all we got was Garrison's screwy multi-shooter
speculation, including his theory of an assassin firing from the sewer
(one of up to FIVE gunmen that Garrison speaks of!).

Anyone who listens to that 1968 Carson/Garrison interview and comes
away with an opinion that Carson was unfair to poor Jimbo during the
lengthy interview is probably in the kooky "Anybody But Oswald" club

Carson asked hard questions of Garrison and didn't simply let Garrison
run off at the mouth unchallenged about his silly "Oswald Never Shot A
Soul" bullshit. For that, I admire the late Mr. Carson immensely. And
so does Vince Bugliosi (which I am glad to see).....

"Johnny may have been a comedian, but he had a good, solid head
on his shoulders, and he could spot a phony, or at least an empty
vessel [meaning Jim Garrison], when he saw one."
-- Vincent Bugliosi;
Page 1370 of "Reclaiming History" (c.2007)



"No, the first cop on the scene marked the automatic shells (2) with
his initials..."


Would you care to prove your assertion that these were "automatic"

Of course you can't prove any such thing, because there is absolutely
no indication in the record that any "automatic" bullet shells were
ever recovered on Tenth Street in Oak Cliff after J.D. Tippit's
murder. You're dreaming that "CTer Wishful Thinking" dream once again.

And would you also please provide the absolute proof that Officer J.M.
Poe marked any shells at all on November 22, 1963?

In light of this Warren Commission testimony given by Officer Poe, I
wish you luck in proving that latter claim:

OFFICER J.M. POE -- "He [Tippit murder witness Domingo Benavides] told
me, give [sic] me the same, or similar description of the man, and
told me he was running out across this lawn. He was unloading his
pistol as he ran, and he [Benavides] picked the shells up."

MR. BALL -- "Domingo told you who was running across the lawn?"

MR. POE -- "A man; white man."

MR. BALL -- "What was he doing?"

MR. POE -- "He was unloading his pistol as he run [sic]."

MR. BALL -- "And what did he [Benavides] say?"

MR. POE -- "He said he picked the two hulls up."

MR. BALL -- "Did he hand you the hulls?"

MR. POE -- "Yes, sir."

MR. BALL -- "Did you put any markings on the hulls?"

MR. POE -- "I couldn't swear to it; no, sir."

MR. BALL -- "What did you do with the hulls?"

MR. POE -- "I turned the hulls into the crime lab, which was at the


"Two other bullet cases were turned in to two different police
[officers] (one each), and no one knows what happened to them."


~sigh time (yet again)~

You must be cuckoo to utter such insane drivel. We know EXACTLY what
happened to the "two other bullet cases" that were turned over to the
police on 11/22/63.

One of those bullet shells was found by Virginia Davis in the side
yard of her apartment. And the other empty cartridge case was found by
Virginia's sister-in-law, Barbara Davis, also in the yard of the
Davis' apartment at the corner of 10th Street and Patton Avenue (the
exact same location where BOTH of the Davis girls saw Lee Harvey
Oswald physically emptying his revolver of bullet shells immediately
after J.D. Tippit was shot).

And both of these shells found by the Davises were positively
determined to be shells that were ejected from Lee Oswald's Smith &
Wesson .38 Special revolver (Serial Number V510210). .....

JOSEPH D. NICOL -- "It is my opinion, based upon the similarity of
class and individual characteristics, that the four cartridge cases in
[Commission Exhibit] 594 were fired in the same weapon as produced the
cartridge cases in [CE] 595."

Here are the four Oswald bullet shells:



"He [Sweet Saint Oz, or "The Second Oswald"...it's impossible to keep
track of all these imposters running around]
entered the theater at
1:05 pm, purchased a ticket and then went to the balcony."


Oh, goodie, we're going to get to hear "Made-Up Conspiracy Theory
#587"! (Complete with exact times and everything...like "1:05 pm".)

Continue with your myth, I'm fascinated.....


