The question that never seems to go away:

Who assassinated President John F. Kennedy in 1963? .... Was he killed
as the result of a large-scale conspiracy, as depicted in Oliver
Stone's 1991 motion picture? .... Was Lee Harvey Oswald merely an
innocent "Patsy", being manipulated and handled by a group of evil
conspirators? .... Was it just a small conspiracy involving only two or
three individuals? .... Or did Oswald, all by himself, murder the

One of the most popular theories is that a massive conspiracy took
place in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63, resulting in not only the death of
the American President, but also resulting in so many supposed
conspiratorial loose ends that a cover-up team of thousands probably
wouldn't have provided enough manpower to accomplish the burdensome
task of re-arranging all of the various pieces of evidence surrounding
JFK's murder in order to conceal the true facts and bumbling
inadequacies of the harebrained "Patsy Plot" that many a-CTer advocate.

And yet -- somehow, some way -- that's exactly what a goodly number of
CTers think occurred in 1963. .....

I.E.: Despite the illogic of it all, and despite the massive roadblocks
in the conspirators' path, somehow ALL of the physical evidence that
was actually being created by all of these OTHER KILLERS who were busy
firing away and pelting President Kennedy with rifle bullets in Dallas
on November 22 (physical evidence such as .... guns, bullets, bullet
fragments, bullet shells, and fingerprints) found a way to ALL get
placed on the plate of only Lee Harvey Oswald.*

* = And people think the parting of the Red Sea was a "miracle". Heck,
the Red Sea trick was nothin' compared to what this ultra-clever gang
of infallible assassination plotters and cover-up operatives pulled off
in late '63. Perhaps Moses was in Dallas on November 22, helping out
with this JFK mess after THREE OR FOUR different assassins decided to
take aim at JFK, even though the desired end result of this "plot" was
to frame just ONE LONE PATSY in the Book Depository for the murder.
(~LOL~ at the thought of such a Patsy plot actually be dreamed up in
the weeks prior to 11/22/63.)

It seems to me as though a lot of CTers have never met a conspiracy
theory they haven't fallen in love with and accepted with wide-open
arms, no matter how silly it sounds (the "Zapruder Film Hoax"
balderdash being a prime example, which is one of the Crown Jewels of
"Nutty JFK Theories").

My answer, however, to the "Who Shot JFK?" question is a little less
complicated -- Lee Harvey Oswald murdered JFK and another man (J.D.
Tippit) on 11/22/1963 A.D., in Dallas, Texas, USA. ~Mark VII~

The string of evidence lending credence to Oswald's lone guilt is a
mile-and-a-half long -- particularly with respect to Officer Tippit's
murder, which is a second November 22nd killing that many, many
conspiracy theorists (for some odd reason I've never been able to
figure out at all) seem to think Oswald had nothing to do with. Such
an incorrect notion by CTers only makes me more skeptical about any
other "conclusions" such conspiracists might have reached with respect
to other aspects of the JFK murder investigation as well. Because
Oswald's guilt in Tippit's death couldn't be more obvious, even if Lee
Harvey had been photographed firing the four bullets into the
policeman's body.

And speaking of JFK assassination theories that are deserving of a
large dose of "skepticism" -- I'd like to know what's wrong with
casting a good-sized hunk of doubt upon by far the most-popular and
most widely-accepted-as-fact conspiracy theory in the whole JFK case --
i.e., the "Multi-Gunmen, One-Patsy, Frontal Head Shot" theory?

Every piece of physical evidence in the case supports the Lone-Assassin
conclusion arrived at by the Warren Commission and supports Lee Harvey
Oswald's guilt in the two murders LHO was accused of committing.
Evidence such as: guns, bullets, bullet cartridge casings, JFK's
autopsy report, and fingerprints.

And is it truly reasonable to think that ALL of this stuff pointing
only to Oswald's guilt was "faked" by a bunch of conspirators who were
attempting to frame Oswald? I say no, it is not reasonable, especially
if the CTer(s) making the claim of evidence fakery truly believe(s)
that most or all of the bullet evidence was monkeyed-around-with by
local and federal authorities after the assassination.

Because there is no way on this Earth that all of those various Dallas
cops were "planting" evidence within minutes of JFK's murder (and
Tippit's too), as some CTers seem to think. That notion is not only
nutty and lacking any actual proof that it ever happened, it's also a
rather vile and despicable allegation against such DPD and Sheriff's
Office members like: Eugene Boone, James Leavelle, Luke Mooney, M.N.
McDonald, Gerald Hill, Will Fritz, Jesse Curry, Seymour Weitzman, J.C.
Day, Herbert Sawyer, Bob Carroll, Glen King, and dozens of others as

Given the known physical evidence surrounding the Kennedy case -- and
the fact that a large percentage of this evidence was collected by an
organization (the DPD) which had MANY members who were actively
involved in this evidence-gathering process -- Lee Harvey Oswald is as
guilty as sin.**

** = And the Dallas Police Department couldn't have possibly in a
million years have had on its force that Friday in 1963 nothing but
evil, lying, crooked "cover-up agents" who wanted to frame an innocent
person for the murder of two men .... all the while these many, many
officers apparently don't give a damn that the real killers got off
scot-free for the murder of not only the President of the United
States, but also for the murder of one of Dallas' own police officers,
11-year DPD veteran J.D. Tippit. And if there's one thing that cops
hate with a passion, it's a cop killer. To believe that many different
DPD members would deliberately want to let Officer Tippit's "real
killer" just drift off into the sunset, unpunished, is something too
silly to even talk about.

