(PART 882)


The "bunching theory" spewed forth by most single-assassin theorists, including Mr. Von Pein, is total hoo-ha, an absolute con-job.


Apparently Mr. Speer wants to merely ignore the Croft photo....

The Robert Croft photograph was taken at the equivalent of approximately Zapruder Film frame #161, and it's a picture that undeniably shows JFK's coat "bunched up" just seconds before he was hit by the SBT bullet.

Plus, the newly-found (in 2007) George Jefferies film gives us a very good view of the "bunching" of JFK's coat about 90 seconds before the shooting:

Of course, the whole "bunching" theory is merely corroborative of the PHYSICAL evidence that can be found on President Kennedy's coat and shirt (and his BODY/UPPER BACK).

Because even without any kind of "bunching" theory at all, the physical evidence that proves that JFK was shot in the UPPER BACK by ONE bullet from behind will still be there forever.

1.) ONE bullet hole in JFK's UPPER BACK (located "14 cm. below tip of right mastoid process", per the autopsy surgeons).

2.) ONE bullet hole in the back of JFK's shirt.

3.) ONE bullet hole in the back of JFK's suit coat.

Performing the math here isn't exactly college-level stuff, Pat Speer.

Do some conspiracy theorists think that JFK was shot in the back by MORE than just one single bullet? Because lacking such a silly belief, I can't really see why the conspiracy theorists of the world devote so much time and effort in attempting to debunk the "bunching" theory.

Oh, wait! That's right! This autopsy photo below must be a fake! Right, Pat?:

Funny, though, isn't it, that the plotters could fake all of the autopsy pictures and X-rays (and even Kennedy's BODY by rearranging all of the bullet wounds, according to kooks like David S. Lifton and Douglas P. Horne), but they couldn't seem to go that extra step and fake/forge/rearrange the bullet holes in President Kennedy's shirt and suit jacket.

Remind me to never rely on any of those stupid and clumsy "Patsy Framers" in the future. Those crooks have lost all of my respect after discovering all of the various silly errors they made while trying to frame poor schnook Lee Oswald in 1963.

Maybe next time when the Government goes about the task of framing a "lone patsy" for the murder of the President of the United States, the architects of the assassination should hire some people to do their evil work for them who aren't all severely mentally handicapped.

Ya think?

David Von Pein
December 23, 2009