(PART 9)


>>> "Congratulations! You've just presented possibly the weakest case for Oswald's motives I've ever read. Well done!" <<<


Congrats back! You've earned your spot as "Kook Of The Week" with your
incredibly stupid reply in your last post. Well done!

Just for laughs, let's examine it......

>>> "1) Pure conjecture. There is no evidence to support this claim [that Oswald hated America]." <<<

Bullshit (multiple times over). .....

"Having lived under both Communism and Capitalism, I despise the
representatives of both systems." -- Lee Harvey Oswald

"In the event of war, I would kill ANY American who put a
uniform on in defense of the American government -- any American." --
Lee Harvey Oswald

Yeah, Sweet Lee just LOVED America, didn't he?

>>> "2) An abundance of evidence indicates that Oswald's "admiration" for Castro was, in fact, a cover." <<<

Which is why he told Marina on more than one occasion that he wanted
to go to Cuba and fight for Castro's Revolution, right?

And he hated Castro and Cuba so much, he once was planning to hijack a
plane to Cuba, with the help of his pregnant wife.

(Oh, yes, Marina's a lying bitch...I forgot. So that speculation about
Marina gets pathetic kooks like you off the hook, doesn't it? Lovely.)

>>> "3) Have you simply ignored the Lopez report and the clear implications that Oswald was impersonated in Mexico?" <<<

Of course I have ignored the silly "Lopez Report". What rational
person wouldn't (who's got some common sense and a functioning
brain)? .....

"It's always assumed, of course, that the imposter would
impersonate Oswald [in Mexico City] without his knowledge, that he
would be someone Oswald did not know. But [HSCA investigator Edwin]
Lopez raises the possibility--are you seated?--that maybe the
impersonator was "one of his [Oswald's] companions" in Mexico City. To
think that our tax money went into the preparation of the Lopez
Report." -- Vincent Bugliosi; Page 1053 of "Reclaiming History: The
Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy" (c.2007)

>>> "4) LMAO yet again. Him and just about everyone else in Texas [owned a gun]. LOL. Can't believe you bothered listing that." <<<

Hint: The RIFLE was the thing that enabled Mr. Oswald to shoot
President Kennedy. It usually helps to have a RIFLE available if you
want to SHOOT somebody from the sixth floor of a building.

(Can I start my laugh-fest now? Or should I wait until I finish the
rest of your hilarious rebuttals?)

>>> "5) No evidence [that LHO shot at Walker]. Marina is a pathological liar..." <<<

Oh, yes. Naturally. Because if she weren't a "pathological liar", then
Oswald would look like a bitter and pathetic loner/wife-beater/loser,
who took a shot at General Edwin Walker in April 1963 and who owned a
rifle and sat on his porch dry-firing it for hours in the middle of
the night.

And we certainly could NEVER have any of those things being true.
Right, kook?

>>> "6) Garbage. If Oswald was looking for recognition, why would he not only vehemently protest his innocence at every opportunity but also label himself as the last thing any man would want go down in history as, "a patsy"?" <<<

Hint: Oswald's one-man plan WORKED. He DID kill the President with his
own cheap rifle from his own workplace....and he DID become famous,
even while claiming to gullible kooks like you that he was nothing but
a patsy.

It's hard to argue with a successful venture like Oswald's 11/22/63
venture. But, right on cue, the conspiracy-loving kooks in the
"Anybody But Oswald" clique will, indeed, argue it was a rotten plan
on Oswald's part.

Go figure.

(Let the laughing commence. I've held back long enough.)

David Von Pein
October 2007