"He [the proverbial "Patsy For All 11/22/63 Dallas Murders", Lee H.
Oswald; or, maybe it was the LHO "imposter"....who knows?]
went to get
popcorn at 1:15 pm and sat next to several people prior to the 1:20 pm
start of the film. One of these was a pregnant woman, and she left and
was never seen again. Why enter to see a movie and then leave before
it starts? She may have been letting someone know that Harvey Oswald
was there. My guess is HO was looking for his handler by moving around
as he sat next to multiple people, or he was setting up an alibi by
making people notice him."


Well, at least Rob put in the words "my guess is" near the end of the
above batch of wholly-unsupportable kookshit. I suppose we can be
thankful for that anyway.

Let's hear Chapter 3 of the fable.....


"Lee Oswald never acted funny [when seen by Johnny Brewer at the shoe
, as he was the second Oswald -- the one in a t-shirt. He
entered the theater around 1:30/35 pm and was the one that didn't

"Brewer, the nosy bum he is [in reality, Mr. Brewer was a very
underrated player in the events leading to LHO's arrest in the
theater; but, naturally, Rob The Kook must try to discredit everything
and everybody that leads to the "Oswald's Guilty" conclusion,
including Johnny Calvin Brewer]
, leaves his store and follows LO into
the theater and goes to the balcony. Not finding him, he then
questions the concession vendor about it (why he is not minding his
own business and running his own store is a mystery). Harvey Oswald
did not leave until his arrest, so he could not have left at 1:20 pm."


Rob's treatment of Johnny Brewer is sickening and reprehensible. But,
as mentioned within the text of Rob's fable above, all CT-Kooks MUST
try to paint EVERY "LN" type of witness in a bad light.

But, of course, if a particular witness favors a "conspiracy" of some
kind, then that witness is treated like royalty by the CT Brigade,
with those "CT" witnesses possessing razor-sharp and ultra-keen senses
and able to recall every little "conspiratorial" detail that will
later be highlighted by kooks like Rob.

Of course, to a non-kook who examines Johnny Brewer's actions after
1:30 PM on November 22nd, Brewer's activities were perfectly
reasonable and understandable (and even heroic to a degree).

Brewer heard on the radio that a policeman had just been shot just
blocks from his shoe store. Johnny also knew, of course, that the
President had been killed a short time before the officer was shot.

Brewer suddenly hears sirens out on the street and sees a man who
looks "scared" turning his back to the street as the police cars race
by behind him. (This, probably more than any other single thing,
aroused Brewer's suspicions about the man lurking in the store's

So, Brewer follows the man (who was Lee Harvey Oswald without a speck
of a doubt) to the theater and watches Oswald enter the theater lobby
without paying.

But, to a conspiracy kook, apparently Brewer's alert reactions are to
be snubbed and frowned upon. He should have been "minding his own
business", per a certain conspiracy-loving idiot.

OK, Robby, let's have Chapter 4 of the fictional story.....


"....This was the second Oswald. Harvey wore a long brown shirt and
Lee wore a white t-shirt. The police went to the balcony and were
talking with a man while the famous (Harvey) was being arrested below.
The shop owner a few doors down noticed a man being arrested and
brought out back while the famous one was coming out the front. There
was no arrest record for this other man and he was never heard from


~LOL time once more~

I can see that Rob's favorite book is, undoubtedly, Mr. Armstrong's
tripe-filled "Harvey And Lee", wherein Armstrong has BOTH "Harvey
Oswald" and "Lee Harvey Oswald" (two different people who are dead-
ringers for one another) inside the Texas School Book Depository
Building at the time of JFK's assassination.

The architects of this nutty "Double Oswald" plot (a plot that was, of
course, invented from whole cloth by Armstrong) were evidently just
hoping against hope that NOBODY SPIES *BOTH* OF THESE "OSWALDS"

Yeah, come to think of it, it's always a really good idea to have your
resident "patsy" and your "imposter patsy" being present AT THE SAME

Lovely plan there indeed.

Addendum -- I wonder why CTers like Rob can't just believe in a
smaller, more-reasonable-sounding conspiracy theory (like, say, Oswald
being involved with just one or maybe two other losers like himself)?

