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Why is this theory such a popular one?....

One of the most popular JFK assassination theories is that a massive conspiracy took place in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63, resulting in not only the death of the American President, but also resulting in so many supposed conspiratorial loose ends that a cover-up team of thousands probably wouldn't have provided enough manpower to accomplish the burdensome task of rearranging all of the various pieces of evidence surrounding JFK's murder in order to conceal the true facts and bumbling inadequacies of the harebrained "Patsy Plot" that many conspiracy believers advocate. And yet that's exactly what a goodly number of CTers think occurred in 1963.

Despite the illogic of it all, and despite the massive roadblocks in the conspirators' path, somehow ALL of the physical evidence that was actually being created by all of these OTHER KILLERS who were busy firing away and pelting President Kennedy with rifle bullets in Dallas on November 22 (physical evidence such as guns, bullets, bullet fragments, bullet shells, and fingerprints) found a way to ALL get placed on the plate of only Lee Harvey Oswald. ....

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The most popular foolish comments are from those LNs that say it would take a massive force of conspirators to accomplish the plot described by some CTs. It just ain't so!

It would take a few main conspirators in good positions in government, and a higher up, probably just one hungry politician. The plot could be accomplished by 10-20 people at most, then the cover-up can be done by many worker bees who need not know of the plot. They only need to be given a good excuse for doing what had to be done. If told that they were helping to stop WW3, or told that they were stopping rioting and the break up of our union, they would do what was needed...as good patriots!

It's simply foolish to use the old LN gimmick of predicting a cast of thousands.


So, Chris, do YOU think it would be a GOOD and WISE decision to try and frame a lone gunman in the Book Depository by utilizing multiple gunmen firing at JFK from both the back and the FRONT?

Is that a GOOD plan, Chris? And would YOU have tried to frame a patsy in such a reckless manner?

(I'm dying to hear Chris' fascinating reply.)


Apparently you have no reply of your own to our previous discussion, and have decided to use that ploy to escape having to have one.

The answer is not difficult, since the method you outlined worked!

First, you had to use multiple shooters to be sure you killed JFK. The main reason being that he was the POTUS, and had great resources to chase down any plotters and see to their imprisonment if left alive. If the VP were the leader or a main mover of the plot, then most would be safe.

Second, having a 'patsy' would be a necessary element in a plot like this one, since without someone to take the fall, the real plotters would be chased to the ends of the earth to be captured. Simple.

BTW, the prosectors at the autopsy discovered a wound clearly saying that there were indeed wounds from both front and back of JFK. The frontal wound was the small (5mm) wound in the right temple/forehead seen by a number of witnesses, and completely left out [of] the Autopsy Report (AR). That wound was also seen by Pierre Finck, the Forensic Pathologist and Wound Ballistics expert. He recognized it as an entry wound, partly because it had a grey ring around the circumference of the wound, which sometimes happens with lead bullets. An X-ray by technician Jerrol Custer proved that the small wound was the entrance because of the metal fragments seen in the skull originating [from] the small wound toward the rear of the skull in an expanding cone to the blow-out at the rear of the skull seen by over 40 witnesses.

All the above is recorded in sworn testimony in ARRB files, and is NOT a theory like the WC lawyers made. Links provided on request.


Chris actually thinks it's "ridiculous logic" for me to think that it's silly for a group of plotters to want to frame a lone patsy by firing shots at JFK from both the front and rear.

Therefore, per wise ol' Chris (aka "mainframetech"), it WAS indeed a great idea (a perfect plan!) to try and set up Oswald IN ADVANCE of November 22 by placing a gunman on the Knoll.

The only thing left to be said now is ---- Incredible!


Yep. You still don't get it. You see, when you have the resources of a government to do your bidding, you can get a lot done.

First, having multiple shooters does a better job of guaranteeing that you will get the target, who in this case could use his position to track down the guilty with a vengeance if left alive.

Second, by having the government at your beck and call, you have what you need to make it look like there was only one shooter! And that is exactly what happened! The FBI was the most responsible for modifying evidence and changing testimony and statements, and the custodian of the bullet evidence was able to do some work that helped.

Yep, once the idea sets in, you see what can be done with multiple shooters and a single 'patsy'...:)


Yeah, sure, Chris. Just snap your fingers and get the evil Government to do anything you want them to. What fabulous power "they" possessed, huh?

And Chris/"Mainframe" still misses the key point -- nobody would dare risk undertaking such a foolhardy Multi-Gun, Solo-Patsy plan in the first place. The built-in hazards and complications are all too obvious. But those hazards are things that Mr. or Mrs. Mainframe/Chris think the plotters welcomed with open arms (and with multiple guns).

Mainframe/Chris is evidently built in the "David Lifton" mold, with this motto hanging above his/her desk -- Complicate things to the max, even when you don't need to.


It's such fun to see a WC defender creating a conspiracy theory and blaming it on the CTs.


Oh sure, Pam. Try to spin things around to where it's the "WC defenders" who have "created" the "Patsy" theory. (That's a howl!)

And I suppose you also think it's the LNers who have created the theory that JFK was shot from the FRONT and the REAR in tandem with the "Patsy" theory. Is that what you're implying?

Pam....you're a riot.


There is such an obvious explanation for the differences in the state of the body and evidence -- when you move everything 1600 miles from the crime scene, you lose control of the evidence and all sorts of confusing things can happen. And that isn't even a theory -- it just happens to be a fact.


And how does anything you just said have anything whatsoever to do with the crazy "Multi-Gun, One-Patsy" theory that I was talking about in my thread-starting post, Pam?

Regardless of WHERE the evidence was located at any point in time AFTER the assassination, many conspiracy theorists DO believe that BEFORE the shooting ever took place in Dealey Plaza, the following two things were being planned and co-existed PRIOR to 11/22/63....

1.) At least two (or more) gunmen, located both in FRONT of and BEHIND the President's car, were going to be stationed in Dealey Plaza to take shots at President Kennedy on November 22nd.

2.) Lee Harvey Oswald was being "sheep-dipped" (i.e., he was being set up and framed) to take the lone fall for JFK's murder PRIOR to November 22nd.

Tell me, Pam .... Do you disagree with either of the two points I just mentioned above?

Were there at least TWO shooters stationed in Dealey Plaza?

And was Lee Oswald being sheep-dipped as the patsy IN ADVANCE of the actual shooting?

If you answer "Yes" to both questions, you've got a serious problem, Pam. Because only a conspiracy team that WANTED to get caught would have had a desire to incorporate both #1 and #2 above into their plan to assassinate America's 35th President in Dallas, Texas, in 1963.

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February 2006
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