(PART 6)


>>> "Of course she [Karen Carlin] was ["in" on the plot to rub out Oswald] to a limited degree. Ruby needed an excuse and the plot was hatched for the money Saturday night heard by witnesses." <<<


Great. Now Karen Carlin was a part of the massive conspiracy too.

So, apparently Carlin deliberately didn't pay her rent prior to
November 24th, so she could use that as an excuse to call Ruby on
Sunday morning and ask for $25. Right?

It's also interesting to note that Carlin told the Warren Commission
that Ruby didn't tell Carlin what TIME on Sunday for her to call him
about the rent money. ......

KAREN BENNETT CARLIN -- "I happened to mention I would need money for
rent tomorrow, and he said to call him [on Sunday]. .... He didn't say
what time."


But, I guess we're really supposed to read the above testimony in a
totally-different (and pro-conspiracy) way. Per Curt J., apparently
Mrs. Carlin was just putting on a big "act" and telling a bunch of
lies when she said the above things to the Warren Commission on April
15th, 1964. Right, Curt?

Carlin, the 20-year-old nightclub stripper, was really a part of the
"plot" to rub out Lee Harvey Oswald in November of '63. Right, CJ? She
was lying through her cute "Little Lynn" teeth when she said she
wasn't even told what time to call Ruby on Sunday, huh?

But, being a part of the "Big Plot", she really knew she had to call
Ruby prior to 10:30 AM in order to make her money request look
authentic and genuine. Right, Curt?

Or, perhaps Curt and other kooks think it wouldn't have mattered what
time on Sunday Carlin gave Jack a ring. If she had waited until 5:00
PM on Sunday to call Ruby, I guess Captain Fritz and the rest of the
crooked cops would have merely stalled Oswald's transfer to the County
Jail for additional 6 hours, so that Ruby could be in position (and
use that "Western Union" excuse, to boot).

Right, Curt J.?

BTW, Curt, was Karen's husband "in" on The Big Plot too? He probably
was, right? Because he talked to Ruby on the phone on Saturday night
at the garage too, and he was right there with Karen at the garage
when Karen was given $5 by the garage man....and he was right there
when Karen talked to Ruby about the rent money that Karen needed.

Or was Karen telling more lies about her husband being there and
actually calling Ruby for her on Saturday night?

To borrow a great quote from Vincent Bugliosi (which most certainly
applies here...for sure):

"I know that conspiracy theorists have a sweet tooth for
silliness, but is there absolutely nothing that is too silly for their
palate?" -- V. Bugliosi; Page 507 of "Reclaiming History: The
Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy" (W.W. Norton & Co.; c.


>>> "She [Karen Carlin] was onto the assassination by just being an employee and overhearing the plot at her work. When she told the WC this, she was bumped off." <<<

Great. One more addition to the "Mystery Deaths" list. Excellent.

Yes, I know YOU didn't add Carlin to the "Death List"; she's been on
Jim Marrs' crazy list for quite some time.


"I know that conspiracy theorists have a sweet tooth for
silliness, but is there absolutely nothing that is too silly for their
palate?" -- VB

And, once again (just like with so many other witnesses who the
conspiracy kooks think were "bumped off" by the "Post-11/22 Death
Squad"), here we have the silly Death Squad evidently murdering a
witness (Carlin) only AFTER SHE HAS ALREADY TALKED.

Those Death Squad guys were really on their toes, huh? It never
occurred to them to knock off Carlin BEFORE she testified (twice!) in
front of the Warren Commission, huh?

So, instead of rubbing out Carlin prior to her April 1964 session with
the WC, the Goon Squad lets Carlin (a person who was very close to
Ruby; and who was an insider to "plot" information, per some CT-Kooks)
live to tell the WC of her suspicions about Jack Ruby having had some
kind of contact with Lee Oswald, etc.

VB Excerpt Time.....

"The vast majority of the witnesses on the various mysterious-
death lists of the conspiracy theorists (e.g., Jim Marrs's book
"Crossfire" lists 104 witnesses) weren't connected with the case in
any known way whatsoever, and had absolutely nothing of any known
value to say about the case. ....

"But of those who did have a connection -- such as Roger Craig,
Earlene Roberts, Lee Bowers, and Buddy Walthers -- all of them,
WITHOUT EXCEPTION, had already told their story, most of them on the
public record, so what could possibly be achieved by killing them?" --
Vincent Bugliosi; Page 1018 of "Reclaiming History" (c.2007)

>>> "Of course Fritz was a conspirator, like all the uppers of DPD." <<<

Definitely worthy of a Hat Trick!......

"I know that conspiracy theorists have a sweet tooth for
silliness, but is there absolutely nothing that is too silly for their
palate?" -- VB

>>> "Ruby was following the so-called transfer the previous day until it was delayed. He had a gun at the Oswald Public Viewing at midnite the day of the assassination, and didn't get his opportunity because of Oswald opening his mouth and the crowd getting too pushy." <<<

This is a ridiculous and flimsy-as-hell excuse you've invented from
whole cloth here, Curt (especially when considering the way Ruby DID
murder Oswald on Sunday).

You're implying that Ruby, who went barreling into Oswald at point-
blank range while on Live TV on Sunday with dozens of policemen around
him, couldn't have possibly managed to shoot Oswald on Friday night at
the midnight press gathering because of the "pushy" crowd and because

One word seems appropriate in response to the above --- Huh???

Oswald opening his mouth and denying his guilt somehow partially
prevented Ruby from pushing through the newsmen and plugging Oswald
(which is just EXACTLY what he DID manage to do on Sunday morning)?

Again -- HUH??? (And a "WTF?" wouldn't be out of line at this point

But, I'm sure you'll retort with a good explanation for why Ruby
couldn't manage to kill Oswald on Friday night or (better still) on
Friday afternoon right after the assassination of JFK (if Ruby had
truly been hired by the "Mob"--or whoever--to rub out Oswald as soon
as possible after the assassination).

And you'll be able to invent this scenario/explanation because you are
a classic example of a rabid CTer who MUST have a conspiracy in this
case at all costs -- i.e., a person who loves to make up his own
"evidence" and possibilities and scenarios.

And you posted quite a bit of totally-unsupportable and made-up-from-
whole-cloth tripe in just your last medium-sized post linked above

Here are just some of the many examples of your made-up conspiracy-
loving junk from your October 13th forum post, which includes the
wholly-despicable/disgusting (and unprovable, of course) conspiracy-
tinged allegation against pretty much the entire Dallas Police

CurtJester's Inventions......

1.) "Of course Fritz was a conspirator, like all the uppers of DPD."
-- CJ

2.) "All of them [the DPD "uppers"] were on a special payroll, and
only the most corrupt and loyal were assigned to Dealey that day." --

3.) "The assassins were probably police escorted that day, as Dallas
was that corrupt and JFK-hating." -- CJ

4.) All the delays upstairs were to have Ruby get ready. The Western
Union office was visible to them, so they knew when Ruby would be
arriving." -- CJ

5.) "Of course she [Karen Carlin] was ["in" on the make-believe plot
to kill Oswald] to a limited degree." -- CJ

6.) "She [Karen Carlin] was bumped off." -- CJ


When does the next flight leave for "JFK Fantasy Island", Curt? I'd
like to buy a ticket for that flight....just for the laughs that
island provides.

David Von Pein
October 2007