Given the above common-sense knowledge about the DPD, if the very
popular "Multi-Gun, One-Patsy" conspiracy theory isn't worthy of being
skeptical of, then I don't know what would be. And I have yet to
encounter a single CTer who will admit out loud that the crackpot
"Multiple-Shooter Patsy Plot" they have placed their faith in was,
indeed, the wisest and most well-thought-out of all assassination plans
for this band of Patsy Framers to attempt to carry out in Dealey Plaza.

It's my firm opinion that NOBODY, no matter how insane they might have
been, would have deliberately placed three, four, or five different
riflemen (and possibly a dart-thrower with a loaded umbrella as well,
who was in full view of tons of witnesses [~"LOL!" break~]) in Dealey
Plaza to shoot President Kennedy and somehow expect to pull off a
perfect "framing" of one single "Patsy" named Oswald.

Such a foolish Patsy Plot would never have been considered for even one
solitary minute by any group of people who were concocting some sort of
scheme to rid the world of President John F. Kennedy. Which, in my own
opinion, is the BIGGEST reason of all to know that it never happened
that way on November 22nd, 1963!

Because the ONLY possible way that such a Multiple-Gun, Single-Patsy
pre-planned assassination plot could have been successful is if the
Almighty Himself had a hand in "fixing" every single thing that would
have undoubtedly revealed the conspiracy very quickly afterwards via
such a cuckoo scheme.

There's also this important fact to consider when discussing possible
"evidence tampering" -- If Oswald was framed as a Patsy and if all of
the ballistics evidence had been "planted" and/or "manipulated" by the
authorities in some way to make Oswald look guilty, there would have to
have been THREE separate law-enforcement agencies involved in willingly
falsifying evidence in the "Oswald Frame-Up" (and I'm referring to JUST
the bullet/ballistics evidence alone here).


Because .... People from three different organizations (two federal
agencies and one local in Dallas) were responsible for collecting the
rifle, the bullets, the bullet fragments, and the bullet shells in the
JFK murder case and placing those items into the official record of the
case. Those organizations being:

1.) The Dallas Police Department .... which initially found the
Mannlicher-Carcano rifle belonging to Lee Harvey Oswald, as well as
having found and collected the three spent rifle shells (from that same
Oswald weapon) in the Depository's Sniper's Nest just after the

2.) The U.S. Secret Service .... which was the organization that first
handled "Stretcher Bullet CE399" (a bullet that was positively fired
from Oswald's rifle) after it was handed over to the Secret Service by
Parkland Hospital employee Darrell C. Tomlinson on the afternoon of

3.) The FBI .... which was responsible for investigating JFK's murder
after taking control of the physical evidence in the case from the DPD.
The evidence that was seized by the FBI shortly after 11/22 included
the Oswald rifle, which means that if the two front-seat bullet
fragments that were initially discovered by the Secret Service on
11/22/63 had been "faked" or "replaced" in some manner to implicate
only Oswald and his weapon, it would have had to have been the FBI who
"faked" these fragments -- because the SS was not in possession of
Oswald's rifle at any point prior to the SS handing over CE567 and
CE569 (the two front-seat limousine bullet fragments) to FBI Agent
Orrin Bartlett. Bartlett then delivered these fragments to FBI Special
Agent Robert A. Frazier at 11:50 PM on the night of November 22, 1963,
in Washington.

Therefore, via the CT-perceived point-of-view of ---> "All Or Most Of
The Authorities Who Came Within A Country Mile Of Any Of The
Assassination Evidence Were All Lying Crooks Who Were Trying Their Best
To Frame An Innocent Young Man By The Name Of Oswald" (which is a
post-assassination posture that has, indeed, been adopted by several
paranoid assassination researchers) --- if a "Frame The Patsy" plot
actually did occur in 1963 with respect to John Kennedy's death, it was
an absolutely PERFECTLY-coordinated, multi-organizational cover-up job,
whose participants in said plot ran the gamut from the DPD, to the
Secret Service, and right on up to the FBI as well.

To think that such a "blanket", across-the-board cover-up and "Oswald
Frame-Up" operation was underway within literally minutes of JFK's
death, and was carried out without a hitch by members of all of the
various entities mentioned previously, is akin to believing in the
tooth fairy. It just simply could not have happened.

And, given the vast amount of physical evidence that would have needed
to be placed into a perfectly-arranged "Lee Harvey Oswald Really Did
This Instead Of These Two Or Three OTHER Assassins Who Were Aiming
Rifles At John Kennedy" basket after the shooting, it's a pretty safe
bet that the following sentence is 100% accurate ---

If the CTers are correct about this "Oswald Was Only A Patsy" business,
then it must have been an act of God that enabled the success of the
conspirators' plot.

Because nothing short of Divine Intervention could have rescued such an
inane assassination plan. Nothing.

David Von Pein
February 2006