I could even buy into that type of smaller "plot" myself if somebody
could supply a granule of hard evidence to support such a notion
(which I doubt can happen after 44 years; plus there's Oswald's "solo-
like" actions after he left the Book Depository Building on November
22nd, which are actions that scream out "I'm All Alone!" to anyone who
will listen).

But, instead of believing in a manageable type of smaller "plot" (with
Oswald as the lone shooter of both Kennedy and Tippit, which the
evidence shows he unquestionably was), we are treated to the
outlandish and completely-unsupportable "Harvey And Lee" double-Oswald
type of scenarios like the one belched forth by Robert above (which he
no doubt got from Mr. Armstrong's 2003 book).

Maybe somebody should tell Rob that many times "less" makes more

Speaking of John Armstrong and his book, let's take a break now and
watch Vince Bugliosi rip into Mr. Armstrong's silliness with both
barrels blazing from VB's "Common Sense" gun. (And these are just a
few select excerpts of Vincent's demolition of Armstrong's crazy
theory; there are a full 14 magnificent pages in the endnotes section
of VB's book devoted solely to the destruction of Mr. Armstrong's

"John Armstrong actually went on to publish a 983-page book in
2003 called 'Harvey and Lee: How the CIA Framed Oswald', in which he
carries his fantasy about a double Oswald to such absurd lengths that
not only doesn't it deserve to be dignified in the main text of my
book, but I resent even having to waste a word on it in this
endnote. ....

"Obviously, if Armstrong had a source for any of the things he
charges, he would be only too eager to give it. Instead, his only
source is his exceptionally fertile imagination. ....

"On the day of the assassination, Armstrong has both Lee Harvey
Oswald and Harvey Oswald, two people [per looney author Armstrong] who
are spitting images of each other, in the Depository. .... At the
moment of the assassination, HARVEY Oswald was in the second-floor
lunchroom having lunch and LEE Harvey Oswald was on the sixth floor
firing at Kennedy. ....

"Lee Harvey Oswald escaped arrest, but Armstrong doesn't tell
his readers what happened to him thereafter, though...he tells them
near the beginning of the book that he may be "very much alive"."
Vincent T. Bugliosi; Pages 565-567 of "Reclaiming History's" CD's
Endnotes (c.2007)


"Hazy is more apt to describe the evidence against LHO. It is all
conjecture. LHO shot no one that day."


Rob can now look forward to Nurse Ratched and three men clad in white
coats knocking on his door any minute. For, only an insane person who
is ready for a well-padded room could possibly have uttered the above

~Knock, knock...~


"I would love to believe in a single assassin. I would love to believe
my government cares about me and wants to protect me. This is not the
case. Denying it won't change it. The same can be said of LNers -- to
want LHO to have acted alone at ANY cost is just-flat out stupid."


I'd like to say something here, but I'm too choked up with emotion
after Rob's soliloquy to say anything. (I will, however, succumb to
the normal dose of laughter that is immediately induced after reading
anything written by this "ABO" kook named Robert.)


"They probably did shoot the Carcano a couple of times to frame
Oswald. The first round was a misfire and the one that did not fully
penetrate the back may have been another."


Gee, how nice of Rob to say that the Carcano was "probably" fired "a
couple of times" on 11/22/63. That's quite a concession for a rabid
CTer. If Rob's not careful, he'll get himself thrown out of the "ABO
[Anybody But Oswald] Kook Club" if he keeps telling tall tales like
that "probably did shoot the Carcano" business.

Wait...no...come to think of it, there's no chance of Rob getting
booted out of the ABO door. And that's because he made the following
ultra-stupid declaration (without a hint of being embarrassed while
uttering it).....

"LHO shot no one that day."

That statement, all by itself, guarantees Rob a lifetime membership in
the precious "ABO" Club. Which is a membership he no doubt treasures
as much as an Academy Award-winning actor treasures his Oscar statue.

Thanks for the "ABO" chapters, Rob. Best laugh I've had since reading
Walt's last post.

David Von Pein
October 2007