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The single-bullet shot has never been replicated, not even close. Unfortunately, the Discovery Channel's 'Beyond the Magic Bullet' was an absolute farce.


Bullshit. Horsefeathers. (And Balderdash.)


I break it down and analyze it [the 2004 Discovery Channel SBT program] in detail in the Single-Bullet Fact chapter at patspeer.com.


I analyze it in a much-better manner at the link below (with ample
amounts of common sense being thrown in, to boot):

JFK: Beyond The Magic Bullet


I read David's opinion-laden blog [re: the Discovery Channel program, "JFK: Beyond The Magic Bullet"], stating things could have happened, and we never can recreate the events of that day.


We can't re-create the SBT right down to the Nth degree, and
everybody should know why. That'd be like trying to shoot the same
bear in the woods TWICE through the very same small bullet hole in the
bear's head from about 100 yards away. And that's just....silly.

BUT -- What the Discovery Channel program did accomplish in 2004 is to
generally reconstruct the SBT shot using mock human-like torsos, a
Carcano rifle like Oswald's, and a WCC/MC bullet like CE399.*

* And the Australian team of researchers re-created the SBT scenario
with as much accuracy as could be humanly obtained, which is why the
gunman used a much-better scope than Oswald's cheap Japanese
type...and the test shooter STILL missed the exact spot on JFK's back
(even WITH the higher-quality scope on his rifle), proving my previous
point all the more re. the shooting being very nearly impossible to
duplicate to the inch and to the Nth degree.

The end result of the Discovery Channel test wasn't a perfect "SBT Re-
creation", no. That is true. But it was so CLOSE to being spot-on
perfect that any REASONABLE person watching that SBT test would have
no choice but to ask himself the following question:

"Gee, I wonder how that team of Australian researchers was able to
almost mimic the SBT if the SBT was really TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE, as I've
been told it was for lo these many years by conspiracy theorists and
pro-conspiracy authors?"

I'd sooner believe that Kennedy and Connally were never shot through
their respective backs at all, than to believe the silly anti-SBT
nonsense that's been spouted by CTers over the years -- i.e., the CT
belief that up to THREE separate bullets all came together in the
bodies of TWO different victims on Elm Street on November 22, 1963,
with those multiple bullets (THREE of them by most CTer accounts,
since nearly all conspiracists think there was a shot that entered
JFK's throat from the front) almost perfectly mirroring what the ONE
bullet (CE399) is said to have done via the Warren Commission's SBT.

Plus: All three of those anti-SBT make-believe bullets disappear too.
Don't forget that. And TWO of the three DIDN'T EVEN EXIT JOHN
KENNEDY'S BODY AT ALL IN DEALEY PLAZA! (Go figure that "magic" being
exhibited by those two AWOL missiles. I can't.)

Argue about the "third thoracic" and the "spine", etc., all you want
to. But until a more-reasonable scenario comes along that is way more
plausible than what CTers currently think must have happened with
respect to the initial injuries sustained by JFK and Governor
Connally, then the Single-Bullet Theory is positively the most logical
and believable version of the double-man wounding that occurred in
Dealey Plaza in 1963.

Walter Cronkite summed things up fairly well (IMO), when he made the
following remarks to his CBS-TV audience in June of 1967 (on the CBS-
produced television documentary special, "A CBS NEWS INQUIRY: THE

"Our own view on the evidence is that it is difficult to believe
the Single-Bullet Theory. But, to believe the other theories is even
MORE difficult. If the Governor's wounds were caused by a separate
bullet, then we must believe that a bullet passed through the
President's neck, emerged at high velocity on a course that was taking
it directly into the middle of the automobile, and then vanished
without a trace.

Or, we can complicate matters even further--as some do--by
adding a second assassin, who fires almost simultaneously with Oswald
and whose bullet travels miraculously a trajectory identical with
Oswald's and that second assassin, too, vanishes without a trace.

Difficult to believe as the Single-Bullet Theory may be, it
seems to be the LEAST difficult of all those that are available.

In the end, like the Commission, we are persuaded that a single
bullet wounded both President Kennedy and Governor Connally."


In addition, we have Cronkite stating the following....

"We have shown, by carefully-controlled experiments, that a
Mannlicher-Carcano rifle CAN be fired more rapidly and accurately than
the [Warren] Commission believed.

Now these points strengthen the Warren Report's basic finding.
They make it MORE likely that Oswald shot the President. They
significantly weaken a central contention of the critics....their
contention that Oswald could NOT have done it because he did not have
enough time to fire.

It is now reasonable to assume that the first shot, fired
through a tree, missed its mark....and that it was this shot that
Governor Connally heard. The Governor has insisted all along that he
was not struck by the first shot. It now appears he was correct. Now
we can answer all our secondary questions ---

Did Oswald own a rifle? .... He did.

Did Oswald take a rifle to the Book Depository Building? ....
He did.

Where was Oswald when the shots were fired? .... In the
building, on the sixth floor.

Was Oswald's rifle fired from the building? .... It was.

How many shots were fired? .... Three.

How fast could Oswald's rifle be fired? .... Fast enough.

What was the time span of the shots? .... Seven or eight

Did Lee Harvey Oswald shoot President Kennedy? .... CBS News
concludes that he did."



Question -- Is respected TV anchorman Walter Cronkite a rotten liar
too? And was the entire CBS staff filled with liars and cover-up
agents of some kind too in 1967, when they also endorsed the "Lone
Assassin Named Oswald" conclusion?

And what about the riflemen who simulated Oswald's shooting
performance for CBS in that same 1967 documentary (via a specially-
constructed moving track that was built to match the Dealey Plaza
sniper's perch and the distances and speed of the limo, etc.)?

All lies? Even when multiple gunmen (firing Carcano bolt-action rifles)
were able to duplicate and even EXCEED Lee Harvey Oswald's 2-for-3
shooting performance in well under 8 seconds for the CBS-TV cameras?

The "truth" of the JFK assassination, of course, was arrived at in
November of 1963. But when a rabid conspiracy theorist doesn't like
the taste of something, he usually spits it out and puts something in
his mouth that's a little more tasty.

And "chaff" seems to be a conspiracy theorist's delicacy of choice
when it comes to things relating to the death of the 35th U.S. President
(and it has been the favorite food of CTers for 44 years now).

Food for thought.

David Von Pein
October 21, 2007